Day-to-Night Style Tips for the Endy Bed Connoisseur

If you live in Toronto and you’re on either end of the millennial spectrum, chances are you live in a pretty compact space. Some of us have living rooms; others have walk-in closets to house their vast collection of vintage threads.

As someone who falls in the latter category, transforming one’s bedroom into a proper sanctuary is all the more important. (Hey, that vintage fur-edged suede vest from Screaming Mimi’s in New York City is clearly a wardrobe staple.)

After slicking my walls with an inspirational shade of paint (baby yellow is good for the soul, no?) and decorating with all my favourite art from far-flung locales, the much-needed next step was a new mattress. I’m all for vintage threads, but vintage mattress? Not so much. Enter: Endy.

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One of my favourite things about Endy is the fact that it’s a Canadian company that actually makes the product in Canada. As someone who tries as much as possible to shop local and support Canadian labels, I was delighted to learn that these mattresses are manufactured right here at home, which is no easy feat. The mattress itself is made here at their factory in Toronto from North American materials, while the quilted polyester cover portion is sewn in Montreal.

Made with three layers of polyurethane foam — not memory foam, as one might be inclined to assume — the Endy mattress has a unique open-air cell structure. This means that, first of all, it doesn’t shift shape in tandem with the weather (how very Canadian). It retains the same level of firmness regardless of whatever terrifying weather patterns Mother ‘climate change’ Nature decides to fling our way. The mattress is also temperature controlled, so those panic-tinged Sunday night sleeps (thanks, life) won’t have you rolling around in something that feels like a boiling pot. The open-air technology of the foam ensures your mattress keeps breathing and cooling all night long. Anyone concerned about what actually goes into the foam (as we all should be) will be relieved to learn that there’s no formaldehyde, phthalates or flame-retardants hidden in its cushy berth — it’s CertiPUR-US certified.

But what about the actual feel of the mattress? Those microscopic air cells in the foam structure serve as wee shock absorbers, creating a firm surface that reduces back and hip pressure, contouring your body just the right amount, while making sure you won’t feel any ripples of motion from a flailing sleeper to your side. Switching over from my creaky 10-year-old mattress to my new Endy was quite the shock to the system. It took me a couple of nights for my body to adjust to this new existence. (Pro tip: do not use a duvet-like mattress pad plucked from your ancient mattress and think it will be comfy on your Endy. That is, unless you enjoy the feeling of sinking into quicksand.) Now, over a month in — well under those 100 test-ride sleeps given to each customer — each slumber is the sleep equivalent of a decadent slice of chocolate cake. There’s no looking back.

Seeing as I spend much of my time in my chambre, behold some style tips paired up with my daily activities:

Wake, meditate and prepare for yoga class. Or, well, at least try to. Donning your finest athletic garb — a sports bra with mesh inserts and high-waisted leggings — and listening to the soothing voices of Deepak and Oprah (hey, don’t judge) will make you feel like you’ve accomplished bucket loads of things. And it’s still early!

Freelance work. After a day at the office, answering emails from the comfort of bed really is the best. Encasing yourself in an ‘80s power blazer (minus the touch-too-powerful shoulder pads) will help you differentiate your sleep area from your bed-as-home-office zone.

Reading in bed. Lounging around with 10,000 magazines plus a novel or two in bed — and perhaps a plant — is par for course. Yes, the interwebs are there but hey, sometimes it’s nice to relax sans the glare of a screen. Pairing up loose-fitting garb in seemingly mismatched patterns means maximum comfort and maximum style impact.

Dressing for a wee night on the town. Sometimes one must leave the sanctuary and fete whatever need be feted. A semi-sheer frock from the ‘70s with a cascading ruffle is clearly just the ticket for any and every event.

Vintage sleeps. Drape yourself in decades-old sleepwear, layering a floral robe over a lace-edge nightgown. It may smell a tad musty, but there’s nothing a spray of some nice Miu Miu won’t fix and it’s the attitude that counts. After all, you’re always dressing to impress yourself.

Written by Karolyne Ellacott