Review: Snakes and Lattes, Toronto

One of my New Years resolutions last year was to take the trip to Snakes and Lattes and enjoy an afternoon playing games and sipping on espresso. I was cutting it really close, but was happy to find myself at this popular Annex hangout on January 31st 2011. I met up with Brad in the early afternoon and we were lucky to grab the last available table at the front of the cafe.

Once seated we had our order taken on an iPad by an energetic server. I enjoyed a latte and nanimo bar. Brad ordered a smoothie and sandwich. We were next greeted by the cafes resident game expert. They have one staffer dedicated to finding the perfect game for you and your friends (imagine that title on your resume)! And, they have several thousand board games (no joke) so you are bound to find something new! Over the course of the next few hours we played four games that I had never even heard of. I was exercising parts of my brain that I hadn’t used since Grade 5. I’m most certainly be heading back with a group of friends…but next time in the later afternoon. I’d rather enjoy gaming with a few bottles of beer…and yes this gaming cafe managed to get a liquor license. Beautiful things are happening in the Annex.

#269 restaurant reviewed in Ontario since moving to Toronto in 2010. 

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