Vegetarian Winter Comfort Food Virtual Cooking Class

On February 27, 2022 Dobbernationloves launched its first virtual cooking class for groups.

On a cold and snowy day in Toronto Andrew prepared 4 vegetarian dishes featuring seasonal fruits and vegetables and warming winter spices.

The participants connected to the class via Zoom from Oakville, Oxford County and Montreal. Visit the Dobbernationloves Virtual Cooking Class Facebook Group to see how our dishes turned out.

Andrew Dobson hosted Dobbernationloves' first virtual cooking class for groups.
Andrew Dobson hosted Dobbernationloves’ first virtual cooking class for groups.

The class began at 3pm with a craft cocktail tutorial. We made a quick & easy Whiskey and Apple Cider Cocktail featuring Irish Whiskey, freshly pressed apple cider, ginger syrup, pear bitters, and frothy egg white foam topped with ground nutmeg. It’s the perfect cocktail to serve in the Fall at Winter, especially at Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Next we got out our Dutch Oven and prepared a creamy Vegetarian Parsnip and Pear Soup, featuring garlic, onions, ripe pears, chopped parsnips, fresh thyme, dry sherry, vegetable stock, whipping cream and maple syrup. The sweet meets savoury soup is decorated with a beautiful homemade crunchy pear chip.

While the soup was on the stove simmering we pulled out our muffin tins and prepared Healthy Banana Pear Ginger Muffins. The easy vegetarian muffin recipe offers a taste of Fall featuring butter, white sugar, egg, buttermilk, ripe banana, diced pear, whole wheat flour, oats, cinnamon and ground ginger. The muffins are decorated with thin slices of pear and finely chopped crystallized ginger. The muffins can be enjoyed as an easy on the go breakfast or brunch, or as part of a sundae alongside a scoop of Maple Black Walnut Ice Cream.

Virtual Cooking Classes stream live online via Zoom.
Virtual Cooking Classes stream live online via Zoom.

After placing the muffins in the oven to bake our soup was finished cooking. We used an immersion blender to blitz the ingredients into a smooth and velvety soup. We ladled the soup into shallow bowls, topped the soup with a pear cracker and grabbed spoons to sample the creamy creation.

The oven timer dinged just as we enjoyed our last spoonful of soup so removed the pear muffins from the oven and let them cool to enjoy at the end of class.

Our last recipe of the day was a pretty pasta, Vegetarian Caramelized Shallot Bucatini. We began by chopping garlic and shallots, which we caramelized in a skillet with olive oil and butter. Once browned we added a few glugs of dry sherry, fresh lemon juice and lemon zest. After simmering down for a few minutes we added whipping cream and grated parmesan cheese. Once the pasta was cooked al dente we tossed the noodles in the cheesy cream sauce and divided the pasta into bowls. The pasta was topped with more parmesan cheese, chopped chives and crunchy fried shallots, which class attendees prepared in advance.

Our first virtual cooking class was a great success. Everyone loved the dishes we made and commented on how they’ll now be in their regular vegetarian recipe rotation!

Two of the vegetarian winter comfort foods we made in the Virtual Cooking Class.
Two of the vegetarian winter comfort foods we made in the Virtual Cooking Class.

If you’re looking to book a virtual cooking class check out our current menus and schedule HERE. If you’re looking to book a private virtual cooking class email us via our Contact Page.


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