5 Lush Products to Keep Your Skin Fresh This Summer

If you’re an urbanite like me, the hot smoggy city air can leave you spending more time in your tub than in the hammock where you belong.

On a recent quest to find summer skin treats I hit up Lush Cosmetics, well recognized for their vegan and vegetarian recipes. Known for blending natural fruits and oils in their signature recyclable pots, Lush has garnered acclaim for its lip smacking fragrances and environmentally friendly production practices.


Kalamazoo Wash 

As a bearded chap I’m often looking for a face wash that cleanses my sensitive skin while providing excellent hydration for my bristly beard. Luckily Kalamazoo delivers, zapping away dirt with the powerful enzymes of pineapple juice and added almond oil to tame my beastly beard. The delicious scent of Brazilian orange oil keeps my salivary glands working too!

Breath of Fresh Air

Toners are a skincare category that often confuses men. Since the majority of blokes don’t wear makeup, they often question if a toner is necessary. Though for those who have acne prone skin, enlarged pores or use dense skin products like sunscreen, the answer is, yes!

Not only is this gentle spray incredibly refreshing (yup, it lives up to it’s name), seaweed softens the skin and replenishes essential minerals that may be stripped though consistent cleansing – especially in the hot summer months. Aloe vera and rose soothe pesky dry patches, leaving your skin in tiptop shape.

Ocean Salt 

Dry uneven skin is no laughing matter and all around nasty when parading your banging beach bod in the summer. I’m always on the lookout for a scrub that keeps my skin as sparking as my personality. Seeing as one of the main ingredients in this exfoliator is vodka I was more than eager to give it a try. While I left the shower sober, I couldn’t stop caressing my highly moisturized nooks and crannies post rinse. The avocado and coconut hydrate thirsty skin while the vodka and lime fight pesky blackheads. Bring on the banana hammock!

Dirty Body Spray 

For those who find cologne too clinging in the dense heat of the summer may find a body spray a lighter alternative. Always eager to try a new fragrance, I was excited to give this scent a whirl after hearing positive noise about this gem from other fragrance fiends. This refreshing scent blends sandalwood, tarragon and lavender providing excellent sillage and staying power. The irreverent packaging will surely put a smile on your face every time you reach for a spritz.

Dirty Shower Gel 

I instantly fell in love with the refreshing quality of this delightful body wash. Infused with spearmint and menthol crystals this gel instantly wakes up your skin and turns into a refreshing lather like no other. My skin felt squeaky clean and the fresh minty fragrance lingered well after I hopped out of the shower. Seriously, it’s like my skin was envelop in a giant breath mint! Added sea salt and glycerin kept my hair and skin soft too.

By Jonathan Morton Schuster

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