Saturnia Hot Springs: Wellness Spa Holiday in Tuscany

Located in the heart of Tuscany, the Saturnia Hot Springs are considered to be one of the best thermal spas in Italy.

Visit Saturnia’s famous outdoor thermal pools if you’re on a romantic honeymoon or looking to indulge in a relaxing wellness getaway.

Visitors on a budget can enjoy the healthful benefits of the Saturnia Hot Springs at a public park. Al fresco spa lovers enjoy scenic river views while soaking in cascading waterfalls and steaming thermal pools.

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If a luxury spa holiday is more your thing, plan a getaway to the nearby Terme di Saturnia Spa & Golf Resort. Overnight guests and day spa visitors can enjoy the benefits of the Saturnia Hot Springs in a world class facility. Terme di Saturnia Hotel offers luxury accommodation, cocktail bar, fine dining restaurant, full service spa, and a chic outdoor pool fed by the Saturnia Hot Springs.

I’ve been to hot springs all over the world: wilderness bathes in Pucon Chile, thermal bathes in Tofino BC, Canada’s iconic Banff Springs, a seaside soak in Bodrum Turkey, and Iceland’s famous Blue Lagoon. If you’re a luxury traveler who loves to indulge in a wellness holiday, Saturnia Hot Springs should be on your bucket list!

Saturnia Hot Springs in Tuscany.
Saturnia Hot Springs are surrounded by quiet farms in rural Tuscany.

Saturnia Hot Springs

Saturnia’s thermal baths are rich in mineral deposits, especially sulphur, which gives the air a slight eggy smell.

The mineral-rich thermal waters are composed of sulphurous-carbonic, sulphate-bicarbonate-alkaline mineral water, and includes the presence of two dissolved gases, hydrogen sulphide and carbon dioxide.


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The steaming water has a typical temperature of 37.5 °C and offer guests therapeutic and relaxing properties.

The Cascate del Mulino is the most famous thermal spring in Tuscany. The postcard-perfect waterfalls are made up of a series of natural pools of warm thermal water. They are open to the public for free 365 days a year.

Saturnia Hot Springs luxury hotel spa.
The Saturnia Hot Springs are Italy’s best public thermal pools.

History of Saturnia Hot Springs

The history of the Saturnia Hot Springs dates back to the Etruscan era. A figure of a woman can be found adorning the central square of the village, representing the goddess Aurinia. She was renamed Saturnia by the Romans in the 2nd century B.C.

One legend, according to the Etruscans and Romans, was that the Saturnia Hot Springs were formed by lightening bolts, thrown by Jupiter. During a fight between two mythological creatures, the bolts thrown toward Saturn missed, resulting in Tuscany’s famous thermal waters.

Signs of its past can be found in parts of the city walls and Roman gate. Visit the nearby church and you can still see an ancient thermal bath built by the Romans.

Today, tourists looking for a wellness holiday visit Maremma in Tuscany to explore Etruscan ruins, chic Roman villas, mysterious medieval fortresses, before enjoying a relaxing plunge at the Saturnia Hot Springs.

Italian's have been visiting the Saturnia Hot Springs for centuries.
Italian’s have been visiting the Saturnia Hot Springs for centuries.

Preparing For Your Visit

  • There are no public change rooms on site. Come dressed in your bathing suit. Bring a large beach towel so you can change into dry clothes afterwards.
  • Parking is free but limited. There is one small parking lot next to the waterfalls but it fills up quickly. You’ll find a second parking lot a short walk away in a large field. During the high season it can be very hard to find parking. We suggest visiting when it is least crowded, early in the morning or before or after any meal. That’s noon until 2pm and 6:30pm to 8:30pm.
  • There are no lifeguards at Saturnia Hot Springs. Be sure to watch over your children or those who can’t swim.
  • There is a bar on site. It offers a small bathroom and typical bar snacks. We suggest bringing your own picnic lunch.
  • Bring sandals or flip flops. The area around the falls and pools is surrounded by sand and gravel so prepare to protect your feet.
  • Bring suntan lotion and sunglasses. There is very little shade in the area and on a hot day its very easy to get a sunburn.
  • Remove your jewellery. There are minerals in the hot spring water that rusts anything but pure gold. Protect your valuable bangles and watches by storing them in a safe place when you’re soaking in the hot springs.
Cascate del Mulino Saturnia Hot Springs are the perfect stop on a honeymoon in Tuscany.
Cascate del Mulino Saturnia Hot Springs are the perfect stop on a honeymoon in Tuscany.

How To Get To Saturnia Hot Springs

If you’re planning a trip to the Saturnia Hot Springs you’ll need to ensure you have a car as the region is rural and is not serviced by regular train or bus service. It takes approximately 3 hours to drive from Florence, or a shorter 2 hour journey from Rome.

You can rely on your GPS or Google Maps to take you to the falls, simply insert: Cascate del Mulino, Via della Follonata, 58014 Saturnia, Manciano Grosseto.

From Northern Italy: take the A1 and exit at Florence Certosa. Follow the Florence-Siena road south towards Siena, continuing along toward Grosseto, then to Scansano, Montemerano until you reach Manciano and Saturnia.

From Southern Italy: take the A12 and exit at Civitavecchia, then get on the S.S. Aurelia until you pass Montalto di Castro, then turn toward Vulci until you reach Manciano and Saturnia.

If you must take public transport (warning it’s not always reliable) the closest train station is Albinia or Orbetello. Once you’re train has arrived take a bus to Manciano. From Manciano, you’ll find connecting buses that arrive to Saturnia Hot Springs fairly regularly (approximately every 30 minutes on weekdays).

Enjoy a luxurious wellness getaway at Terme di Saturnia Resort's outdoor thermal pool.
Enjoy a luxurious wellness getaway at Terme di Saturnia Resort’s outdoor thermal pool.

Terme di Saturnia Spa & Golf Resort

If roughing it at a rocky public park isn’t your style, plan to enjoy the Saturnia Hot Springs at a local luxury hotel. Terme di Saturnia Resort sits a short 3 minute drive outside of town and is a short walk from the public baths of Cascate del Mulino.

If you’ve got the time and money, we’d suggest spending a few nights at Terme di Saturnia Hotel. The award winning spa resort in Tuscany offers luxurious suites, 18-hole golf course, chic cocktail bar, elegant restaurant, full service spa therapy facilities, and an extensive outdoor pool and wellness area.

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Outdoor hot tub at Saturnia resort.
The luxury hotel’s outdoor wellness centre is fed by the Saturnia Hot Springs.

Thermal Park Prices

Rates include admission to the thermal park, featuring four outdoor pools, whirlpools and Kneipp paths with hot and cold water. A white dress code for the pool kit (towels and bathrobes) is mandatory to enhance and preserve the natural context of the Saturnia Hot Springs.

  • Thermal Park: 26 € per person. Includes access to pools, hydro-massage tubs and vascular hydrotherapy trails as well as free wifi and parking.
  • The Club Formula: 70 € per person. Also includes a reserved sun-bed and umbrella in the club area, dressing room locker, drinks and fruit, sauna, relaxation areas, bathrobe, towel and slippers.
  • The Club Relais: 120 € per person. Also includes sun-bed and umbrella on the hill of the Source, drink at the edge of the Source, fitness area, valet car service, solarium area and privacy island.
Saturnia Hot Springs hot tubs.
Enjoy a romantic moment in one of the resort’s bubbling Saturnia Hot Springs hot tubs.

Terme di Saturnia Resort Spa

The resort’s sprawling spa is one of the most award-winning and largest in the world. The tranquil space is flooded with natural light and designed using luxurious materials such as travertine. The spa at Terme di Saturnia Resort features a total of 54 well-appointed treatment rooms.

Beyond the standard massage or facial treatment, Terme di Saturnia Resort’s spa experts offer a range of unique therapies. Guests can book a Naturopathic consult, Bio-energetic healing, Krisal Reiki, Endermologie and family consultations. The spa menu even includes a list of local “Maremman Inspirations,” featuring fragrances and ingredients from the surrounding countryside.


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Terme di Saturnia Resort's Swedish sauna facilities.
Relax at Terme di Saturnia Resort’s Swedish sauna facilities.

Terme di Saturnia Resort Spa Menu

Take a break from soaking in the Saturnia Hot Springs to enjoy one of the spa’s relaxing therapies. Those looking for a buff and polish can also visit the on site beauty boutique. Beautician services include manicure, pedicure, waxing and hairstyling.

  • Massage: body work therapists at the spa utilize several modalities and techniques. Massages on offer include Full Body, Stone Therapy, Shiatsu, Thai, Foot Reflexology, Vodder Lymphatic Drainage, Ayurvedic Abhyanga and Emotional Four Hands.
  • Facials: facial therapies incorporate skin care products from Bioglea, a thermal plankton extract.
  • Body Treatments: enjoy full body treatments lasting from 50-80 minutes. Relax your body in Thermal Mud, Gommage & Plancton and Modelling Cast.
Cocktails at the Terme di Saturnia Resort bar.
Book a massage or facial therapy treatment Terme di Saturnia Resort’s world-renowned spa.

Cocktail Bar

So you’ve spent the morning soaking in the Saturnia Hot Springs? Then found true tranquility during a relaxing massage at the hotel’s spa?

To truly enjoy your Tuscan wellness holiday we suggest putting on your white slippers, wrapping yourself in a comfy robe and hopping up on a stool at the hotel’s cocktail bar. Terme di Saturnia Resort’s open concept cocktail bar offers a luxurious perch to people watch while enjoying the spa’s decidedly dressed-down vibe.


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Lush green planters dance above a team of mixologists who shake and stir quality Italian aperitivo cocktails. If you’re spending the day enjoying Saturnia Hot Springs, the resort’s bar is a great place to enjoy a midday snack and drink. The bar overlooks the hotel’s outdoor thermal pool so you can easily grab your drink and sip it outdoors in the sunshine.

  • Negroni: gin, red vermouth, bitters
  • Manhattan: Canadian whisky, red vermouth, bitters
  • Whisky Sour: Bourbon whisky, lemon, simple syrup
  • Bloody Mary: vodka, tomato juice, salt, pepper, tabasco, Worcestershire
  • Bellini: prosecco and peach puree
  • Pimms Cup: Pimm’s, ginger ale, mint, apple, orange, cucumber
  • Aperol Spring: vodka, aperol, cointreau, lime, orange, bitters
Aperitivo cocktails at Saturnia Hot Springs bar.
After spending all day soaking in thermal pools, celebrate aperitivo hour at the hotel’s cocktail bar.

Terme di Saturnia Resort Restaurant

The best restaurant in Saturnia can be found at the resort’s Restaurant 1919. The elegant dining room overlooks the luxury hotel’s Saturnia Hot Springs pool and relaxation area.

If you’re looking for a truly romantic dinner in Saturnia, indulge in Restaurant 1919’s stellar service, lengthy Tuscany wine list and award winning menu. The restaurant’s Chef Roberto Rossi focuses on serving fresh, natural and “zero kilometre” ingredients. Chef Rossi is also the owner of 1 Michelin starred Silene Restaurant in Seggiano.

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Restaurant 1919 menu.
Dine at the resort’s award-winning Restaurant 1919.

Chef Rossi explains, “The high quality meats such as the famous Chianina, the Argentario fish, the cheeses and salamis selected from our excellent Maremman producers are the fundamentals of a tasteful cuisine with a gentle touch, which reinterprets the local tradition in the spirit of wellness. Particular attention is paid to seasonality and to products that support and protect small traditional productions. The selection continues in choosing the labels that enrich the restaurant’s cellar, in a journey to discover the best vines and producers led by our sommelier.” 

Pasta at Restaurant 1919.
Risotto with cream and porcini mushrooms.

Terme di Saturnia Resort Restaurant Menu

Restaurant 1919’s menu offers a truly unforgettable gastronomic experience. A fancy feast is the perfect end to a romantic wellness holiday at Saturnia Hot Springs. The restaurant’s menu features creative Tuscan dishes organized by Starters, Pasta & Risotto, Entrees, Meat & Soup and Noble Cuts of Maremma.

Restaurant 1919 Starters

  • Raw and cooked vegetables on a bed of greek yogurt and ricotta cheese
  • Octopus with black olives and pearls of Terme di Saturnia extra virgin olive oil
  • Cream of chickpeas with baby squid and spinach
  • Crunchy egg (breaded and fried) with peppers and anchovies
  • Steamed lobster with Tuscan panzanella


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Spaghettoni with Argentario shrimp.
Spaghettoni with Argentario shrimp.

Restaurant 1919 Pasta & Risotto

  • Ricotta and spinach Tortelli “Maremma style” with truffle and aged parmigiano
  • Fettuccine with lamb sauce and Saint Gimignano saffron
  • Paccheri “large macaroni” with rabbit sauce, asparagus and marjoram
  • Spaghettoni with Argentario shrimp, bread crumbs and grated orange peel
  • Carnaroli Risotto with cream and porcini mushrooms

Restaurant 1919 Entrees

  • Sea bass with asparagus and lemon mayonnaise
  • Red Mullet with Livornese sauce and eggplant
  • Loin of Suckling Pig with mustard, morellino, pears and field herbs
  • Braised veal cheek with potatoes puree, green sauce and Cardoncelli mushrooms
  • Maremmana wild boar with black olives and dry wild mushrooms
Restaurant 1919's signature dish is a Florentine steak.
Restaurant 1919’s signature dish is a Florentine steak which diners sear on a tabletop grill.

Restaurant 1919 Meat & Soup

  • Beef tartare with crispy seasonal vegetables
  • Acquacotta local vegetable soup with poached egg
  • Ribollita Fiorentina, typical Tuscany soup with black cabbage and extra virgin olive oil

Restaurant 1919 Noble Cuts of Maremma

  • Florentine Grilled double T-Bone steak with tomato beans and roast potatoes
  • Grilled Fillet of Beef with sautéed chicory, garlic, olive oil, chili pepper and baked potatoes
  • Grilled Rib-eye steak with sautéed chicory and baked potatoes

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