Where To Get The Best Toronto Facials

Looking for the best Toronto facials? We’re a town that’s obsessed with skin, so we did the hard work and tracked down the top facials in Toronto.

What ensued was a quest for skin optimization in a noisy industry that can be tricky to navigate. After skipping across the city to experience a variety of different treatments, we’ve landed on a bevy of key spots that are ready to make the most of your skin.

Read on to discover our guide to the top facials in Toronto.

Pamper your skin by booking the best Toronto facials at our favourite downtown spas!
Pamper your skin by booking the best Toronto facials at our favourite downtown spas!

What Is A Facial?

But first, what exactly is a facial? We reached out to C.R. Cooper, The Skin Theologian, to get her expert P.O.V. on the subject.

“Once upon a time, facials may have been considered a luxury, and only a nice-to-have, but they have quickly shifted to a need-to-have as the skin is the largest organ of the body,” she says. “It’s also what we showcase first!”

Cooper observes that, in the twilight of the pandemic, there has been a resurgence in interest in skin treatments. “Many people noticed pronounced skin concerns due to the ‘Zoom-effect’ where people were faced with the reality of the state of their skin on a camera,” she says, noting that people are no longer taking their skin for granted.

So, what are the benefits of regular facials, according to Cooper?

  • Address all primary skin concerns—from acne to congestion to hyperpigmentation—with highly active ingredients that skin professionals are qualified to work with
  • Jumpstart or repair skin at the close and/or the beginning of seasons
  • Complement existing home care routines that need a professional boost
  • Detoxify the skin and increase nutrient supply to the skin for better skin function and radiance
  • Relax and re-energize the mind, body, and soul
  • Help keep skin health at the forefront of goals

“Ultimately, facials are the golden standard of skin health,” Cooper says, “with trained skin professionals at the helm, helping clients achieve their best skin.”

Facial Frequency

So, how often can you have a facial?

The goal here really is long-term skin health, and you want to ensure your skin isn’t overstimulated. Enter: corneotherapy. Going beyond superficial concerns, corneotherapy is a holistic approach to skincare that zooms in on restoring and maintaining the health of the skin’s protective barrier, known as the stratum corneum.

Think of the stratum corneum as your skin’s goalie, stopping unwanted materials from entering your bod while simultaneously locking in moisture, preventing it from exiting the body. It plays a crucial role in skin health and overall well-being, and therefore you want to nurture it. Corneotherapy aims to restore balance and promote optimal skin function.

This is a long winded way of saying, space your facials out—everyone I spoke to recommended going every four or six weeks. Alternately, aim to get a facial quarterly, if a speedier pace is a bit too intense for your wallet.

Facial Steps

Generally speaking, Toronto facials adhere to these common steps:

  1. Skin Consultation: What are your skin goals and concerns?
  2. Cleanse: Your aesthetician will ensure your canvas is clean
  3. Skin Analysis: Skin is assessed and your aesthetician begins to tailor the facial to your skin type and concerns
  4. Exfoliation: Time to promote cellular turnover with either a physical (think scrub) or chemical exfoliation (think enzymes or acids)
  5. Extractions: If your skin has impurities, they will be banished at this stage
  6. Massage: Spurring on lymphatic drainage and relieving tension, this is an ultra-relaxing step
  7. Masque: One or two masques will be applied, addressing specific skin concerns
  8. Serums & Moisturizer: One or more tailored serums will be smoothed on, targeting your skin’s needs, following by hydrating moisturizer
  9. Sunscreen: You’re not leaving the facial without sun protection!

Types of facials offered will target specific concerns—maybe you’re thirsting for hydration or perhaps you’re veering towards 60 and are keen for a little pick-me-up. Or, you might yearn for a facial that involves aromatherapy for the ultimate relaxing experience. There really is a facial for every skin concern.

Popular Spas & Clinics Offering Toronto Facials

Those seeking Toronto facials can head to luxury hotel spas, boutique skincare businesses, and dermatologists, where skincare experts will literally take your skin into their hands. It all depends on the experience you’re seeking—whether one to suit an on-the-go lifestyle, or one for a day of indulgence.

Victoria Radford offers her signature Toronto facials at Kimpton Saint George in Toronto.
Victoria Radford offers her signature Toronto facials at Kimpton Saint George in Toronto.

Radford Studio at Kimpton Saint George

280 Bloor St W, 416-968-0010

When it first flung open its doors, the Kimpton Saint George had no spa services to speak of—until Victoria Radford came along, that is. Victoria, with her radiant skin and swishy pony, is the well-known face behind Radford Studio and the pairing is Toronto perfection. 

“I wanted to enhance our in-room services,” says Ameera Azad, Director of Sales and Marketing at the Kimpton, “and so I wanted a luxury spa experience. We’re very big on supporting local businesses.” Partnering with Radford Studio? A no-brainer for this destination found just steps from bustling Yorkville. 

The hotel itself is all cool sophistication and the rooms follow suit, dressed in soft grays and blues while coffee table tomes on Chanel and the Toronto design scene exemplify the hotel’s worldy-but-local M.O. Guests looking to book one of the best facials in Toronto have the spa brought to them; a mini spa zone complete with massage table is set up for a private R&R moment.

Facial Highlights

I arrive with skin that’s none too pleased with the harsh Canadian winter, causing my aesthetician—Sarah Scotford—much grief as we get into my hour-long facial.

After a double cleanse, Sarah exfoliates my skin with Radford’s Buff product—a daily enzyme exfoliant with granular beads to slough off the dead skin cells. She mixes it with Radford Tone, an AHA lactic toning gel. This chemical exfoliant, which Sarah likens to a Pac-Man munching away at dead skin cells (one of many analogies), is really great for acne, hyperpigmentation, and renewing skin cells. 

Next, Sarah slathers my skin in Radford Dew oil in preparation for some nano-needling—the baby sister to microneedling.

“The nano-needling—it’s definitely the one that will give you the biggest visible results,” says Victoria. “It’s a microscopic 3D printed structure that has teeny tiny little crystallized silicone pyramids, and each tip is less than the diameter of a single strand of hair.” Tiny punctures—aka injuries—are made on superficial layers of skin, encouraging the skin to rush and mend itself, producing more collagen for that all-important youthful bounce.

Later, she places Radford’s 24K gold mask onto my face, creating a barrier for my skin to soak up all the ingredients—just like slugging. She tops The mask with red LED light to regenerate my cells on a deeper level, replenishing my collagen and elastin. Sarah calls this a grow light for the face.

She also performs gua sha on my skin. “My background is in naturopathic medicine, so I’m all about inner health and outer beauty,” says Victoria. “Gua sha—the oldest form of healing—is something we’ve always incorporated in all our facials, but we never really highlighted it.” Each facial from the curated Kimpton Saint George Toronto facials menu includes gua sha; its healing and relaxing qualities are just the ticket for jetsetters.


Radford Studio is serving up some serious Toronto facials. Victoria quips that they’re in the business of improving your skin, and she means it. My skin is reactive, so it came as no surprise that I emerged looking rosier than when I arrived. The nano-needling made my skin tingle, with some very slight sensitivity on my forehead in the immediate aftermath. (I did actually enjoy the sensation).

Next morning, the texture of my skin has notably improved, looking über-hydrated and firm. “Once you get the skin turning over, it’s always able to accept more,” Victoria notes, “so always do more after a facial and that will really maximize your skin over the next few weeks.” True to her word, a few days later, my skin emerges bright and rejuvenated.

The boutique SKINBYVEE® studio, where facialist-to-the-stars Vee Mistry works her magic.
The boutique SKINBYVEE® studio, where facialist-to-the-stars Vee Mistry works her magic.


Squirreled away from the thrum of Av and Dav, SKINBYVEE® is the definition of exclusive. Vee Mistry’s boutique studio fits a solitary client, with a massage bed centred in a tranquil room accented with exposed brick walls and many a lush plant. Vee herself has such a welcoming presence, radiating kindness and knowledge; you know you’re in expert hands. Seeking out a spot for utterly luxurious Toronto facials? This is it.

Born and raised in England, Vee ended up in Toronto for love (but of course!) and has been working her scientific skincare magic for the better part of a quarter-century. “My approach to skin is very holistic because what we see on the epidermis normally will come from gut health, stress health, or a combination of the two,” she notes.

By developing her own techniques and devoting herself to the science and anatomy of the skin, Vee’s managed to shine in a very noisy industry, and has a legion of devoted followers—many of whom are A-listers. Who doesn’t want to emerge from one of her facials with a totally sculpted visage? (And it goes without saying that Vee’s skin is a work of art.)

Facial Highlights

There are only four facials on Vee’s pared back Toronto facials menu; each one is as bespoke as it gets. Bookings are opened up three months in advance and spots fill up rapidly. I receive the 1.5 hour media version, which basically ensures that I’m sent on my merry way ready for whatever glossy event is on my cal. (It so happened to be playing a rather unglossy softball game, which I tell Vee with some trepidation.) She uses a slew of brands—from 111Skin to Augustinus Bader—maintaining an ingredient-focused approach while she does deep dives into clinical data to help assess the actual power of products.

Tucked beneath a duvet, my facial begins with a 30-minute massage that incorporates European and French techniques. (This is unusual since a third of a facial is generally not devoted to massage.) Vee whirls her fingers in myriad magical ways across one half of my face, pulling, lifting, and sculpting until she pauses and tells me to have a look at myself.

With cheekbone raised, buccal zone carved out, brow lifted, and eye totally opened up, Vee has quite clearly altered the shape of my face. It’s quite shocking—in the best of ways, that is. “We must use our hands, otherwise you’re never going to get the best results on the skin,” she says. “This is your facial workout.”

Vee tends to the other half of my mug before she pulls on some gloves and starts the buccal massage, working the inside of my mouth. Having read about her techniques, I assumed this portion might be a tad uncomfortable. It was the opposite; it was incredibly soothing and I struggled to stay awake while she tended to my lower face.

“This entire facial is more than just about the skincare,” Vee says. By working on the skin, the muscles and tissues, she’s able to make the client fall into an almost meditative state. “If you can bring all of those components you experienced together, the results are so much more visual, but also longer lasting.”

Dermaplaning is another component of the facial; a tiny razor blade skitters across my face and neck as a secondary means of exfoliation. We finish with masquing and her signature SKINBYVEE® gua sha cryo sticks. Vee applies a few serums to my face prior to popping on a chilled hydrogel masque which boosts ATP production (noteworthy for rejuvenation and moisture retention). Her signature cryo sticks emerge from the freezer before she performs Cryotherapy in tandem with gua sha to further soothe, calm, and lift my face while regulating bloodflow and constricting capillaries. (This massage is ideal for those with rosacea, pigmentation worries, acne, and more!) Very refreshing—especially on a roasting hot day.


As noted above, post-facial my face looks and feels as though I’ve received a complete lift. In one word—a signature Vee term—I look juicy. There are no signs of puffiness to be seen. Had I been an A-lister trotting off to a soirée, light would have refracted off my face in all the right ways, and reporters would have written pages about my radiant visage. Facialist to the stars indeed.

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Seeking an on-the-go facial? Dermalogica's Financial District location is just the ticket.
Seeking an on-the-go facial? Dermalogica’s Financial District location is just the ticket.


200 Bay St, Suite K101, 416-806-4939

Found in Toronto’s subterranean maze that is otherwise known as The Path, Dermalogica is a two-chair space perfect for a midday visit. Known for its commitment to skin health—versus beauty—Dermalogica is a professional skincare brand with an educational lean.

Drawing a crowd that’s part Financial District folks, part locals, and part devotees, this Toronto facials locale feels surprisingly hidden—despite the floor-to-ceiling windows surrounding it. My skin therapist, Caroline Silva, poses various questions regarding my skin type and my current goals (boost hydration and lessen redness), while she begins to tailor my facial to these concerns she’s hearing about and seeing.

Facial Highlights

My hour-long ProSkin 60 treatment begins with a thorough cleanse, allowing Caroline to conduct a visual consultation. Dermalogica’s Face Mapping system breaks each facial into modules, allowing the skin therapists to mix and match products based on the individual’s needs.

“It’s important to think along the way to see how your skin reacts, how it’s responding to the treatment,” Caroline says. “We like the mixology idea, so we’ll create new products from our preexisting products.” Throughout the facial she uses a combination of for-purchase products and professional ones. She observes some redness, some dryness, and a little bit of congestion. She applauds the luminosity under my eyes! Today’s focus? Hydration and skin health.   

Then we get into it. Caroline begins my tailored facial experience with the Daily Milkfoliant, packed with hydrating coconut and oats. She brushes this exfoliant on in circular strokes.

A major focus is resurfacing. My skin therapist paints a protective gel masque around the corners of my eyes and lips before applying the resurfacing masque boasting 30 percent lactic acid. I experience a light tingling sensation while the chemical exfoliator does its work for five minutes. 

Caroline then prepares my skin for extractions, and removes the sebum from inside my pores. (Slightly painful, as it goes.) She sweeps on post-extraction solution to help heal and prevent my skin from becoming inflamed and infected. 

My therapist follows with some touch therapy. She whirls her fingers about, accessing pressure points on my face with the help of essential oils. She ends my facial with a spritz of the Hyaluronic Ceramide Mist and Circular Hydration Serum (locking in moisture). Plus she pops some Vitamin C serum under my eyes (to brighten and firm), along with moisturizer and SPF.


In the immediate aftermath of my facial, my skin is slightly red from the extraction process. This, however, doesn’t last long. By nightfall, I’m looking very dewy and fresh-faced, with my pores entirely rid of debris. Come morning, my skin has settled and feels incredibly hydrated and it improves over the course of the week, as minor sloughing occurs.

Head to Skin Tones Spa to experience one of Skin Tones Spa's transformative Toronto facials.df
Head to Oakwood Village to experience one of Skin Tones Spa’s transformative Toronto facials.

Skin Tones Spa

371A Oakwood Ave, 416-410-3335

“As passionate medical aestheticians, it was always our dream to open a spa that offers skin care treatments that cater to all skin types,” says Mati Moses, co-owner of Skin Tones Spa. Along with Novalee Sterling, the duo opened their Toronto facials shop in July 2021 after identifying a serious need in the industry. In their years of experience, they found that—at the core—many spas weren’t actually inclusive.

“Our dream was to open an establishment where all races and cultures could come in and be confident that all the aestheticians are well versed with treating all shades of skin,” Mati says. They carry skincare lines that are specifically designed with this in mind. Dermaquest is an entire line that’s suitable for all shades of skin—something that’s not common. “It’s actually safe for every single person,” Mati says. “We’ve been in the industry for years, and sometimes we couldn’t perform on a really fair-skinned person or someone with a bit more melanin.”

Tucked in charming Oakwood Village, regulars dot the welcoming sunlit space while Erykah Badu plays overhead. Three aestheticians, one nail technician, plus an RMT make up the team. With a menu of 10 facials, there’s something for everyone—from the tween facial to advanced medical options, including microchannelling and hydrabrasion facials. Skin Tones offers discounts on packages and there’s both a referral and a loyalty program—plus, all first timers receive 10% off.

Facial Highlights

After I tuck myself into a heated massage bed, Mati begins my hour-long facial with a double cleansing and toning. Given my recent use of retinol (oops!), she opts for a cloud-like enzyme exfoliant that’s gentle so as to not overstimulate the blood flow in skin. She then steams my face to activate the dead-skin-eating enzymes.

A quick extraction session follows, and she uses high frequency as a post-extraction treatment to brings oxygen to the area to calm redness and reduce inflammation. Next up, Mati layers serums on my face beneath a massage cream, opting for a 10-minute European style massage to stimulate blood flow, collagen, and elastin.

Afterwards, Mati applies a cold hydro-gel masque to calm my skin. She blends an anti-aging and hydrating masque with a brightening one. Weighty and dotted with rose petals and orange peel, Mati tops the rubberizing mask with a rose quartz eye mask. She gives me a shoulder and neck massage as it activates. A warm towel infused with relaxing lemongrass completes the moment and she slathers me in serums, moisturizer, and SPF as the facial comes to an end.

No matter what, the team encourages all clients to fully immerse themselves in the experience. “Self care is love, and we all deserve that,” Mati says.


My reactive skin is a touch red afterwards but, more importantly, is radiant, very firm to the touch, and feels deeply hydrated. The next morn, all redness has dissipated and my pores are diminutive in size. All dryness has been banished and we’ve got glow!

Miraj Hammam Spa's mashrabiya details and post-treatment baklava help make it a top facial destination.
Customers love Miraj Hammam Spa’s design details and post-treatment bites of baklava.

Miraj Hammam Spa

188 University Ave., 647-253-5770

An oasis tucked away on the fifth floor of the sumptuous Shangri-La Hotel, the Miraj Hammam Spa is the spa of all spas. Despite being a sprawling space, a sense of intimacy is achieved through the layout. The spectacular decor takes notes from the architecture of Istanbul, Marrakech, and Paris.

The goal here is to whisk you away to a place of serenity—if even for an hour. Despite being in a hotel, the majority of clients are local. I wrap myself in a plush robe and am taken to a room accented with intricate mashrabiya panels to experience one of their top Toronto facials.

My aesthetician, Yujin Ahn, has worked at Miraj Hamman for nine years. She received her skincare education in both South Korea and here in Toronto. Throughout the facial she uses products from Biologique Recherche, a medical-grade skincare line hailing from Paris.

Facial Highlights

The 90-minute Custom Glow Facial is highly customized for each guests’ skin instant, using targeted techniques to obtain visible results. 

Yujin examines my skin. She inquires about oil levels during the day while observing my larger pore size (tears) and a bit of roughness. The focus of this facial? Early anti-aging—or, ahem, skin maintenance (the latter being a term I far prefer in our youth-obsessed society). “All the products are cold-pressed because cold water brings down the inflammation,” Yujin says. “When you use hot water, it increases oil production and makes your skin more sensitive.” The benefits of cold water include lifting—something most everyone loves to hear.  

“Exfoliating is the most important part of the skincare routine,” Yujin notes. “If you don’t exfoliate, then anything else you put on your skin doesn’t absorb into your skin—it just sits on top of your dead skin cells.” Exfoliating enables you to reap all the benefits.

Yujin applies a few drops of P50T—a bestselling liquid exfoliator—to my visage. It boasts a special blend of AHAs and BHAs (chemical exfoliants) and PHA (for fine lines). This combo will even out my skin tone while dissolving blackheads and dead skin cells. She then massages a booster into my skin using pumping and lifting techniques. 

Next? The Yujin sweeps the Masque Visolastine + onto my face to boost hydration and lock moisture into my skin. After its application, she massages my face with icy cryo sticks, decreasing inflammation in a highly soothing manner. 

Then she spritzes on oxygenating mist followed by a marine collagen sheet masque to plump the skin and encourage youthful qualities. While the masque works its magic, she massages my arms and feet. Huge bonus! 

Next, it’s time for a blend of the brand’s pure and raw water-based serums. Yujin applies a hydrating serum around my eyes along with a collagen serum, a firming and lifting serum, and the tautening Sérum Matriciel Visage. The latter is what they’ve dubbed the Botox serum. We get some eye cream, some Biokiss lip gloss, a Crème VIP O2—an anti-pollution cream—plus another finishing serum.

At the end, I’m whisked away to the relaxing room for delicious squares of baklava and tea.


My skin looks radiant following the procedure and there is no redness or irritation whatsoever. I’m tight and lifted and I could happily skip straight to the theatre with friends. The takeaway here? Keep it cold-cold-cold to iron out any puffiness from your visage.

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Best Toronto Facials: The recently-reno'd Stillwater Spa is a the perfect place to recharge in Toronto's Yorkville nabe.
Best Toronto Facials: The recently-reno’d Stillwater Spa is a the perfect place to recharge in Toronto’s Yorkville nabe.

Stillwater Spa

4 Avenue Rd., 647-948-3120

Years ago, I loved swinging by the Stillwater Spa at the Park Hyatt for some R&R. Just before the pandemic hit, the hidden space was shuttered to get a facelift by Alessandro Munge of Studio Munge in collab with KPMG Architects. And now? Wow, does she look good.

Using Canada’s great outdoors as inspiration, design features include an installation by artist Alisa Coe and watercolour accent walls. Luxe, sophisticated, tranquil—but not silent—this is a totally zen zone to escape to when seeking out one of the best Toronto facials in Yorkville. 

Facial Highlights

I have been booked in for the 75-minute Rejuvenate facial. This experience spruces you up in myriad ways using marine-based Phytomer products. These are packed with ingredients such as algae and botanicals harvested from the sea. (The Park Hyatt has the Canadian exclusive on this French line, however other facials use SkinCeuticals and Aromatherapy Associates products.)

I start face-down on the heated massage table. My aesthetician, Daniella Kantcheva, gives me a relaxing back massage before she applies a self-heating marine mud masque to my back (yes!). The goal? To draw toxins from my bod.

Daniella, who has 18 years in the industry under her belt, then starts the cleansing and toning dance. She notes that my skin’s a little bit dry on the surface (it never ends!) and that I should be using Vitamin C daily. She massages a pure pore heating masque into my face. The motion activates the marine ingredients which form a potent cleansing and depolluting cocktail to oxygenate my skin.

She performs minor extractions; no steaming is used, but hot towels are fine (this is part of Phytomer’s philosophy). Then she applies a serum for sensitive and dry skin and performs a European-style face massage.

Later, Daniella smooths the Gentle Comfort masque over my face and décolletage. Made for reactive skin, it soothes and eases my skin, bathing it in moisture as Daniella gives me a hand and arm massage. Then, as a final hurrah, I’m shuttled over to the lounge for some desserts and cold-pressed juice. A true cherry on top of a delicious afternoon.


My skin looks fantastic and is ready to rumble pronto; for dinner out I apply but a lick of makeup. I’ve got that glow. Overall, the marine-based products were very soothing and well-suited to my reactive skin, which lapped up the formulas with gusto. Days later the results are still tangible.

The luxurious waiting room at Hammam Spa in Toronto.
The luxurious waiting room at Hammam Spa in Toronto.

Hammam Spa by Céla

602 King St W, 416-366-4772

Many a person went into the pandemic looking one way, and emerged as version 2.0 of themselves. Hammam Spa by Céla underwent this very transformation. Barely recognizable—save for the fact that it still occupies a lower level space in the hub of King West—this spa has elevated almost every facet of its being.

Inspired by Türkiye’s famed hammams, the east-meets-west renos have birthed a vibrant lobby, art-dotted hallways, and plush treatment rooms. Not to mention an inviting lounge with a fireplace, a tile floor starring shrunken kilims, and cocoon-like chairs carved from blonde wood. The only untouched area is the steam room; be sure to arrive early to enjoy its soothing benefits prior to any treatment. 

Facial Highlights

I receive the 60-minute Céla Northern Experience Facial. This facial uses almost entirely Céla skincare products from the Glacial collection, which zooms in on glacial clay from Canada’s north. What’s so great about clay, you might ask? It promises to cleanse, detoxify, and hydrate in a gentle manner.

My aesthetician, Vickie Tu, begins this hot-and-cold facial by steaming my face as she conducts a double cleanse. Vickie got her skincare education at Humber College and has been with the Hammam Spa for over six years. Her interest in all skin blossomed while dealing with acne as a teenager, and she’s been on her quest to help those with skin concerns ever since. 

After she gleefully performs some extractions (I get it) Vickie gives me a facial massage that prioritizes lymphatic drainage. Later, she sweeps on a clay masque that tingles oh-so-slightly as it clears out impurities, brightens, and adds a megadose of moisture to my mug.

She covers my eyes with a quartz mask, and massages my arms using an incredibly intoxifying cream that smells exactly like orange Crush. Before my masque has finished its work, hot towels are applied to my feet, leaving me utterly relaxed. (Hot towels are a recurring theme during this facial. So if you like them, this will be your jam.)

After she spritzes on some face mist made with antioxidant-packed snow algae, and smooths on a collagen-producing face oil formulated with red maple bark. The facial comes to an end as Vickie massages my face with cool granite wands, promoting more lymphatic drainage. Et voilà! 


I’m dewy, not glistening; I’m rejuvenated, not rosy. My face—really, my entire upper body—is ready to go the moment I emerge from the spa, and the results last. Foundation? Concealer? Never heard of ‘em.

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