How to Keep Your Face Feeling Fresh This Winter

It’s no secret chilly Canadian winters have me reaching for my fleece and goose down (not to mention a hidden flask of bourbon) faster than my moisturizers and bath scrubs, often leaving my winter-ravaged skin to play second fiddle.


Selecting the right products to keep your skin hydrated throughout our Canuck winters can be a daunting task. While I have a strict skin regimen, I wanted to ensure I was getting the best bang for my buck and maximizing the effects of my grooming products. I set off to Holt Renfrew on a quest to find the top five products that would keep my face feeling fresh this winter.

Located at 50 Bloor St. West, Holt’s men’s grooming department is widely known for being a one stop shop for everything skin. The well-organized & brightly lit space features kiosks of brands carefully curated by Holt’s team of skin-obsessed experts. The staff here is the real deal. “Skin whisperers” in their own right, I was awe-struck at their knowledge of the products and genuine interest in selecting the right products for my skin.

How to Keep Your Face Feeling Fresh This Winter


Kiehl’s Facial Fuel: Energizing Moisture Treatment For Men

I immediately felt the lotion tingle as it awakened my skin and hydrate like a pro. The light menthol fragrance is refreshing and rejuvenating. Ultra moisturizing yet matte finish ensures your co-workers will notice your handsome complexion rather than their reflection on your forehead. Blends effortlessly into beards and facial hair too! Kiehls stylish & iconic packaging has me hoping company will snoop through my medicine cabinet this holiday season. $30.00-$42.00


Aesop Damascan Rose Facial Treatment

Don’t let the name deter you, while it may sound elaborate this treatment quickly provides maximum relief to distressed Canuck skin. A single drop immediately had my face feeling as if I downed a thirst quenching drink on a hot day. This vitamin E & A treatment can be used two to three times a week before your moisturizer and will have your skin looking tip-top in no time. This will be a staple for winters to come! $99.00


Jack Black Body Rehab Scrub and Muscle Soak

This is the scrub of champs. The eucalyptus fragrance immediately packs a punch awakening tired skin as well as clearing winter-ravaged sinuses. I used this bad boy post gym and immediately felt the tension melt away as the smooth granules sloughed away dead skin and Epsom salts soothed my muscles. Truth be told, my newly smooth skin warranted several bathroom mirror selfies. $40.00


Sandalwood Pre-Shave Oil by The Art of Shaving

Having sensitive skin often leaves me cringing at the idea of shaving, though thankfully for this magnificent oil I’ve developed major shave love. Massage this synthetic-free oil into skin before you apply your shaving cream for an effortless shave. TIP: Try the aromatic woody sandalwood scent. Lumberjack realness. $25


Lab Series Razor Burn Relief Ultra

While I’m a bearded chap, I use a razor to keep my neck looking tidy and often battle pesky razor burn throughout the cold months when my skin is dryer than usual. This product is definitely a no fuss solution to unsightly wintertime redness. The scent free solution won’t battle with other fragrances and immediately leaves skin feeling soothed and moisturized. The texture felt light and smooth (no added oils here folks) and diminished my skins redness in seconds. TIP: A little goes a long way with this one. $38.00

Written by Jonathan Morton Schuster

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