Pizzeria Defina on Roncesvalles in Toronto

I’ve been heading out to Roncesvalles recently for a bunch of client work. I wanted to take the opportunity to suss out a few of the neighbourhoods new restaurant darlings. Top of my list (and the only spot open for lunch on a rainy day) was Pizzeria Defina. I was joined by my good food friend Karolyne Ellacott who shares my obsession with cheese.

It was absolutely poring rain out, if I had been wearing mascara I would have arrived looking like a mess. Thankfully I was just soaking wet with a battered umbrella. We sat by the fogged in window overlooking Roncy and enjoyed two carb heavy dishes which nourished the soul.

We enjoyed:

Wild Mushroom Linguini

truffle sauce and parsley

Roma Crust Pumba Pizza

wild boar meatballs, san marzano tomatoes, mushrooms, fior di latte, garlic caramelized shallots, pecorino

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