A Perfect Fit with Zanerobe

We’re all born pretty and petite but only a select few of us grow up and mature into cute little men. While I regularly rave of the many benefits of measuring a handsome 5 foot 6 inches tall I have to be honest, shopping for pants isn’t easy. I spent the majority of my youth buying jeans and khakis (remember those?) that fit perfectly around my waist, knowing that I’d have to fork out another 20 dollars to have them hemmed down to size. In the late 90’s when corduroy flared pants were all the rage again I was forced to tamper with the taper. I looked like a ridiculous hot mess. My bellbottoms appeared as though they were undergoing a painful midlife crisis.


This summer I spent a lovely sun-drenched afternoon in Trinity Bellwoods Park with my friend Dale. I am forever in his debt for introducing me to the life changing experience which is ZANEROBE. It wasn’t until late September that I finally found the time to peddle down to the Distillery District and pop into the impressive 6,700 sq ft GotStyle boutique. Toronto’s East End high fashion mecca has a primo collection of fashion tricks and treats with a sizeable offering from ZANEROBE. I grabbed a bundle of printed pants and enjoyed a brief moment in “change room heaven.” I chirped with glee, “my lord I’m wearing the 30’s and they fit perfectly!” I immediately bought three and now I can’t stop wearing them.


From brash beginnings in Sydney Australia to a confident, innovative, and global brand today, ZANEROBE has clothed an audacious, independent youth movement for over a decade. Founded by Leith Testoni and Jonathan Yeo in 2002, their Aussie fashion brand is now known around the world as a specialist in stretch-cotton joggers and artisan washed denim worn by contemporary men who are affluent, fashion savvy and self-assured. The company name originated by joining two unique words together: Leith always wanted to be called Zane growing up and Jonathan tagged Robe to the end from the French Garde-Robe. Combined, the unique name evokes and embodies a sense of masculinity and strength.


Founder Leith Testoni on the brands beginnings, “it started from a general lack of interest in the menswear market and quest to do something different. We are vey much entrenched in Australia and New Zealand’s street surf scene, which drives many global trends.” You might recognize ZANEROBE’s classic low drop pant on the brands notable ambassadors Macklemore and Diplo. I’m just settling into my own and lordy life is comfy.


Fashion Photography by Jonathan Morton Schuster

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