Best Pizza Delivery in Toronto 2023

Looking for the best pizza delivery in Toronto?

Our Toronto pizza guide features the best downtown pizzeria’s offering delivery. These popular Toronto pizza joints provide delivery services via full time staff or third party restaurant apps.

Add “Toronto Pizza Delivery” to your Netflix & Chill calendar every week and prepare to go on a fun culinary adventure. Sample the city’s best cheesy Italian pies from the comfort of your own couch!

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History of Italian Restaurants in Toronto

Like New York, Toronto is well known as a multicultural food-obsessed city with one of the world’s best Italian restaurant scenes.

Historically, most of the pizzerias in downtown Toronto were located on College Street in Little Italy.

Italians first arrived to Toronto in large numbers in the early 20th century, and settled in an area known as The Ward – centred around University Avenue, and College Street. In the 1920s, most Italians moved west of Bathurst, and the College-Clinton area emerged as Toronto’s most well known Little Italy neighbourhood.

The area experienced a significant influx of Italian immigrants in the 1950s. Mostly working in construction or factories, some established small family food businesses along College Street, such as bakeries, fruit markets, butchers and pizzerias.

Today, Little Italy is still a vibrant neighbourhood serving some of Toronto’s best pizza pies and slices. Quality Italian food is now plentiful throughout Toronto, available in neighbourhoods across the city.

Plan a fun weekend dinner party with friends by ordering pizza delivery in Toronto.
Plan a fun weekend dinner party with friends by ordering pizza delivery in Toronto.

Pizza Delivery in Toronto Evolves

While we love dining at restaurants we recognize after a long day of work on a rainy or blizzardy day there’s nothing better than ordering your favourite pizza delivery in Toronto.

When I was growing up in Oakville, Markham and Muskoka it was typically only pizza chains that offered delivery via a dedicated delivery staff.

Thanks to the advent of restaurant delivery apps like Uber Eats, Skip the Dishes and Grubhub, fine dining Italian restaurants that previously only offered dine in or take out now offer pizza delivery in Toronto.

Many of these award-wining Italian restaurants offer more than just a Toronto pizza menu. You’ll also find fresh salads, hearty soups, short rib ragu, polenta and homemade pasta like gnocchi or pici and gelato delivered to your door in a matter of minutes!

All of the Italian restaurants in this list at time of writing offered pizza delivery in Toronto. We have not mentioned the third party services handling each restaurants pizza delivery as they can often change. We encourage you to drool over each restaurant’s Toronto pizza menu online to discover what delivery options are currently available.

Best Pizza Delivery in Toronto: MAKER's pepperoni pie and chocolate cookie are a dream team!
Best Pizza Delivery in Toronto: MAKER’s pepperoni pie and chocolate cookie are a dream team!


If you’re searching for the best pizza delivery in Toronto you’re bound to find plenty of blogs and magazines extolling the virtues of MAKER Pizza. It’s definitely one of the top 10 best pizzerias in Toronto.

Shlomo Buchler is the founder and owner of MAKER Pizza. Buchler opened the first location on Cameron Street in Chinatown in October, 2015. A second location at Avenue and Lawrence opened in April, 2017.

Buchler shared, “The vision behind MAKER has always been to offer pizza of uncompromised quality through a take-away and delivery model. When we first opened, there were few high quality pizza delivery options. It was either dine-in or your classic delivery pie. We didn’t see why you couldn’t have both. Exceptional pizza delivered!”

So what makes MAKER Pizza unique?

Buchler explained, “It’s difficult to describe our pizza. It’s not Neapolitan, it’s not New York pizza. It’s MAKER pizza, and it’s unique. MAKER is a hybrid, the dough, crust, and cooking method are adjacent to the Neapolitan tradition. Our toppings and signature pies are eclectic and range from a classic Margherita to our Frank’s Best, a white base pizza with caramelized onions, goat cheese, rosemary, organic honey and a sesame seed crust. Our pizzas are cooked in high heat (900F), electric pizza ovens that we bring over from Sweden.”

MAKER was the first pizzeria in Toronto to use natural Ezzo pepperoni, imported from Ohio. They were also the first to use organic Bianco DiNapoli tomatoes from California. They were the first to use a Manitoba Flour, a high protein double zero from Italy. They cold ferment the dough for 4 days to develop a deep, complex flavour.

If you’re looking for more than pizza, MAKER also offers chicken wings, sublime chocolate chip cookies and a fan favourite sandwich called The Bodega.

Pizza Delivery in Toronto: Pi Co offers Neapolitan-style pies and fresh salads.
Pizza Delivery in Toronto: Pi Co offers Neapolitan-style pies and fresh salads.

Pi Co

Pi Co is a local Ontario pizza chain that opened its first location in 2016 at Bay and Bloor in Toronto. The brand currently operates 21 locations across the GTA and Ottawa.

Pi Co co-founders Marc Askenasi and Sam Hazan were childhood friends that grew up playing soccer together. Marc is an entrepreneur and Sam has owned and operated multiple quick service restaurants. They came up with an idea to offer high end, authentic Neapolitan-style pizza but in a new quick service format.

Askenasi shared, “If you want high end Neapolitan pizza, conventionally you would go to a sit down restaurant. If you wanted quick pizza you would grab a slice from a place that offered pre-made pizza. Pi Co allows customers to get top quality Neapolitan pizza in less time than it takes most pizza shops to reheat a slice.”

So what makes Pi Co’s Toronto pizza’s unique? Quality, speed and price.

The owners trained with renowned pizza makers and a number of chef to get their recipe just right. Customers at Pi Co are encouraged to customize their pizza for a flat price, so you can make it exactly how you want.

Hazan added, “Typically, a personal sized authentic Neapolitan pizza costs around 15 dollars for a Margherita and 18-20 dollars for a pizza with a few toppings. Pi Co.’s pricing is substantially cheaper and we offer the ability to customize your pizza without the pizza becoming excessively expensive.”

Ascari offers fine dining pizza delivery in Toronto features fresh salads and handmade pastas.
Ascari offers fine dining pizza delivery in Toronto features fresh salads and handmade pastas.


Ascari Hospitality Group was named after 1950’s Formula One racing legend, Alberto Ascari who was equally famous for his appetite as he was for his talented racing. 

The Toronto based restaurant group manages Ascari Enoteca, Hi-Lo Bar, Gare de L’est Brasserie and Ascari King.

Eight years after opening in Leslieville, Ascari Enoteca branched out and opened its doors on King West sharing its love for handmade pasta and great wine.

The restaurant is split into three sections; a buzzing, barside strip stretching back to the kitchen with high top tables known as the Piazza; a light-filled terrace-like section to the left-hand side; a moodier raised area with plush, grey banquettes to snuggle into on the eastern side called The Cellar; and a beautiful patio over looking King Street West during the spring and summer days.

Ascari’s Chef Michael Lam shared, “Through adversity during the current pandemic, our pizza program was created in October.”

Ascari on King West prepares Roman-style pizzas. The crust rises slightly but stays relatively thin. The ratio of crispy crust and soft crumb makes Ascari’s pizza pies very desirable. 

Lam added, “We are currently using a manual setting that we created with our two rationals. Baking pizzas in a rational oven was something that we had not done before but we knew we could rely on it’s consistency. We currently start the first bake in one oven at a high temperature and a high fan. We then finish on a steel plate in our second oven at an even higher temperature but with a lower fan. Through our research and development process, we cooked many pizzas at many different settings and temperatures. We concluded with a method that came down to the single degree.”

Ascari’s Toronto pizzas are unique because they always use high quality products and offer both traditional flavour pairings and non-traditional options. The mortadella, pear and spiced walnut pie is a current favourite.

If you’re ordering Toronto pizza delivery from Ascari, be sure to add antipasto, salads and fresh pasta to create a complete Italian feast.

One of our favourite pepperoni pizzas in Toronto is Blondies Cold Drink/Hot Girl.
One of our favourite pepperoni pizzas in Toronto is Blondies Cold Drink/Hot Girl.


Blondies Pizza is a Toronto pizza chain from the Food Dudes, the same folks behind Sara and OMAW.

The pizza shop is kind of named after chef Matt Blondin, but their from scratch-made pies are also divided into red and blonde rather than red and white categories.

Local high protein all-purpose Arva flour is used for Blondies hand-stretched dough. This helps to retain hydration for a desirable chewy and foldable crust.

Red sauced pies are prepare with Bianca di Napoli tomatoes from California while white sauced pies use an alfredo-style sauce blended with ricotta.

Blonies is known for having one off the best pepperoni pizzas in Toronto featuring Ezzo pepperoni, oregano, jalapeno and sweet honey drizzle.

Hawaiian Pizza from Toronto's The Forth Man in the Fire on Dundas West.
Hawaiian Pizza from Toronto’s The Forth Man in the Fire on Dundas West.

The Forth Man in the Fire Pizzeria

Located in Toronto’s trendy Trinity Bellwoods neighbourhood on Dundas Street West, The Fourth Man in the Fire is owned by Shant Mardirosian the creator of widely popular Burger’s Priest. 

The restaurant takes over the former Campagnolo space, painted in “pizzeria green,” a classy deep olive, the walls covered in autographed celeb photos.

All pizzas are made in an American Midwest style (think Domino’s or Pizza Hut) and available as 14 or 18 inch. 

House dough is prepared with Caputo 00 flour while red sauce utilizes imported San Marzano tomatoes, and cheese a blend of whole milk mozzarella. Every pie is finished with a generous shaving of parmesan. 

Beyond traditional pizzas you’ll also find Brooklyn Squares, classic Caesar Salad, gooey Mozzarella Sticks, Hero Sandwiches, and an assortment of freshly made donuts. 

Pizza Gigi offers Pizza Delivery in Toronto from Harbord Village.
Pizza Gigi offers Pizza Delivery in Toronto from Harbord Village.

Pizza Gigi

Wondering where Toronto’s top chefs order restaurant delivery from when they’re too tired to cook at home? There’s a huge contingent of fatigued kitchen staff who prefer to order Pizza Gigi on their days off.

Awarded the Best Pizza Delivery in Toronto by Now Magazine in 2013, Pizza Gigi is located on Harbord Street near Bathurst.

The family owned pizzeria has been in business for over 40 years. Skip inside and you’ll find a casual dining room with 3 or 4 tables and a glass display case featuring pizzas by the slice.

If you’re looking to order pizza delivery, you have the option to choose between a thin or thick crust. Our favourite signature Pizza Gigi pies are the Hawaiian and Meat Lovers.

Pizza Gigi is probably most famous for being open 7 days a week from 4pm to 4am. So it’s definitely one of the top Toronto pizza delivery options for those who are hungry after a late night out on the town.

Toronto's Levant Pizza serves Middle Eastern-inspired Sicilian pies.
Toronto’s Levant Pizza serves Middle Eastern-inspired Sicilian pies.

Levant Pizza

Nader and Tamer launched Levant Pizza in August, 2021 near Christie Pits Park at Bloor and Ossington.

Nader shared, “I was born into the restaurant industry having been part of a family-owned restaurant for the first 20 years of my life. I’ve always had a passion for cooking and always told myself that I would open my own place one day. The pandemic really accelerated those plans and my business partner, Tamer, reached out at the same time wanting to open a restaurant as well.”

Levant is the region of the Middle East where Tamer and Nader are from, encompassing Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Jordan, and Israel. This is the region where the west end Toronto pizzeria draws its inspiration from. “In Italian, Levante, also means rising – so it just felt like a natural fit for a Sicilian-Levantine Pizzeria,” explained Nader.

Nader spent countless years teaching himself how to cook, particularly Levantine cuisine. When the idea for Levant came to be, he spent months researching how to make the perfect focaccia-style dough. 

“Our dough is made from 00 Italian flour and cold fermented for 4 days. For us, the perfect dough is the most important thing to a pizza – so we settled for nothing short of perfection. Our sauces are made from scratch – roasting our own tomatoes and making our own pesto. We believe that if we want to get the flavours right – we better do it ourselves,” shared Nader.

Order pizza delivery from Levant Pizzeria and you’ll unbox rectangular pies with a thick focaccia-style crust. Unique pizza flavour combinations include lamb shawarma, kofta meatballs, upside downMaqluba and sumac Musakhan.

The restaurant’s menu also features Harissa Honey Butter Cauliflower, Tabouleh Caesar Salad, Muhamara, a variety of creamy hummus bowls and innovative desserts like Tiramisu Kunafa.

Descendant offers Detroit-style pizza delivery in Toronto from its kitchen in Leslieville.
Descendant offers Detroit-style pizza delivery in Toronto from its kitchen in Leslieville.

Descendant Pizza

In 2016 I embarked on a road trip to Detroit to experience the city’s much buzzed about resurgence. The home of Motown and Ford is filled with entrepreneurial culinary spirit as distillers and craft brewers offer sweet sips which pair perfectly with Detroit’s no frills snacks; the Cony Island Hotdog and iconic self titled pizza.

Buddy’s has been serving up pizza in Detroit since the 1930’s and its been consistently voted number one for decades. It was here that I enjoyed my first taste of the Detroit-style pizza, which arrives to the table in a rectangular pan and features a thick, chewy Sicilian crust, layered with premium toppings and bubbling cheese.

Back in 2015 Toronto’s East End welcomed the city’s first Detroit-style pizzeria. Descendant’s sits perched over Queen Street in Leslieville and offers a petite dining room which serves up thick slices of Michigan’s iconic pizza pie. For those who have traveled to Detroit and and became instant fans of the city’s pizza style (many of which live across the river in Windsor) you can satiate all of your cravings for the addictively crunchy treat in Toronto.

Wag your finger through the drinks list and you’ll find a fantastic selection of local wines, craft beers and ciders produced in Ontario. And while Descendant’s petite pizza menu features classic pepperoni its the chef’s creative spins that make the restaurant so popular with locals (and boy are they a beauty to photograph!)

If you’re looking for an Italian inspired mouth-watering experience the Gatt-Daddy is topped with house-made fennel sausage, red onion, and basil aioli. For those looking for a spicy kick inspired by the Caribbean order the Electric Avenue topped with jerk chicken, fresh pineapple, curried lime aioli, and accompanied with Toronto’s own Chef Rossy Earle’s famous Diablo’s Fuego Hot Sauce for dipping. Those looking to eat outside the box take a sensory trip to Sri Lanka and order the fantastically flavourful Jaffna topped with kathu roti, mango chutney, cilantro cream, green onion, calabrian chilis, fresh cilantro, and coconut sambol.

Buca offers slender thin-crust pizza for delivery in downtown Toronto.
Buca offers slender thin-crust pizza for delivery in downtown Toronto.


Buca is ranked as one of the best Italian restaurants in Toronto. The restaurant company now has three locations in the city located on King West, in Yorkville and on Portland Street.

Buca’s Chef Rob Gentile specializes in serving inventive and traditional Italian dishes. You’ll find drool-worthy, postcard-perfect dishes on the menu from Amalfi, Rome, Tuscany and Milan.

Buca’s trademark al dente pastas and vintage scissor snipped thin-crust pizzas are all available for delivery. If you’re looking to enjoy a cozy romantic date night why not order a Negroni Cacao Box to sip while nibbling through Cacio e Pepe and Hazelnut Tiramisu Pudding.

Seeing as Buca has been ranked several times as one of the best restaurants in Canada, it should be at the top of your list when ordering pizza delivery in Toronto.

Libretto has long been a go to for Neopolitan pizza delivery in Toronto.
Libretto has long been a go to for Neopolitan pizza delivery in Toronto.

Pizzeria Libretto

Trying to recall a time before Torontonians were besotted with Neapolitan pizza is a foolish game. Pretty much all of the obsessiveness surrounding the pies can be traced back to Pizzeria Libretto.

Restaurateur Max Rimaldi opened the Ossington mothership back in 2008, which has since seen a number of siblings open across town. Chef Rocco Agostino plays executive chef and partner. In the early days, queues were forever snaking out the door, with reservations forbidden. Later delivery and resos were deemed doable, helping to sate the cravings Torontonians felt for the pizza.

The Toronto pizza delivery menu offers classic Italian pies with premium toppings like fior di latte mozzarella, san marzano tomatoes and calabrian sausage.

If you’re feeling peckish, add antipasti like olive focaccia, caprese salad, meatballs and arancini to your order.

Superpoint offers pizza delivery in Toronto from its kitchen on Ossington Avenue.
Superpoint offers pizza delivery in Toronto from its kitchen on Ossington Avenue.


Superpoint is located in Toronto’s trendy west end on Ossington Avenue, a once breezy residential neighbourhood, which over the last decade has transformed into a street filled with fashion boutiques, thrift shops, and many of the city’s finest eateries.

Superpoint is far more than just your average pizzeria. It’s the brainchild of Jesse Fader and Jonny Poon (who you may already be familiar with via Bar Fancy) featuring a petite dining room that serves up natural and biodynamic wines, creative cocktails, and fresh craft beer which pair perfectly with an Italian American comfort food craving.

The culinary team at Superpoint have perfected the Italian American classics with must-trys including addictive nodini (bows of pizza dough swimming in garlic butter), a garlic-forward signature Caesar Salad topped with smokey hickory sticks, a baseball-sized arancini nesting in sweet nduja gravy, finger-licking-good peel-n-eat shrimp, parmesan topped Butternut Squash Ravioli, and satisfyingly chewy pizza pie topped with crispy scorched pepperoni.

Pizzeria Via Mercanti offers pizza delivery in Toronto from its location in Kensington Market.

Pizzeria Via Mercanti

Pizzeria Via Mercanti is a family-friendly Italian restaurant in Kensington Market, which first opened its doors in 2012.

The popular pizzeria’s menu showcases tasty Italian dishes in the heart of Toronto’s favourite bohemian market.

After topping the charts for best Toronto pizza, ranking on Joanne Kate’s top 100 restaurants, winning Best in Chow’s hit show Pizza Wars and being featured on the Food Networks You Gotta Eat Here! – Pizzeria Via Mercanti expanded its empire by opening locations on Yonge Street and in Little India and Woodbridge.

While Pizzeria Via Mercanti specializes in preparing authentic Neopolitan-style pizza, it also offers delicious house made pastas, paninos, antipasti and desserts.

Order pizza delivery in Toronto from Terroni to enjoy OG Italian eats from Queen Street West.
Order pizza delivery in Toronto from Terroni to enjoy OG Italian eats from Queen Street West.


Terroni has been serving up traditional Southern Italian dishes since 1992 in the heart of Trinity Bellwoods on Queen West. To many Italian food fans in Toronto it’s one of the best spots to indulge in perfectly blistered pizza.

The menu reads, “While modifications may seem easily accommodated, such requests compromise the unique characteristics of our food and the efficiency of our service. Please respect our menu.” Offering a hat tip to the kitchens effort to ensure every bite at the restaurant is authentic as can be.

Highlights from the Terroni menu include duck confit, fig and forest mushroom ravioli, fresh gnocchi with marinara and ricotta, spaghetti with spinach and garlic and a perfectly blistered pizza featuring white sauce, walnuts, honey, parma ham and marinated pears.

If you’re ordering Toronto pizza delivery from Terroni, we suggest treating yourself to a pint of gelato or jar of butterscotch budino.

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Enjoy Toronto pizza delivery from Queen Margherita.
Enjoy Toronto pizza delivery from Queen Margherita.

Queen Margherita Pizza

When Queen Margherita Pizza first opened, East Enders raved for their Naples-style pies, baked to perfection.

The popular pizzeria in Toronto’s Beaches neighbourhood quickly expanded to include locations in The Junction and Dundas West.

So what’s the secret behind Queen Margherita’s terrific Toronto pizza pies?

Each pizza is baked inside a 900° wood fired oven imported from Naples. Expertly trained pizzaioli use quality Caputo Tipo 00 flour, San Marzano DOP tomatoes and fior di latte mozzarella in preperation of all of their pies.

The restaurant’s pizza delivery menu features red sauced and white pies as well as arancini, ricotta with honey, sausage topped polenta, fresh pastas and fresh salads.

Enjoy a romantic fancy Italian feast at home by ordering Toronto pizza delivery from Piano Piano.
Enjoy a romantic fancy Italian feast at home by ordering Toronto pizza delivery from Piano Piano.

Piano Piano

Piano Piano is an upscale Italian restaurant with locations on Harbord Street and Mount Pleasant.

The original location near Spadina, formerly occupied by much loved Spendido, transformed into a new culinary concept so owner and executive chef Victor Barry could make life a bit easier for him and his family. Piano Piano (short for “piano piano va lontano” – Italian for slowly, slowly one goes further) is less fussy, more playful and just as delicious.

Piano Piano’s Canadian-Italian dinner menu features old-school favourites (carbonara, veal parm, wood-fired pizza) all made from scratch as well as a short but sweet cocktail menu and on-point wine list.

It’s one of the best options for pizza delivery in Toronto for those looking to celebrate a birthday or anniversary. Enjoy a fancy fine dining Italian feast on your comfy couch while forking through radicchio salad, calamari fritti, fresh pastas, bon-in veal parmesan or roasted seabass.

Piano Piano’s most iconic Toronto pizza’s are humorously named The Fun Guy, The Hot Rod, The Sweet Hornet and The Crescendo.

The best pizza delivery in Toronto out of The Junction comes from Nodo Restaurant.
The best pizza delivery in Toronto out of The Junction comes from Nodo Restaurant.


Nodo is a friendly neighbourhood Italian restaurant located on Dundas West in The Junction.

Nodo is the brainchild of high school friends Vito Tomasicchio, Gianmarco DeZorzi and Charlie Giordano. Dining here feels as though you’ve been invited to a larger-than-life Italian dinner party. Considering the sweet smells wafting through the room one would assume Nona is cooking up a storm.

Nodo’s delivery menu is broken down into antipasti, salads, pasta, pizza, secondi and contorni. It may just be one of the lengthiest and most comprehensive Toronto pizza delivery menus.

Why not satiate your carb cravings by selecting one of the restaurants 23 artisanal pizzas and shamelessly pair it with one of the chefs 10 pretty pastas?

Mercatto delivers thin-crust pizza in downtown Toronto at 6 locations.
Mercatto delivers thin-crust pizza in downtown Toronto at 6 locations.


Mercatto is a long-standing Italian restaurant company that has expanded to include six locations in downtown Toronto.

We suggest checking out their website to find the location nearest you as each concept has a slightly different delivery menu.

Doug Neigel is the Executive Chef responsible for managing the Mercatto restaurant dynasty. He has spent a considerable portion of his past cooking in celebrated Yorkville kitchen’s such as the Park Hyatt, L’Unita and Malena.

Mercatto may just offer the best pizza delivery in Toronto for those practicing a gluten-free diet. Alongside it’s classic pizza offerings, you’ll also find a selection of pies made with gluten-free dough.

If you’re hosting a wee dinner party at home, we suggest adding the arctic char, flat iron steak and seafood linguine for a lip-smacking meal.

The best pizza on King West can be ordered at Oretta.
The best pizza on King West can be ordered at Oretta.


Oretta, meaning “about an hour,” is an Italian restaurant on King West that features a sun-soaked dining room with central horseshoe bar.

Chef Christian Fontolan’s Toronto pizza delivery menu is jam packed with tasty treats, sure to offer a bit of something for everyone. The menu is broken down into fresh salads, antipasti, pizza and pasta.

Highlights from Oretta’s menu include fried artichokes, roasted beet salad, Salsiccia pizza topped with pork sausage and paccheri bolognese with veal ragu.

If you’re hungry and looking to treat yourself, order the 3 course meal deal featuring your choice of a salad, main course and Sicilian Cannoli for dessert.

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Get delicious gourmet pizza delivered to your door via La Palma on Dundas West.
Get delicious gourmet pizza delivered to your door via La Palma on Dundas West.

La Palma

Chef Harding first delighted Toronto with his signature roasted grapes paired with creamy burrata at Campagnolo.

He clearly loves Dundas Street West (which has grown up to be the trendiest strip to eat in town) as he opened a restaurant right across the street called La Palma.

After Chef Harding’s spouse and Creative Director Alexandra Hutchison paid a trip to California she noticed that Venice Beach and Trinity-Bellwoods shared a similar artistic spirit and home for artists, designers and creators.

From this simple connection La Palma was born. The restaurant’s design aesthetic reflects Venice Beach’s art-centric vibe while Chef Harding’s menu has an Italian heart with dishes that whimsically reflect California’s playful culinary sensibility.

La Palma’s delivery menu features pasta, pizza, meat and easy cook at home dishes. We suggest ordering the simple pomodoro pizza alongside albacore tuna crudo, 100 layer lasagna, lamb chops and peach crumble.

Enjoy a romantic Italian feast at home by ordering Toronto pizza delivery from Fugo.
Enjoy a romantic Italian feast at home by ordering Toronto pizza delivery from Fugo.


FIGO first opened its doors in November 2015 in the heart of Toronto’s Entertainment District.

Executive Chef Anna Chen’s menu specializes in thoughtful dishes featuring ingredients familiar to Italian cuisine, but with modern interpretations. Chen started her career at Susur Lee’s restaurant Lee then moved to Scaramouche, where she got her first true taste of Italy. After a few stints at acclaimed restaurants in England she returned to Toronto to work at celebrated Italian kitchens Enoteca Sociale and Buca.

At FIGO Chef Chen makes fresh pasta in-house daily (swoon for tortelli swimming in sage butter) and uses a traditional wood-fired oven to produce perfectly scorched pizzas.

The restaurant’s Toronto pizza delivery options features 5 pies including Margherita, Italian Sausage, Pepperoni, Mushroom and Sunday Sugo.

Other Figo delivery menu highlights include a selection of homemade ricottas (a fluffy tuft of heaven), seafood risotto, branzino and veal parmesan.

Order drool-worthy pizza from The Good Son.
Order drool-worthy pizza from The Good Son.

The Good Son

The Good Son has locations in Queen West, Assembly Chefs Hall and Shops at Don Mills. It offers a multi-cultural mashup of Italian-inspired dishes.

Chef Vittorio Colacitti of Top Chef Canada fame manages the kitchen at The Good Son. Chef Colacitti describes his menu as “Toronto cuisine,” a reflection of the melting pot of cultures that have gentrified the Queen West neighbourhood.”

Colacitti’s dishes reflect a colourful mix of cultural influences, including French (steak tartare), Japanese (hamachi crudo) and Spanish (chorizo and shishito adorned octopus).

The Good Son’s woon-oven pizza menu includes classic Margherita, Spicy Sopressata, Capricciosa and Prosciutto.

Looking to add to your Toronto pizza delivery order? We suggest the arugula pear salad, spicy brussels sprouts and bulgogi short ribs.

The best pizza delivery in Toronto out of Roncesvalles comes from Pizzeria Defina.
The best pizza delivery in Toronto out of Roncesvalles comes from Pizzeria Defina.

Pizzeria Defina

Pizzeria Defina serves the best pizza in Toronto’s Roncesvalles neighbourhood.

The west end Toronto pizzeria is a bustling wood fired restaurant. Inspired by rustic tradition, the cooks here craft blisteringly thin Napoletana-style dough, a crispier firm Roma-style crust or for an adventurous palate, the ancient grain Kamut.

Danilo Lupo is Pizzeria Defina’s “head dough Maestro,” utilizing a recipe handed down to him from a veteran pizzaiolo from Treviso, Italy.

Danilo’s claim to fame in 2013 was winning “best traditional pizza, international region,” from the International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas.

If you live in the west end and are looking to sample the best pizza delivery in Toronto, order one or two of Pizzeria Defina’s 16 pies. Fans of unique flavour profiles are spoilt for choice. Vegans also have several pizzas to choose from.

If you’re thinking of hosting a Toronto pizza party we suggest adding a few dishes to your order. Highlights include wild boar meatballs, peach caprese and spring pea pesto casarecce.

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Spicy meat topped pizza at Il Fornello Danforth.
Spicy meat topped pizza at Il Fornello Danforth.

Il Fornello

Il Fornello is a casual Italian restaurant with three locations in Toronto (Bayview, Danforth, King West), as well as Ajax, Oakville and Richmond Hill.

The family friendly Italian restaurant offers wood fired baked pizza, handmade pasta and fresh seafood. Il Fornello was one of the first Italian restaurants in Toronto to offer authentic Neapolitan-style thin crust pizza.

The restaurant is unique in offering a plant based menu including vegan pasta and vegan pizza. You’ll also find plenty of gluten-free dining options on the menu.

Chef Ryan also shared his enthusiasm for Il Fornello Danforth’s popular pizza, “With the help of our Chef dell Pizza Craig Ovenstone, we made significant changes to the pizza menu. This began with a new crust recipe and a larger portion to make the pizza larger. We then developed a new sauce recipe with imported Italian tomatoes as the base and introduced more authentic Italian ingredients such as sopressata, speck, gorgonzola, ricotta di bufala, taleggio cheese. And the cheese we use now is fior di latte which is made daily exclusively for us.”

Il Fornello’s Uber Eats pizza delivery menu in Toronto is the only restaurant offering a unique vegan grocery, featuring prepared dishes and ingredients like vegan parmesan, plant-based milk, vegan caesar dressing and pizza dough.

The extensive Toronto pizza menu at Il Fornello includes creative pies topped with salmon, artichoke hearts and figs, alongside classics like pepperoni, olives and mushrooms.

Gusto 101 puts plump meatballs covered in cheese on a pizza!
Gusto 101 puts plump meatballs covered in cheese on a pizza!

Gusto 101

Gusto 101 is located in the trendy King West neighborhood on Portland Street near Sara and Campechano.

Gusto (pronounced goo-sto) means tasty in Italian. Since opening its doors in 2012, Gusto 101 has been serving up modern takes on Southern Italian classics.

As with Trattoria Nervosa in Yorkville, owner Janet Zuccarini has meshed a passion for creating memorable food with a vision for delivering soulful, transporting dining experiences. 

The Gusto 101 delivery menu is extensive, offering 5 pizzas, antipasti, pasta, salads and entrees like the Americano Burger and a juicy 12 oz striploin topped with hen of the woods mushrooms.

Get Toronto pizza delivery from Panago with wings and fresh salads.
Get Toronto pizza delivery from Panago with wings and fresh salads.


Boasting over 200 locations across Canada, Panago is a bona fide national brand with distinctly Canadian roots.

The Vancouver-based pizzeria is our favourite franchise to order pizza delivery in Toronto.

Panago’s menu features salads, chicken wings, cheesy bread, gourmet pizzas and addictive cinnamon breadsticks for dessert.

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