Gusto 101 Serves Italian on King West in Toronto

People have been raving about Gusto 101 ever since it opened in February. I was fortunate enough to grab a seat for dinner on a Friday right after work three weeks after the King West restaurants opening.

There are a few reasons you should check out Gusto 101. Visually the place is stunning, an old abandoned auto shop has been turned into an urban restaurant space designed by Munge Leung. It is industrial but also warm and romantic. The menu features everyone’s favourite classic dishes which are prepared well and at a reasonable price. Most importantly (and the reason so many people are ranting and raving) is the restaurants affordable house wine served on tap (from a wine cask behind the bar). Winemaker Alejandra de Miguel from Vintage One has created a tasty wine served at $1 an ounce. It’s sort of funny to order “the Pinot Grigio on tap at 7 oz.”

Gusto 101 is providing a new experience in Toronto’s King West neighbourhood. Their combination of affordable wine, fantastic food and unique ambiance assures me that they will be around for some time. Just remember that they don’t take reservations (this allows them to keep their prices low) so make sure to plan for an early dinner if you don’t want to stand outside in the cold.

We enjoyed (* notes my favorites):

Lambretta *

woodford reserve bourbon, luxardo maraschino liqeuer, maple syrup, jalapeno chili

Vini di Gusto Bianco *

pinot grigio



rice, wild mushrooms, fontina, tomato sauce

Carpaccio *

beef tenderloin, truffled canellini beans, pecorino

Mozzarella di Bufala *

roasted tomatoes, basil, oil, parmigiano crisp, smoked paprika

Ravioli di Zucca *

roasted pumpkin ravioli, sage brown butter, parmigiano

Pappardelle ai Funghi

portobello, oyster mushroom, porcini, truffle paste, cream

Polpette Pizza *

tomatoes, mozzarella, meatballs, smoked provolone

Dolci Platter *

tiramisu crumble, cioccolato, wild lemon air, biscotti

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