Terracotta Army Exhibit at The Royal Ontario Museum

During the Christmas Holidays I visited the Royal Ontario Museum with my parents to check out the current special exhibits. The big draw for the crowds was the Terracotta Army Exhibit from Xian China. I learned two valuable lessons today at the ROM.

Lesson One: People Like to Sound Like Experts. I overheard several people telling their spouse/children facts about China/Asia and the Terracotta army. One woman answered her young sons question, “Where does this come from,” with the answer, “it comes from Asia, in Central China just north of Hong Kong.” Rolls Eyes. I also overheard an older woman ask her husband, “Why did they make all of these warriors?” He responded, “these figures were all made as sort of gifts for the King’s friends and family. They are like large dolls, even like a chess set.” She then nodded her head and confidently said, “yes this one right hear is probably the largest pawn in the world.” I had to bite my tongue to save myself from laughing hysterically.

Lesson Two: Museums Are an Excellent Place to Pick Up. Museums are full of gay men, it’s a fact. Homosexuals like to stare at old expensive things. Especially ornate royal jewelry and massive Asian tapestries (don’t forget kimono’s and throw rugs!) I saw a middle aged gay couple staring at a few Classical antiques in the European Gallery. They eyed them as though they were about to purchase them at a flee market. Its fun to stare across the room at an attractive gay, and then sort of follow them from one relic to the next. Wait for your eyes to lock. Wink. Smile. Touch braille and look blind.

A brief description of the three exhibits we visited:

The Warrior Emperor and China’s Terracotta Army

One of the greatest archeological finds has conquered Toronto. For the first time in Canada, discover the legendary first emperor of China and the contents of his 2,000 year old tomb complex. See the largest collection of artifacts related to the warrior emperor ever displayed in North America, alongside 10 life-sized terracotta figures from the pits of the First Emperor’s Terracotta Army.

Fryderyk Chopin & the Romantic Piano

Discover the passionate life and legacy of Polish piano virtuoso and composer Fryderyk Chopin. The exhibition includes a Pleyel Grand Piano (Chopin’s instrument of choice) and other musical instruments, original scores, costumes and decorative arts of the period.

Playful Pursuits: Chinese Traditional Toys and Games

Illustrating the innovation and skill of Chinese toy-makers, this exhibition presents over 100 charming toys and games that have amused Chinese people for two thousand years.


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