Homemade Raincoast Crisps: Healthy Fibre Crackers Recipe

Looking to make Raincoast Crisps, a healthy fibre cracker recipe at home?

Our copycat Lesley Stowe Raincoast Crisps allow you to bake the popular gourmet high fibre crackers in your own kitchen.

Our healthy crackers recipe is flavoured with walnuts, dried figs and rosemary. We also offer suggestions on additional dried fruits, nut and herbs you can use to prepare your very own signature healthy fibre crackers recipe.

Raincoast Crisps are a healthy high fibre cracker perfect for serving with a cheese & charcuterie board at your next potluck or dinner party.

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Homemade Raincoast Crisps

Lesley Stowe is a French-trained pastry chef, who launched her own catering company over 25 years ago in Vancouver.

Frustrated by the lack of specialty foods in the city, she opened Lesley Stowe Fine Foods, offering consumers a wide range of gourmet cheeses, breads, entrées, desserts and unique grocery items.

Lesley Stowe’s knack for staying ahead of food trends resulted in the creation of her now iconic Lesley Stowe Raincoast Crisps. The artisan, high-fibre crackers would later be featured on Oprah’s O List and in Martha Stewart Living magazine.

I first encountered Raincoast Crisps when living with my aunt and uncle in Victoria on Vancouver Island. The local cheese shop regularly sold out of British Columbia’s favourite fibre crackers. On a sunny summer afternoon we’d pop open a bottle of Niagara wine and enjoy healthy fibre crackers topped with fresh ricotta and local honey.

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Healthy Crackers Recipe: Raincoast Crisps ingredients.
Healthy Crackers Recipe: Raincoast Crisps ingredients.

Best Healthy Crackers Recipe

Once I moved to Toronto I had my own kitchen to start tinkering with recipes. I developed this copycat Raincoast Crisps recipe, which you can easily make at home and adjust with your preferred flavourings.

Looking for a healthy crackers recipe? Our gourmet fibre crackers feature nutrient-dense whole wheat flour, buttermilk, dried figs, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, flaxseeds and rosemary.

Preparing Raincoast Crisps is a 3 step process and really easy to make at home even if you’re a beginner at baking. After mixing the ingredients in a bowl you bake the healthy cracker batter in the oven to form a dense loaf.

Once the loaf has cooled, slice into thin slices with a bread knife. The final step is just like biscotti, baking the thin slices of bread a second time to toast them up and make them crunchy.

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Mix healthy fibre crackers recipe ingredients in a mixing bowl.
Mix healthy fibre crackers recipe ingredients in a mixing bowl.

Get Creative with Our Healthy Crackers Recipe

We’ve included our favourite recipe for Raincoast Crisps below, featuring dried figs, walnuts and rosemary.

These fibre crackers are a great way to use up old dried fruit in your pantry or cupboard. There’s no better way to use up dried cranberries, raisins, dates or prunes then by using them in a healthy crackers recipe.

Once you’ve mastered the recipe and feel confident in preparing these easy fibre crackers at home, we suggest having fun with flavours pairings. The only ingredients we suggest swapping out are the nuts, dried fruit and herbs. Keep the main ingredients, which make up the batter, the same so you aren’t disappointed with your final result.

The following are a list of additional ingredient flavour pairings you might want to try at home:

  • Dried Olive, Pecans and Oregano
  • Raisin, Cashew and Fennel Seed
  • Sundried Tomato, Almond and Thyme
  • Dried Cranberry, Hazelnut and Orange Rind
  • Dried Apricot, Pistachio and Sage
After loaf bakes in the oven let cool and slice into thin fibre crackers.
After loaf bakes in the oven let cool and slice into thin fibre crackers.

Raincoast Crisps: Cheese & Charcuterie Board

Raincoast Crisps are the perfect crunchy companion to a cheese and charcuterie board.

We suggest pairing your homemade fibre crackers with a selection of cheeses, charcuterie and fermented vegetables such as fermented garlic honey, fermented onions and fermented carrots.

The cracker and cheese arrangement will impress guests at your next Christmas Party, New Years Party, Thanksgiving Dinner or summer BBQ.

We suggest offering a selection of cheeses to offer a diversity of flavours and textures at the table. Purchase old favourites like cheddar and parmesan or try something new like a truffle flavoured ricotta or stinky blue cheese.

  • Fresh Cheese: These are cheeses made from fresh curds that have not been pressed or aged. They include cottage cheese, ricotta cheese, mascarpone, feta, burrata, cream cheese and Boursin. Include at least one fresh cheese in your selection as they are easy to spread onto Raincoast Crisps.
  • Hard Cheese: These cheese are well aged and offer a sharp and lasting flavour. Popular hard cheese include Parmigiano Reggiano, Pecorino and Manchego.
  • Semi-Hard Cheese: This family of cheeses are softer and easier to slice and include Gouda, Havarti, Gruyere and Cheddar.
  • Blue Cheese: Add some funk to your fibre crackers by topping with bold blue cheeses such as Gorgonzola, Stilton, Roquefort or Danish Blue.
  • White Mould Cheese: Fans of oozing French cheese adore spreading Brie, Camembert or Triple Creme on crunchy fibre crackers.
Raincoast Crisps get their healthy crunch because they are twice-baked like biscotti.
Raincoast Crisps get their healthy crunch because they are twice-baked like biscotti.

Best Ways to Enjoy Raincoast Crisps

Raincoast Crisps are so hearty and flavourful that you can easily snack on them on their own. We’ve included additional uses for our healthy crackers recipe to help inspire you when entertaining family and friends.

  • Dip Scooper: Raincoast Crisps can be used as a scooper for your favourite dips like guacamole, queso fundido, asiago artichoke, caramelized onion, hummus, baba ghanoush or creamy baked brie.
  • Gourmet Croutons: Jazz up your favourite fresh salad by using these fibre crackers as a crouton replacement. Just break up 2 or 3 crackers in your hand and sprinkle across the top of a flavourful fennel or kale salad.
  • Crunchy Gratin: Leave your breadcrumbs in the freezer and instead add a chewy crunch to the top of homemade macaroni and cheese.
  • Soup Float: Top one of your fibre crackers with fresh cheese and float it on top of a bowl of steaming soup. Our favourites include Piri Piri Carrot Sweet Pepper and Kale Leek Beans Pumpkin and Pesto.
  • Ice Cream Sandwiches: Soften your favourite ice cream out of the freezer and spread it between two crunchy fig and walnut flavoured healthy crackers. We suggests vanilla, pistachio, maple walnut or pralines & cream ice cream.
  • DIY Gifting: Looking for a unique and heartfelt gift to send to a friend or family member? These’s no better gift than a basket of homemade Raincoast Crisps dressed up in a pretty red bow! The fibre crackers have a 3 month shelf life, making them a great gift for Christmas, Mother’s Day or birthdays. Make the gift basket extra special by adding your favourite cheese, jams or jellies.
Raincoast Crisps gourmet crackers served with sliced apples, cheddar and fig jam.
Raincoast Crisps gourmet crackers served with sliced apples, cheddar and fig jam.

Raincoast Crisps: Homemade Healthy Cracker Recipe

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Raincoast Crisps Healthy Fibre Crackers Recipe

Dried figs, walnuts and rosemary flavour these healthy, high-fibre artisanal crackers.
Prep Time1 hour
Cook Time1 hour
Course: Snack
Cuisine: American
Keyword: Cracker Recipe, fibre crackers, Healthy Fibre Crackers Recipe, Raincoast Crisps
Servings: 10
Calories: 312kcal


  • oven
  • mixing bowl
  • measuring spoons
  • measuring cups
  • baking sheet
  • square cake pan


  • 2 cups whole wheat flour
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 2 tsp baking soda
  • 2 cups buttermilk
  • 1/4 cup brown sugar
  • 1/4 cup honey
  • 1 cup dried figs sliced
  • 1/2 cup walnuts chopped
  • 1/2 cup pumpkin seeds
  • 1/4 cup sesame seeds
  • 1/4 cup flaxseed
  • 2 tsp rosemary


  • Preheat oven to 350F.
  • Stir together flour, baking soda, and salt in a large bowl. Add the buttermilk, brown sugar and honey and stir until just combined.
  • Add dried fruit, nuts, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, flax seed and rosemary and stir until well blended.
  • Pour the batter into a greased square cake pan.
  • Bake for 35 minutes or until golden and springy to the touch.
  • Invert loaf onto wire rack and let cool. The cooler the loaf the easier it is to slice really thin. You can leave it to cool in the fridge overnight if you like.
  • Slice the loaves as thin as you can and place the slices in a single layer on a cookie sheet.
  • Bake in a 350F oven for 10 minutes, then flip crackers over and bake for another 10 minute until crisp and deep golden in colour.
  • Remove from the pan and let cool completely on a wire rack.
  • Store in a cookie tin or freeze in sealed containers.


Calories: 312kcal | Carbohydrates: 48.3g | Protein: 9.3g | Fat: 10.4g | Saturated Fat: 1.5g | Cholesterol: 2mg | Sodium: 542mg | Potassium: 376mg | Fiber: 4.6g | Sugar: 22.6g | Calcium: 142mg | Iron: 4mg

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