Hausmann’s Restaurant in Dusseldorf

On my first day in Dusseldorf I spent the afternoon strolling along the Rhine and exploring the architectural marvels which have sprouted out of the city’s revitalized Media Harbour. Dusseldorf offers an interesting contrast of old and new, a dichotomy best understood while standing 240 metres in the air inside the 360 degree observation deck at Rheinturm Tower. Directly below one can see the glitter and glam of Frank Gehry’s futuristic office towers while if you let your eyes journey farther down the Rhine you can’t help but miss the ancient twisted spire of the Lambertus Church. I quickly fall in love with the city, smitten with its interest in both cherishing the past while embracing and championing the new. IMG_5945 There is perhaps no better way to experience Dusseldorf’s enthusiastic embrace for old meets new than by strolling past the freshly opened doors of Hausmann’s Restaurant in search of a fine feast. Earlier this summer celebrity Chef Tim Mälzer, an adored television cooking show host in Germany, opened his graffiti adorned dining room in the heart of the city’s Old Town. The concept is a bit of bistro mixed with brasserie and offers guests a relaxed meets funky vibe with a finger-licking-good menu that celebrates the regions culinary gems. Meat lovers rejoice, Hausmann’s will fulfill all of your crispy pork knuckle and savoury sausage dreams, which are best washed down with one of the 30 craft beers the barman froths forth on tap. Here are my Top 5 Must Try’s at Hausmann’s Restaurant in Dusseldorf: IMG_5957

1) Scneider Weiss Tap 4 Mein Grunes


2) Cottage Cheese Dumplings | bean and tomato sugo, spinach salad, belper knolle cheese, lemon oil


3) Crispy Roast Pork | fried sauerkraut, braised onions


4) Exploding Kasekrainer | cheese stuffed sausage, sauerkraut, roasted onions, gravy


5) Tim’s Chocolate Cake | peanut caramel, demeter vanilla ice cream

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