Buca Yorkville: Italian Restaurant Near Four Seasons Hotel Toronto

Buca Yorkville is ranked as one of the best Italian restaurants in Toronto. Located a stones throw from the luxurious Four Seasons Hotel, the chic restaurant specializes in inventive and traditional Italian dishes.

Step inside Buca Yorkville in Toronto.
Step inside Buca Yorkville in Toronto.

Buca Yorkville

After wowing Toronto with his first Italian restaurant on King Street West, Chef Rob Gentile upped his game by opening his third trendy eatery, Buca Osteria & Bar in Yorkville.

The Yorkville restaurant’s sleek interior features an industrial chandelier, posh white marble bar, and a steel wine rack that shows off the sommelier’s favourite labels.

Skip through the dining room and you’ll find contemporary furnishings, including a high tops and tables that accommodate 90 diners at a time. Buca Yorkville also offers a semi-private room, which can serve a celebratory crowd of 12. If you’re keen to impress on a romantic date make sure to reserve one of the half dozen seats at the chef’s table, perched over an open kitchen.

While Buca Yorkville’s interior is pleasing to the eye, its hard walls, ceilings and floors can make chatting at the table a challenge.

The bar at Buca Yorkville Italian restaurant.
The bar at Buca Yorkville Italian restaurant.

Buca Yorkville Bar

Step inside Buca Yorkville and you’ll immediately be greeted by the restaurants eye-popping bar. If you’re visiting for an impromptu and casual drink, hop up on one of the stools.

The handsome bartenders will offer an Italian beverage bible for you to flip through. Highlights from Buca Yorkville’s bar include aperitif muddled cocktails, Italian craft beer, and an impressively pricey wine list featuring some of Italy’s finest bottles.

Italian beer at Buca Yorkville.
Italian beer at Buca Yorkville.

Buca Yorkville Menu

If Buca restaurant on King Street West was celebrated for its house made charcuterie, its sister, Buca Yorkville puts seafood in the spotlight.

Buca restaurant’s Yorkville location takes diners on a coastal vacation, adventuring through dreamy Italian destinations such as the Amalfi Coast. Chef Rob Gentile’s menu offers a broad selection of fresh seafood, including house made salmi di mare. The Italian restaurant in Toronto also features Buca’s trademark al dente pastas and vintage scissor snipped thin-crust pizzas.

Carrot and beet salad at Buca Yorkville.

Buca Yorkville Small Bites

  • Nodini: warm bread knots tossed with olive oil, rosemary and garlic
  • Olive Calde: warm marinated bariole olives
  • Pagnotta: italian country bread, terre di san mauro olive oil
  • Crostini e Burrata: toasted ciabatta with burrata cheese, organic olive oil and trout roe

Buca Yorkville House-Cured Fish

  • Soppressata di Tonno: spicy pork fat and tuna bloodline salami
  • Mortadella di Gamberi: side striped shrimp mortadella, clay pepper, pistachio
  • Salmone Affumicato: dry-cured and smoked ora king salmon
  • Tonno Affumicato: dry-cured and smoked albacore tuna
  • Luccio Piccolo: dry-cured pickerel, fennel seed
  • Mosciame di Tonno: prosciutto-style yellowfin tuna, black pepper and rosemary
  • Ricciola: dry-cured amber jack
A server slices fresh fish table side at Buca Yorkville.
A server slices fresh fish table side at Buca Yorkville.

Buca Yorkville Raw Seafood

  • Ostriche: seasonal warm oysters, burnt rosemary and garlic infused duck fat, trout roe
  • Carpaccio di Gamberi: raw b.c. side striped shrimp, coriander, dill, whitefish roe, carta di musica
  • Ricciola: raw new zealand amber jack, citrus honey vinaigrette, onion flower, coriander, squid ink, salamoia bolognese
  • Branzino: raw sea bass from cyprus carved table side, finished with prosecco and lemon
  • Crudo Misto: daily selection of seafood, unfiltered sicilian olive oil, lemon, sale di cervia

Buca Yorkville Pasta

  • Bigoli: bronze die-extruded duck egg pasta with duck ofal ragu, venetian spices, mascarpone, basil
  • Culurgiones: sardinian hand-braided pasta stuffed with b.c. side striped shrimp, crema di patate, ontario cherita passata, shad roe bottarga
  • Cnocchetti Sardi: rummo gnocchetti sardi from benevento, n.z. amber jack collar, fumetto di pesce, wild ramps, miners lettuce
  • Tonnarelli ai Ricci di Mare: fresh chitarra-cut squid ink pasta, b.c. sea urchin, aglio olio, colatura di alici
  • Maccheroncini di Campofilone: fresh angel hair pasta, nova scotia lobster, brodo di mare, whey butter, dill
Italian brunch favourite, Spaghetti alla Carbonara.
Italian brunch favourite, Spaghetti alla Carbonara.

Buca Yorkville Meat & Fish

  • Filetto di Bisonte: alberta bouvry farm bison tenderloin, seasonal mushrooms, saffron infused milk, ragu bianco, dill
  • Ippoglosso: emerald grasslands farm butter poached b.c. halibut, wild fennel, thyme infused brodo, tomato oil, pink pepper
  • Pesce al Cartoccio: whey butter poached assorted fish and shelfish, brodo di mare, sicilian capers, grilled crostini, terre di san mauro olive oil
  • Polipo e Vongole: braised octopus, b.c. clams, bone marrow, cavolo nero, crisp artichoke, fregola sarda

Buca Yorkville Pizza

  • Caponata: preserved tomato, spring vegetables, pine nuts, marsala-soaked sultana raisins, pepperoncini, wildflower honey
  • Scamorza: smoked mozzarella, salumi di buca, pepperoncini, roasted scallions
  • Pepperoni di Tonno: preserved tomato, smoked virgin mozzarella, tuna pepperoni
  • Burrata: burrata cheese, basil, terre di san mauro olive oil
  • Porchetta: roasted kunan farm porchetta, mascarpone, salsa verde, pickled green tomato
  • Salsiccine: cured spicy pork sausage, virgin mozzarella, casarecce olives, testun di barolo cheese
  • Funghi: seasonal mushrooms, mascarpone, gorgonzola, marjoram
  • Tartufo Nero: taleggio cheese, duck egg yolk, black truffles from umbria
Spicy Scamorza Pizza at Buca Yorkville.
Spicy Scamorza Pizza at Buca Yorkville.

Buca Yorkville Brunch

Yorkville’s favourite Italian restaurant opens early in the morning, offering locals a great spot to pop in for a cornetti or bombolone paired with a creamy cappuccino before heading off to work. On Saturday and Sunday morning the dining room fills with Toronto brunch fans so be sure to book a reservation in advance.

  • Uovo Cacio e Pepe: poached duck eggs, ciabatta, pecorino fonduta, black pepper, roasted cherry tomatoes
  • Farinata: genovese chickpea crepe, peperonata, taleggio cheese, hen’s eggs
  • Farinata al Tartufo Nero: genovese chickpea crepe, stracciatelle cheese, hen’s eggs, black truffles
  • Spaghetti alla Carbonara: spaghetti rummo from benevento with pancetta, pecorino romano, hen’s egg yolk, black pepper
  • Bombolone: italian doughnut egg benedict roasted kunan farm porchetta, salsa verde, mascarpone, pickled green tomato
  • Brodo e Funghi: thyme infused broth, seasonal mushrooms, poached hen’s egg, thyme, terre di san mauro olive oil
  • Strapazzate: pulled mixed variety farm eggs with truffle stracciatella cheese, black truffle, ciabatta
  • Frico: hen’s eggs, salsa verde, fontina wrapped in crisp potato, prosciutto di san daniele, radicchio castel franco
Buca Yorkville's brunch features Italian chickpea crepes with black truffle and fried egg.
Buca Yorkville’s brunch features Italian chickpea crepes with black truffle and fried egg.

Buca Yorkville

Monday to Wednesday: 11:30am-3pm and 5-10pm

Thursday to Saturday: 11:30am-3pm and 5-11pm

Sunday: 10:30am-3pm and 5-10pm

Buca Yorkville Reservations

53 Scollard Street, 416-962-2822

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