Travel to Freiburg, Germany

On the train I decided it was best if going to three countries, to make some sort of fantasy meal using ingredients purchased from each. I had bought my Swiss bun so now I had to find the counterparts to make the whole. Freiburg is located in the Blackforest Germany. The trip from Basel north was full of rain and huge expanses of wine grapes. I had entered “Hansel and Grettle” territory as well as the lovely stories from The Brothers Grimm. The city was a bustling today. I lucked out and walked to the huge cathedral in town and hopped into a cafe to eat a traditional slice of Blackforest Cake and a nice warm cup of coffee. I then walked to the east side of the city where it sounded like a disco as I got closer and closer. The east side is full of wine fields. Today low and behold was a huge outdoor Gay Pride party. All over the town you could hear the DJ playing techno and as I arrived I started bobbing my head to the beat. A really nice guy bought me a glass of wine and I showed him my Canadian Dance moves. How surreal is it that I was dancing in the middle of a vineyard to “Satisfaction” by Benni Bassi, excellent. I walked to the closest super market and was yet again amazed at how much you can buy for 6 euros in Germany. I bought a bottle of Riesling, one Becks beer, two tomatoes, two Buffalo Mozzarella and 80 grams of salami. The masterful tri country sandwich was coming together.

As I left the supermarket I entered a huge protest on the street. The streets were packed with people holding banners reading “Police Shame Torment” and the like. The group of protesters (probably about 500 people) were surrounded by the people they were protesting (decked out green police). A few of the protesters were nutcases. Looking like crazy rabid dogs freaking out and screaming and dressed as clowns (now that’s what you have to wear if you really want to be taken seriously). I hopped onto the next train for Colmar France and as the train scooted out of the station I thought of the crazy little two hour time I had in this small but vibrant city.

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