Review: Chino Locos, Toronto

I recently tweeted, “Where are some great restaurants to eat out in The Village #toronto?” The Village offers up slim pickins as far as fine dining is concerned. Yonge Street is full of fast food chains and dives. The surrounding Ryerson University population does not exactly scream glamor either. I tend to refer to my neighborhood as a foodie wasteland. Right now I think the nicest place to eat is the new Loblaws at Maple Leaf Gardens!

I received a few responses from my followers and several mentioned Chino Locos on Church Street which has been ranked several time as one of the best burrito joints in the city. Chino Locos translates to “crazy Chinese,” in Spanish and is owned and operated by two Mexican loving Asian chefs. Their day to day menu reads: slow roast pork, pollo loco, fish, rib eye steak, bean and vegan. All burritos have been asianized by using edamame rather than pinto beans and chow mein rather than rice. Chino Locos is famous for its daily specials  such as jerk chicken, Korean Galbi and General Tao Chicken.

I ordered the slow roast pork burrito with chow mein noodles. A refreshing experience the chow mein really was a nice textural change and edamame were plump and flavourful.

#263 restaurant reviewed in Ontario since moving to Toronto in 2010. 

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