Best Stylish Face Mask For Canadian Custom Clothing Lovers

Looking to purchase the best face mask that is both stylish and easy to clean at home?

Jeff Alpaugh Custom is a Canadian custom clothing company based in New Brunswick that offers a selection of easy-to-wash cloth masks, perfect for the patriotic fashion lover in your life.

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Best Canadian Face Mask for Covid-19

When the coronavirus swept across the world this winter Canadians kept cozy at home in order to help flatten the curve and stop the spread of Covid-19. People enthusiastically shared their new quarantine hobbies such as sourdough baking, cooking new tasty recipes, sketching on iPad Pro and even launching their first vlogging Youtube channel.

I spent the majority of the Spring at home with my parents in Oakville, leaving the house just once a week to do the family grocery shopping. I spent the summer at our family cottage in Muskoka, rarely stepping off the dock to interact with the world.

By the end of Summer I noticed a lot of friends and family in Ontario were slowly starting to get out of the house. Sporting fashionable fabric masks, local adventure seekers cautiously began to enjoy socially distanced vacations. The pandemic has had families researching the best Toronto weekend getaways and many romantic couples indulged in socially distanced Ontario glamping retreats.

Now that Fall has arrived, dapper gents are shaving off their beards and trimming their hair at their favourite local barbershop to prepare for back to school season and a busy work from home schedule.

After spending months using disposable masks, I figured it was time to invest in stylish face masks that are easy to reuse and clean at home.

Jeff Alpaugh Custom sells a fashionable line of adjustable face masks.
Jeff Alpaugh Custom sells a fashionable line of adjustable face masks.

Jeff Alpaugh Custom

Jeff Alpaugh Custom is a Canadian custom clothing brand that sells trendy custom socks, suits and shirts. Their high quality mens fashions are made of fabrics sourced from Italy, Belgium and England. The products are assembled and stitched in Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam.

Jeff Alpaugh Custom recently launched a series of stylish masks, featuring 5 unique and playful designs including Blend Out, Let’s Get Free, Royale with Cheese, We The North and Full Metal Blue Light.

What I love most about the brands fashionable face mask menu is that they are unisex, showcasing designs perfect for both him and her.

If you’re looking to purchase the best face mask this Fall from a Canadian brand, check out Jeff Alpaugh Custom’s line of stylish masks.

Mark wearing "Royale With Cheese," stylish face mask.
Mark wearing “Royale With Cheese,” stylish face mask.

Jeff Alpaugh Custom Responds To Coronavirus by Innovating

We chatted with Jeff Alpaugh to discuss how the Covid-19 pandemic affected his business.

Like many retail brands, the coronavirus had a huge impact, “We opened our second store in Kitchener Waterloo just 3 weeks before Covid became a thing. I did not see that asteroid coming. I felt like a huge failure because I had to lay off my staff temporarily. While having no stores to run I changed my focus to figuring out how to truly excel at eCommerce. It turned out there was a lot I did not know,” said Alpaugh.

Alpaugh continued, “We designed a mask that, like our custom socks, would be superior even on its own. And then of course, the cherry on top, we added our Dangerous Designs. The combination of the right product and understanding eCommerce better allowed us to bring back our whole team and re-orient onto eCommerce. The popularity of our masks took me completely by surprise. We sold 500 masks in the first few hours from a Facebook post. I was in shock!”

Will wearing "We The North," adjustable face mask by Jeff Alpaugh Custom.
Will wearing “We The North,” adjustable face mask by Jeff Alpaugh Custom.

The Anatomy of a Stylish Mask

The mask cover has been designed using a mix of 100% cotton weaves. The outer layer is made from the tightest weave of all the fabrics in the cover, providing the most resistance to particles as well as the stylish exterior.

The two inner layers are made from cotton gauze that has a natural resistance to absorption while the inside is made from a black muslin that offers more filtration via its natural ability to trap moisture.

Each of the 4 face mask layers is made from a single piece of fabric. This allows the brands fashion designers to avoid having large seams right in front of the mount like you would see with some two-piece face protectors. And just like a handmade suit, the cover is able to take on a unique three-dimensional shape through the masks cut and construction techniques.

In addition to these 4 layers there is also a two-layer muslin pocket in front of your mouth where additional filters can be inserted.

To prevent the mask cover from being too tight or too loose there are adjustable elastic ear loops. Adjust the length until the face cover is snug against your face but not pulling on your ears. 

Raphael wearing "Let's Get Free" mask by Jeff Alpaugh Custom.
Raphael wearing “Let’s Get Free” mask by Jeff Alpaugh Custom.

Face Masks For Every Workplace

We asked Alpaugh if he sees any trends or future predictions in mask design as the pandemic continues to unfold.

“I think mask design will become very workplace specific. For instance, folks like myself who wear a dress shirt every day may start opting for Tilley hat-style straps in the back. This way it can hang easily around the neck when not being worn, almost as if it is a casual cravat,” he said.

Alpaugh added, “Of course people with hearing aids will opt for this as well. Folks who wear helmets and hats will opt for masks that go around the ears with very easily adjustable straps. Innovations like nose notches will continue to be tweaked to further help with glasses fogging. I think prescription glasses may become narrower to help with this phenomenon. Essentially masks will become an industry that has niches within it to serve different demographics with different needs.”

Casie wearing "Blend Out" mask by Jeff Alpaugh Custom.
Casie wearing “Blend Out” mask by Jeff Alpaugh Custom.

Shop For Stylish Masks at Jeff Alpaugh Custom

Jeff Alpaugh Custom’s stylish masks are $19.99 CAD each. Take advantage of a special sale, buy 5 and get 15% off!

Each stylish mask features 4 layers of 100% cotton weaves. You’ll also find a pouch where you can insert a removable charcoal filter, which are sold separately as a 10 pack for just $9.99 CAD.

Slide one of these comfortable masks over your face and you’ll find form fitting malleable wires that help confirm it around your nose. Muslin keeps the face cool and the adjustable straps make taking the mask on and off easy.

The unique 3-piece design measures 8 inches wide, 3 inches high and includes a 1.5 inch nose flap and 1.75 inch chin flap.


Bryan wearing "Full Metal Blue Light" stylish mask.
Bryan wearing “Full Metal Blue Light” stylish mask.

Face Mask Washing Instructions

Say goodbye to flimsy disposable face masks after falling in love with these easy-to-clean reusable stylish masks.

  1. Remove charcoal filter before washing.
  2. Rinse mask under hot water.
  3. Machine wash on gentle cycle in cold water.
  4. Flat dry.

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