Bring the Barber Shop Home with Dippity-Do

When I saw that Dippity-Do had released a new range of hair products for men I was immediately transported back to my youth where every morning I would apply the iconic green gel to my 90’s mushroom cut. While my hairstyle has evolved over the years it’s exciting to see the new evolution of hair products from Dippity-Do. After over 50 years the heritage brand has released a new line of products giving gents the tools to style their barbershop inspired cuts.

While visits to my barber are bi-weekly this collection of retro inspired products gives me those barbershop vibes every styling session. As an added bonus the sleek black and white packaging looks extra sharp while sitting on my bathroom sink.

Here are my faves from the collection:


For those gents looking to provide more texture to their hair, look no further. This product works best on towel dried hair and allows you to shape and mould your style with ease. This product works especially well on shorter styles that need extra definition. Its low shine look is great for those who want a sophisticated natural look – think Zac Ephron’s intentionally messy tousled locks.


For those looking to emulate Christian Ronaldo’s sleek side part this 3-1 Pomade will do just the trick. Designed to provide high shine, control and moisture this pomade allows for no fuss styling. The hold factor on this one is lower than the rest but for shorter styles this works perfectly. The added benefits of natural ingredients such as Argan Oil, Shea Butter and Tea Tree Oil keep your hair naturally moisturized and hydrated while looking on fleek.


For a high hold product this cream is surprisingly less viscous than it’s counterparts. This allowed for an easy mouldable application. Within minutes of styling it had set, locking the hair in place. I loved that when set it doesn’t make your hair feel hard or “helmet” like – something your significant other will surely appreciate too. The styling cream also repels moisture, which is especially good during an intense workout or hot summer day.

Diddity-Do Men is available at Walmart, London Drugs and Loblaws stores across Canada for $6.99.

By Jonathan Morton Schuster


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