5 Fresh Fall Lewks with Shadowhunters Star Jade Hassouné

Moments after the sweet summer sun bid Toronto adieu a fresh Fall breeze whisked her way across Canada’s “Little City on the Lake.” This is my favourite time of year, when I pack away my sandals and tank tops and revitalize my closet with slick leather boots and the comfiest cashmere.

I recently met up with Shadowhunters star Jade Hassouné in Yorkville to suss out the freshest lewks for dapper gents this Autumn. The actor who hails from Montreal cracks a smile when he chats about his favourite projects, “The first significant role I got was a supporting character in the film Cyberbully on the ABC Family Network. I played a boy in high school named Caleb who was struggling with finding his self confidence despite being bullied for being gay. Next up was a recurring role for two seasons in the Canadian show Heartland where I played a Saudi Prince called Ahmed. I am currently representing the faeries as Meliorn in the hit show Shadowhunters on Freeform/Netflix. The show is filmed right here in Toronto and based on the best selling book series The Mortal Instruments.”

As we stroll through the luxuriousness that is Harry Rosen Hassouné describes his aesthetic, “I like to feel like a geared up Samurai or Jedi. I adore supporting independent designers but also love big names like Alexander McQueen. I predominantly wear black clothes, with a splash or coloured jacket. I love wearable art. But there are times when I want to look classically formal (read: red carpet ready) and play that game as well.”


Upon arrival Jade and I met with one of Harry Rosen’s expert clothing advisors, Abe Hsu. We spent two hours collaborating together to create five looks that spoke to Jade’s own personal sense of style. I photographed each ensemble within the store utilizing the recently launched iPhone 7 Plus which features a new 12-megapixel dual camera.

Using the wide-angle and telephoto cameras, iPhone 7 Plus enables higher-quality zoom for both photos and videos. Now you can get optical zoom at 2x, and even better digital zoom at up to twice the range—10x for photos and 6x for videos. That means you can capture images that are not only farther away, but come with better image quality. While iPhone 7 Plus uses two cameras to capture photos, it actually feels like you’re using just one. The new camera zoom UI allows you to quickly get from 1x to 2x with a simple tap to your screen, and a new dial enables easy one-handed use that lets you slide all the way up to 10x.

Two other great photography features include optical image stabilization which uses advanced software technology to compensate for handshake and wide colour capture which makes it possible to shoot images with colour that is more vibrant and detailed than ever.

I shot two photos of each look at Harry Rosen to showcase the powerful zoom capabilities of the new iPhone 7 Plus which is super handy when shooting portraits. Photo fans will giggle with glee for the new iPhone upgrade: whether you’re trying to shoot a fav band at a concert (capture the detail of Sia’s iconic fringe please) or looking to immortalize an unforgettable travel moment while soaring across the Serengeti (that awesome elephant in the distance looks bigger and better than ever!)


Brunello Cucinelli Shirt $595, Brunello Cucinelli Sweater $2,625, Brunello Cucinelli Vest $1,645, Tom Ford Jeans $950, Brunello Cucinelli Sneakers $975


“My goal this season is to be an adventurer. Ready to explore the city while outfitted with gear that will keep me both warm and fresh at the same time. This relaxing blue Brunello Cucinelli inspired outfit features a comfy vest that completes the look and tightens the whole ensemble – like perfectly tailored body armour. I love the structure, subtle bulk and its amazing weightlessness. This is the ideal Fall outfit when walking your dog through High Park for your daily dose of mama earth.”


John Varvatos Jacket $998, John Varvatos Sweater $598, Belstaff Jeans $510, John Varvatos Boots $328


“This year I made a point of seeing as many concerts as I could. I’ve already found my next live music look and am just debating whether I’m going to play a member in the audience or be that Rocker on stage. Thanks to John Varvatos for the beautiful black leopard print sweater, it’s the softest ever. It’s perfect for that walk home through fresh Autumn air after witnessing a night of brilliant live art in Toronto’s West End.”


Munro Shirt $275, Brunello Cucinelli Tie $320, Hugo Boss Sports Jacket $850, PT01 Pant $445


“This look is probably the furthest from my typical choice of style and colour palette but something about the dapper ensemble makes me want to sit down with a good book in a cute coffee shop. One of my favourite pastimes in Toronto is heading to the TIFF Bell Lightbox to attend a fancy film screening. Some day I’d like to arrive just like this – red carpet ready!”


Zegna Shirt $275, Lanvin Jogger $1,185, Margiela Sneakers $575


“Somewhere between casual and formal fashion, this everything-blue lewk made me feel like I was ready to party hop with a few of my friends. The Lanvin joggers are my new fav and that bow tie is made of the most supple material which gave the outfit a chill, laid back quality. I would wear this to a breakfast television interview in a heart beat.”


DSquared2 Sweater $780, DSquared2 Denim $550, Prada Sneakers $875


“I’m loving this classic printed crew neck and jeans with sneakers ready for a dance party. Oh how I’ve missed sweater weather! DSquared2 keeps me simultaneously inspired and cozy. What else do you need? Being prepped to take on both the cool outdoors and the warm pulsing dance floor is a fine line: the balance of a perfect party night. The paint splattered jeans keep my art-heart happy and the Prada shoes take it to a whole other level. Impressive.”

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