Best Toronto Barber Shop

Looking for the best Toronto barber shop?

Dapper gents in Toronto are spoilt for choice when it comes to finding the perfect spot to indulge in a fade and shave.

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Best Toronto Barber Shops

We spent over 10 months being primped and prodded in search of the best Toronto barber shop. Every three weeks we booked an appointment at a different barber in the GTA. One needs to give themselves time to grow out their hair for this kind of rigorous research.

Peep yourself in the mirror and feel you’re in the need for a facial makeover? Check out our Toronto barber shop list below and you’ll find popular barbers on Ossington, King West, Yorkville, Queen West, Kensington Market and Dundas West.

It’s handy for men who have just moved to Toronto as well as locals who are looking to explore new barber-abilities. At each Toronto barber shop we took notes on the interior design, vibe, customer service and prices.

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Bruno Rosales is a French-inspired downtown Toronto barber shop offering facials, pedicures and more!
Bruno Rosales is a French-inspired downtown Toronto barber shop offering facials, pedicures and more!

Bruno Rosales Salon Pour Hommes

74 Victoria St #114, 416-504-5606

Bruno Rosales launched his self-titled salon and barbershop for men in downtown Toronto in January, 2020.

The French haircare expert shared, “Our main clientele are businessmen since we are located in the Financial District. Also men interested in fashion, beauty and the arts since we have created a refined and trendy place.”

So how is Bruno Rosales Salon unique within the Toronto Barber Shop scene? “We work with local artists for our art pieces, and showcase local florists who create new compositions every week. I personally created a music playlists to recreate the atmosphere you fin in trendy salons in New York or Paris,” said Rosales. 

Gents looking for a relaxing barber shop experience enjoy complimentary hot towel treatments, scalp massages and luxurious moisturizing face cream treatments. Bruno Rosales Salon is the only barber shop in Toronto using Italy’s Acqua Di Parma beauty products for shaves and facials. 

The barbershop is also offering a unique annual membership, ideal for those who enjoy haircuts every two weeks.

Toronto Barber Shop: King's Crown is a man-spa at Bayview Village.
Toronto Barber Shop: King’s Crown is a man-spa at Bayview Village.

King’s Crown

2901 Bayview Avenue #104A in North York, 647-348-1774

For 500 years the Weyersberg family has been producing the finest blades in the world. For centuries the King’s Crown mark has been synonymous with exacting precision, hand-craftsmanship and quality. As men’s needs changed so did the brands products; from serious swords in the time of yore to today’s finest barber blades.

King’s Crown operates as a proudly Canadian premium men’s grooming company. Catering to the needs of the discerning modern man, King’s Crown Toronto barber shop offers bespoke grooming services at its Bayview Village studio in North York.

The uptown Toronto grooming studio uses King’s Crown skin care line, a three step regiment featuring Enriched Foaming Cleanser (to clean up those cheeks), Ultra Rich Shaving Cream (for the perfect shave) and Vitamin C Moisturizer (to keep your fresh face irritation free). If you’re sporting a beard or moustache add a few drops of their sandal wood and lemon scented beard oil and you’ll be good to go.

You can grab the products to test out at home or if you’re in the mood to rest and relax book an appointment for the King’s Crown Signature Royal Treatment. The 80 minute experience includes shampoo and conditioning, razor detailing haircut and style, scalp massage, hot towel shave and a hand touch up.

The chic barbershop at Bayview Village offers a luxurious assortment of men-only treatments. Gents can indulge in classic barber skills to their head or beard, as well as colouring, hand and foot detailing, face and scalp treatments, back treatments, waxing, clipping and threading.

Fade Room services dapper gents in a two-story space in York.
Fade Room services dapper gents in a two-story space in York.

Fade Room

475A Rogers Road in York, 416-901-6506

Fade Room is a Toronto Barber Shop located in midtown in York. Owner Claudio Ferreira opened Fade Room in December 2017. His team of skilled barbers offer a cozy and friendly space that specializes in classic haircuts and hot towel straight razor shaves, from the 20’s to the 50’s, and modern haircuts from the Golden Era of hip hop encompassing the 80’s to the 90’s.

Fade Room offers a vintage barbershop vibe, which brings back the lost art of the hot towel straight razor shave. Clients sit back and relax in original Koken barber chairs from the late 1800’s. Ferreira describes Fade Room’s unique barber shop chairs, “We had first generation barber chairs completely restored and refurbished. We stripped down every single piece of every single chair, from the hydraulic pump, to getting every single bolt and piece of chrome redone. We even brought back the brass ring at the bottom of our chairs. The black and white theme keeps things simple.”

Upon arrival guests are instructed to take off their shoes, slip on Fade Room branded slippers and enjoy an espresso. Towards the end of each service Fade Room barbers recline their clients chair for a relaxing hot towel Eucalyptus infused steam.

Fade Room uniquely carries its own line of hair products for men called Ferreira Signature Line.

Fade Room offers a student special during the week. so come in to enjoy a lower rate with your student ID. Beyond classic cuts and beard trimming the popular Toronto barber shop also offers braiding services. Looking to treat yourself? Book the 2 hour 6 Don experience for $150, which includes a cut, wash, style, royal shave, facial mask and relaxing massage.

Truefitt & Hill is the go-to Toronto barber shop for Bay Street suits.
Truefitt & Hill is the go-to Toronto barber shop for Bay Street suits.

Truefitt & Hill

161 Bay Street, 416-214-4646

Truefitt & Hill was first established in 1805 by William Francis Truefitt in London, United Kingdom, making it the oldest barbershop in the world. Later in 1935 it acquired Edwin S. Hill & Co, marking the modern era of Truefitt & Hill.

Glancing at Truefitt & Hill’s historic appointment books is like reading entries from the who’s who of distinguished high society. Past notable Truefitt & Hill clients include the Duke of Wellington, Sir Winston Churchill, Charles Dickens, Lord Byron, Oscar Wilde, Alfred Hitchcock, Laurence Olivier, John Wayne, Frank Sinatra, Fred Astaire and Cary Grant.

In 1998 the British barber shop brand was established in Toronto’s Financial District. Located at 181 Bay Street, the distinguished Toronto barber is owned and managed by Domenic and Lorena Sicilia in partnership with Ricky Valentino Ricci.

Truefitt & Hill Toronto is located in Brookfield Place, which also houses The Hockey Hall of Fame and the Allen Lambert Galleria also known as Crystal Cathedral of Commerce. Skip inside and you’ll find vintage barber chairs made fo nickel and oak that were found in Chicago and date back to 1895. Barbers are dressed in black slacks, white shirts, vests and bow ties. Setting the scene for a gentlemen’s oasis. 

Dom Sicilia explains Truefitt & Hill’s signature experience, “We’re known to offer the best Hot Towel Shave in the world. We offer a 9 Steam Towel Coco Butter Cream Straight Razor Shave. All services are completed with a shoulder and neck massage as well as a unique washing experience. Air Canada’s EnRoute Magazine included the Toronto Shop in their 100 things to do in a Lifetime!”

Sit back in a Truefitt & Hill barber shop chair and you’ll be greeted by a choir of dapper barbers, dressed in black slacks, white shirts, vests and tidy bow ties. The space is truly a gentleman’s oasis. Sit back and relax without the noise of TVs, radios or cell phones. The soundtrack here is soothing Rat Pack, Sinatra and cool jazz.

Toronto Barber Shop: The Fitting Room is the best barber on Dundas Street West.
Toronto Barber Shop: The Fitting Room is the best barber on Dundas Street West.

The Fitting Room

1389 Dundas Street West, 416-533-7666

Owners Brian Cafua and Bryan Brock first opened Toronto barber shop, The Fitting Room in 2014.

The barbershops name was inspired by the experience you get when you’re shopping and trying on new clothes. Brock explains, “In a retail environment, the fitting room acts as that place of transformation from everyday guy to a man who looks like a million bucks. We wanted to bring that same idea to life inside the barbershop, because our job is to make you feel like a new man, transformed by a fresh new cut and style.”

The Fitting Room’s clientele reflects Toronto’s diverse community. Brock explains, “Being one of the first Toronto barber shops on Dundas West allowed us to create a destination spot within an up and coming neighbourhood. Since opening, as many as five other shops have popped up and called this neighbourhood home. It’s a growing community and we’re happy to be a part of it.”

Cafua and Brock designed The Fitting Room’s interior from scratch. Brock describes the space, “From a design perspective, it was important for us to treat our space like a home. For example, the waiting room is at the back of our shop, hidden from the service area, to give a more intimate living room feeling. We knew that we wanted art to play a role in our vibe, so we created a gallery wall to support and showcase local artists and their work. When we first opened, each barber station had its own curtains similar to a retail fitting room, so that helped to bring the overall concept to life.”

So what unique experience can clients to The Fitting Room expect? “Our shop operates as a hybrid between barbershop and salon. Every client is offered a wash, dry, head massage, complimentary hot towel service, and a complete style with product as part of their experience. Complimentary beverages like water and Red Bull are available daily and for special events we bring in a bar with exclusive cocktails and catering to treat our clients,” says Brock.

Nero Gentlemen's Grooming Club in downtown Toronto.
Nero Gentlemen’s Grooming Club in downtown Toronto.

Nero Gentlemen’s Grooming Club

268 Adelaide St W, 647-351-6376

Owners Paulo Ferreira, Linda Yue and Nicolas Biotti first opened Toronto barber shop, Nero Gentlemen’s Grooming Club in January, 2019.

The barbershop brand has existed since 2004, in Luxembourg. Yue explains the story behind its name, “Nero is the founder’s “artist” name, how he signs his artwork.” She adds, “Our shop is in an old Victorian Building in the heart of the Entertainment District. It’s more than 100 years old, full of charm and surrounded by original brick walls.”

Skip inside the popular Toronto barber shop in the Entertainment District and you’ll find custom-made furniture and a masculine vibe, hinting at old European flair.

Yue describes Nero Gentlemen’s Grooming Club’s unique services, “We provide a personal, detailed diagnostic of our clients’ hair and scalp. Advice is then provided for what kind of style best suits the client and his lifestyle. Our hair cuts last 45 minutes long, 2 washes (before and after) and are finished with the most relaxing head massage. We also offer a lot of aesthetic services from mani/pedis to facials and even hair removal.”

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Toronto Barber Shop: Crows Nest in Kensington Market.
Toronto Barber Shop: Crows Nest in Kensington Market.

Crows Nest Barbershop

2 Kensington Ave, 647-346-4333

Crows Nest Barbershop first opened its doors in Kensington Market in June, 2010. Ranked as one of the best Toronto Barber Shops, Crows Nest has now expanded to include 7 locations in spots like Hamilton, Ottawa, Vancouver and Hawaii.

Owner Jon Roth explains the barbershops growth strategy, “Each location is representative of the neighbourhood in which it lives and the community that surrounds us and supports us. We try and to place ourselves in neighbourhood that speak to our ethos and have a real sense of community.”

So what’s in the name? Roth explains, “It’s a long and funny story, but to distill that down to something quick, it was a club in Chicago in the 1940s.”

Roth continues by describe Crows Nest’s unique offering, “We have liquor licenses at several of our locations, but generally we keep the uniqueness to the actual barbering service we provide. With hot towels at the end of each haircut and quality rising above all.”

Little London is a Toronto barber shop in Leslieville.
Little London is a Toronto barber shop in Leslieville.

Little London Barber

1045 Gerrard St E, 416-792-1215

Nigel and Litsa Puddefoot first opened Little London Barber in June, 2006.

The couple were inspired to open up the Toronto barber shop when Nigel, who is British, moved from the United Kingdom to Toronto. “He wanted to have a name that reflected his nationality, hence Little London,” says Litsa.

Little London Barber has expanded to include two locations in Leslieville and in the Donlands. Litsa adds, ” both barber shops feature British flare throughout so they have tons of memorabilia from the UK and vintage shops.”

If you’re enjoying a cut and shave at Little London Barber expect to be pampered with a hot towel treatment and face massage.

Does Little London Barber offer a unique barbering aesthetic? Litsa explains, “Nigel learned barbering in the UK and learned unique tips from his father in law who was a barber back in the day. Nigel has ensured that all the barbers follow suit and stick to traditional barbering, which includes the use of a straight razor.”

Miami Fades is the best barber shop in Yorkville.
Miami Fades is the best barber shop in Yorkville.

Miami Fades

98 Scollard St, 647-403-2337

Dwight Murray opened Miami Fades in September, 2010. The popular Toronto Barber Shop in Yorkville is inspired by the owners trips to Cuba and Miami.

Most people know Miami for its beaches, nightlife, food, luxury cars and yachts. Murray appreciates the city for its iconic Art Deco architecture and the enthusiastic energy of everyone wanting to look sexy. He has a penchant for the vibrant blue and pink lights at night, colourful Wynwood Walls, upscale Collins Avenue and all white buildings like the Delano Hotel.

The Miami Fades flagship has been affectionately named the House of Miami Fades and is located in a 100 year old heritage building on Scollard Street near Sassoon Salon.

Skip inside Miami Fades in Yorkville and you’ll find a bright interior that pays homage to Miami’s beach-friendly aesthetic. Nestled between 100 year old barbershop chairs, dapper gents will find lush palms, crystal chandeliers, framed vintage Miami posters and Florida license plates.

Miami Fades offers a chic Nespresso bar for clients who arrive early to their appointments and standard cut and shaves. If you’re looking to treat yourself, book The Malecon signature treatment. The luxe therapy includes a haircut, straight razor shave and Cuban Facial.

Toronto Barber Shop: The Nite Owl
Toronto Barber Shop: The Nite Owl

The Nite Owl

The Night Owl has been a fixture in the Toronto barber shop scene on Lakeshore Boulevard West since the 1940s.

Seventy years after the original shop first opened, the Nite Owl brand has grown. There are now two shops in Toronto: a 7 chair flagship in Brockton Village and the original and historic shop in Long Branch.

The barbershops name is inspired by a coffeeshop in the Oscar winning film LA Confidential. Owner Brian Hurson describes The Nite Owl’s offerings as, “no gimmicks, just haircuts, beard trims, hot towel shaves and shoe shines.”

Skip inside The Nite Owl and you’ll find vintage barber chairs, portraits of Errol Flynn and Humphrey Bogart and walls painted a retro pastel pink and green.

The interior of Rod, Gun and Barbers in Toronto.
The interior of Rod, Gun and Barbers in Toronto.

Rod, Gun and Barbers

1612 Queen St W at 647-351-6969 and 2877 Dundas St W at 647-350-6446

Rod, Gun and Barbers first opened its doors in The Junction 5 years ago, with a second location popping up in Parkdale 2 years later.

Owner of the popular Toronto barber shop Jeff James said, “Barber shops and Rod and Gun clubs were both safe parliaments for men to be around other men and enjoy talking about sports and outdoor pursuits. I combined those two things into one experience. I am from rural Ontario and both these venues declined at the same time so I wanted to bring it back under one roof.”

Rod, Gun and Barbers is perhaps best known for its eclectic interior. James describes the shops unique design aesthetic, “Everything is authentic. My grandfather or I did all the paintings, all the taxidermy was hunted and eaten by me or someone I know.  We have humidors and draft and cocktails and live bands and old playboys and outdoors recreational paraphernalia like muskets, flyrods and waterskis.”

If you’re looking to enjoy a unique Toronto barbershop experience, Rod, Gun and Barbers offers unique haircare combos featuring cigars, Scotch and live music on weekends.

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