Restaurant Schorn in Dusseldorf

My stomach grumbled as my taxi sped through the heart of Dusseldorf in search of a memorable Michelin starred feast. Restaurant Schorn is located on a inconspicuous residential backstreet, just south of the city’s revitalized Media Harbour. I pass through two curtains which frame the front door and am greeted by a petite dining room featuring white table cloth adorned tables, vibrant contemporary art and fragrant orchids. I was the first to arrive that evening so grabbed the best seat in the house, tucking myself into a cute window niche perched over the dinning room.


Chef Marcel Schiefer was knighted in 2012 by the Michelin Guide with a star and thus became the youngest star chef in Germany. He’s successfully defended this title for the last three years, offering culinary enthusiasts visiting Dusseldorf a unique opportunity to sample through his pretty plates which focus on seasonal produce via an exciting interpretation of German and French cuisine. Service is on point as white gloves gently deliver a selection of freshly baked bread which sit on a bed of hot pebbles. With a chirp she says, “this is our butter which tastes of nuts but there is no trace of them.” The riesling is ripe in my glass, a nod to the restaurant’s award winning wine cellar which offers a stellar collection of some of Germany’s most enviable offerings.

Here’s my Top 5 Must Try’s at Restaurant Schorn in Dusseldorf:


Baked Camembert | pumpkin seed oil, redcurrant, oat


Lamb Taboule | bulgar, pepper, cucumber, goat yogurt, mint, parsley


Sky & Earth | fried foie gras, apple, potato, onion borretane


Black Feathered Chicken | asparagus, morel, pumpernickel, cranberries, rubstil


Mango & Avocado | pecan, kefir, original beans cru virunga, congo chocolate

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