Restaurant maiBeck in Cologne

After spending six hours dancing to disco with three Drag Queens on a Pride Parade float which flew through Cologne with millions of cheers I was thrilled to turn down the energy level a few notches to wine and dine at one of the city’s most acclaimed restaurants. The afternoon had been stiflingly hot (a record breaker for the city at over 45 degrees!) so it was no shock when on my stroll to the Old Town in search of a fine feast a crack of thunder and splash of lightening followed by refreshing rain swept across the city. What a welcome relief! IMG_5840 Last June it was a double bang for the Cologne restaurant scene when the new Michelin guide was introduced and two of the city’s restaurants were awarded a star. Restaurant maiBeck was one of these winners, the brainchild of Jan Maier and Tobias Becker, two ambitious young men with a passion for cooking and a feel for combining tastes and flavours. maiBeck is located in Cologne’s Old Town, along breezy restaurant adorned Frankentrum. The best place to eat in summer is on the terrace which offers stunning views of the Rhine and ample opportunity to people watch. The menu of course changes regularly to reflect each seasons unique bounty. The kitchen dazzles best with their fresh pasta’s and risotto while at the bar an impressive wine collection showcases top notch German grapes that grow in the surrounding wine country. Here are my Top 5 Must Try’s at Restaurant maiBeck in Cologne: IMG_5846

Fresh Goat Cheese | rhubarb, green pepper, beet root


Pasta Parcels with Mountain Cheese| fresh figs, rocket, walnut


Risotto Carnaroli | chanterelle, spinach, parmigiano


Braised Veal Shoulder | chanterelles, green peas, mashed potato with pancetta


Rhubarb and Strawberries | sorbet, hazelnut biscuit, basil

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