Restaurant Unterschweinstiege in Frankfurt

If you slowly try and pronounce “Restaurant Unterschweinstiege” there’s a slim chance you might get it right the first time. It’s true, the restaurant offers a bit of a mouthful in more ways than one! It literally translates  to “Lower Pig Stall,” and if you look at the buildings history the name begins to make sense. It was back in the 14th century when the inhabitants of Frankfurt used their City Forest as a source of wood and as a place to graze their pigs. Although most farmers kept animals as a side line, stall-based feeding had not yet been invented. Pigs were driven through the forest by herdsmen and fed on beech nuts and acorns in the autumn to fatten them up further. IMG_6381 Today Restaurant Unterschweinstiege is located a short stroll from the luxurious Steigenberger Frankfurt Airport Hotel, tucked away in an adorable 230 year old forester’s house. It’s location is a true testament to how the city’s population has grown and expanded over the last few hundred years. The restaurant’s spacious garden terrace can easily seat 200, and is a popular venue for sun worshippers in the summer. Stroll inside and it feels a bit like a hunting lodge where vintage guns, wild boar bust and historical portraits adorn the cosy space. Chef Andreas Kimmel has created a hearty menu which focuses on classic country-style dishes popular to Frankfurt while also regularly featuring a seasonal menu which highlights the regions bounty. I was smitten to find an entire menu celebrating the arrival of chanterelle season, drooling. Ensure you wash down your meal with Frankfurt’s signature drink, “apple wine,” referred locally as Stöffsche. Here are my Top 5 Must Try’s at Restaurant Unterschweinstiege in Frankfurt:


1) Possman Frankfurter Apfelwein


2) Chanterelles | cream, chives, creme fraiche, fried bread dumplings


3) Honey Marinated Grilled Peach | goat cheese, caramelized sage leaf, summer salad, tomato dressing


4) Knuckle of Suckling Pig | grilled pork belly, dark beer sauce, bacon sauerkraut, fried potatoes


5) Wiener Schnitzel | breaded veal steak, lingonberries, lemon, spaetzle

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