Vidal Sassoon Toronto: Best Hair Salon in Yorkville

Vidal Sassoon Toronto is one of the city’s most respected hair salons. The globally recognized European brand has just one salon in Canada, located in Toronto’s ritzy Yorkville neighbourhood. Along with its professional Academy, Vidal Sassoon is considered one of the best hair salon’s in Toronto.

Step inside Vidal Sassoon Toronto in Yorkville.
Step inside Vidal Sassoon Toronto in Yorkville.

History of Vidal Sassoon

Vidal Sassoon was born in London in 1928 and started his apprenticeship at the age of 14 working for Adolf Cohen. His last stop was with Raymond Bessone who he considered to be his mentor. In 1954, Vidal opened his own salon on London’s Bond Street.

Sassoon is known globally for precision cutting and sharing knowledge with other hairstylist through their hair cutting and styling Academy.

Adding to the chic salon’s global notoriety, Mark Hayes, Vidal Sassoon’s international creative director has won British Hairdresser of the year.

Lorraine Mandrew, Senior Creative Director at Vidal Sassoon Toronto.
Lorraine Mandrew, Senior Creative Director at Vidal Sassoon Toronto.

Vidal Sassoon Toronto in Yorkville

Canada’s only Vidal Sassoon opened its doors in Toronto in 1968. The original Vidal Sassoon Toronto location was located at 37 Avenue Road. In 2015 the salon moved to 122 Scollard Street in Yorkville.

Vidal Sassoon Toronto plays home to 10 stylists and 5 colourists. Each stylist services a particular client but during that service many may consult and prepare the next client.

Lorraine Mandrew, Senior Creative Director at Vidal Sassoon Toronto explains, “Colour services are frequently done in stages. While a colourist is busy with a client they will frequently break off to work on a previous client.”

In regards to Vidal Sassoon Toronto’s signature salon experience Lorraine adds, “We offer clients sparkling water with lemon, still water, coffee and herbal tea upon arrival. Shampoo service also includes a relaxing head massage.”

Quality haircare products are sold at the Yorkville salon's retail store.
Quality haircare products are sold at the Yorkville salon’s retail store.

Shop at Vidal Sassoon Toronto

Skip inside Vidal Sassoon Toronto and you’ll be greeted by a friendly receptionist and colourful retail store.

The Yorkville salon’s professional stylists recommend haircare products for each of their clients unique needs. Vidal Sassoon retail shop features premium haircare products from brands such as:

  • Kerastase Ciment Anti-Usure: this luxury brand helps to smooth out hair before you blow dry, and protects the hair from the blow dryer. It smells like grapefruit.
  • Davines: this Italian brand offers a strong moulding clay, perfect for styling short hair to add more texture. It can be used on men and women.
  • Oil Milk: fantastic product to work with fine hair or wavy hair, adds texture and removes the frizz.
After 7 years living with long hair Lorraine snipped off my man bun!
After 7 years living with long hair Lorraine snipped off my man bun!

Best Hair Salon in Yorkville for Men

If you’re a gent looking for an upscale and professional hairstyling experience Vidal Sassoon Toronto’s team has you covered.

Lorraine explains, “With male clients it’s important to achieve crafted looks that suit your own personal style. Whether you prefer a cut that is timeless, classic or fashionable, suitability is key. We have two collections a year, Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. Each Vidal Sassoon collection releases an Academy that is more avant-garde and a salon collection that is more creative.”

My Experience at Vidal Sassoon Toronto

After spending seven years living with long hair I finally decided it was time for a change of scenery (above my eyebrows). I can now totally appreciate the anxiety many women experience when lopping off their long locks for the first time. Our hair very much becomes and extension of ourselves and diving into a new style can be intimidating.

Immediately after meeting Lorraine at Vidal Sassoon Toronto I showed her a Pinterest board I had created featuring mens hairstyle inspiration, filled with slick fades and cute cuts. She then instructed me to sit down in her comfy salon chair so she could assess the nooks and crannies of my head. After “reviewing” my double cowlick, shape of my face and lightness of my hair, Lorraine suggested a short haircut that would be the best fit for my head shape, hair weight and attention span (I refuse to primp with products for hours).

The result was a transformative hairstyle, razor thin around the sides with a tuft of sleek hair on the top that I could pull back or part to the side with the help of mousse, hairspray or moulding clay.

A fresh fade at Vidal Sassoon in Yorkville.
A fresh fade at Vidal Sassoon in Yorkville.

Vidal Sassoon Toronto Price List

The salon offers a diverse range of pricing options for hair stylist and treatments. Vidal Sassoon Toronto offers special rates for children (30% discount) and full-time students (20% off with a student ID). Both discounts are available Monday through Thursday.

If you’re looking for an affordable haircut in Toronto contact Vidal Sassoon Academy to inquire about their need for hair models. Sassoon Academy in Yorkville is perfect for those open to offering their head of hair as a canvas to a creative stylist in training. Vidal Sassoon Toronto’s Academy haircuts usually last three hours and cost $19.

Cut & Blow Dry

  • Graduate Haircuts from $45
  • Haircuts from $85
  • Blow-dry from $45
  • Hair Styling from $25


  • Highlights/Lowlights from $150
  • Balayage from $250
  • Colour Touch-Up from $80
  • Bleach & Toner from 110
  • Comb on Colour from $65
  • Colour Enhancer from $65
  • Colour Quick Dry is $25


  • Instant Treatment from $30
  • Luxury Treatment from $40
  • Clarifying Treatment from $45
Chic shampoo station at Vidal Sassoon Toronto.
Chic shampoo station at Vidal Sassoon Toronto.

Study at Vidal Sassoon Toronto Academy

Vidal Sassoon’s Academy in Toronto offers one of the best hair schools for those looking to launch a professional career. Toronto’s Vidal Sassoon Academy in Yorkville offers classes in hair cutting, barbering, colouring and styling. Courses run every week and range from 3 to 5 days in length and range from $1000-1800.

  • Barbering: Work on men’s hair, perfect your scissor-over-comb technique, also work with clippers to create a fade.
  • Creative cutting: Create more fashionable styles by working with asymmetric shapes, disconnection etc…
  • ABC cutting: Work with the classic Sassoon shapes: bobs, graduated bobs etc… using precision cutting techniques.
  • Colour courses: Work with a variety of colours, highlights and slicing.

Karl Blahnik is a graduate of Vidal Sassoon’s Academy in Toronto and now works at trendy Yorkville salon. Blahnik explains his experience as a student of Sassoon Academy hair school, ” I enrolled in a five day ABC cutting course with Sassoon Academy Toronto in October, 2017. I was ecstatic to meet two icons: Lorraine McAndrew, Sassoon Toronto’s senior creative director and Karen Vu, assistant creative director.

Both ladies were his leaders in the fundamentals of hair design. Blahnik adds, “Soon after joining the school I discovered that Vidal Sassoon Toronto was looking for a new apprentice. With much excitement, I was welcomed to the team on the eve of my 28th birthday! My experience with Sassoon Academy was immeasurable in knowledge, experience and inspiration. The education I got here made me reconsider the structure of hair design, comparable to cutting fabric on a grid, although on a three-dimensional scale. Collaborating with different hair models, using different techniques in geometry and considering the organic characteristics of the head, I was now an artisan of hair. It was inspirational to engineer a hairstyle without clippers, texturizing sheers or round brushes, yet create pure precision and elegance.”

Sassoon Academy offers affordable haircuts in Yorkville.
Sassoon Academy offers affordable haircuts in Yorkville.

Affordable Haircuts at Vidal Sassoon Toronto Academy

Looking for a cheap and affordable haircut in Toronto? Why not sign up to be a model at Vidal Sassoon’s hair school?

Fashionable locals on a budget love to model at Sassoon Toronto Academy because they feel the students are taking time on their hair. It’s the perfect haircutting school in Toronto if you’re curious about the philosophy and techniques used to craft a hairstyle for your own unique shape.

Models are required to commit 2-3 hours to the process as the teacher takes the student through the haircutting process.

Vidal Sassoon Toronto Academy Prices

  • Haircut: $19 plus tax
  • Colour: $33 plus tax
  • Highlights: $42 plus tax

Vidal Sassoon Toronto Hours

Sunday and Monday: Closed

Tuesday: 10am-7pm

Wednesday and Thursday: 9am-7pm

Friday: 10am-8pm

Saturday: 8:30am-7pm

Vidal Sassoon Toronto Contact

122 Scollard Street, 416-920-1333

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  1. Hi my name is Angela
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    I would love to come in for a style and haircut.
    I have had real long hair all my life I am 67 soon and really am in need of a change.
    I’m not good at doing much with my hair.
    I have a bit of fear but it is time.
    If you could please set me up for an appointment please any day after 11 am works.
    Thank you so much.

  2. I am interested in students cutting my hair for 19 dollars. How long is the wait time please and what number should I phone to make an appointment
    thank you