Weinstuben Hieronimi Restaurant in Cochem

One can’t help but feel as though they are skipping through a vintage fairy tale Disney film, a la Sleeping Beauty or Snow White while strolling through Cochem’s old town. The village’s star attraction is it’s medieval castle, which sits overlooking the Mosel River, surrounded by row upon row of rich riesling vines. Cross the bridge which straddles the river just as the sun begins to set and head straight to Weinstuben Hieronimi for one of Cochem’s most memorable mealtimes.


If you’re looking to enjoy a fine feast with with jaw dropping views, Weinstuben Hieronimi’s pretty patio is your best bet. The hotel’s restaurant spills out onto an al fresco terrace in the summer, surrounded by sweet smelling flowers in full bloom and a surrounding trellace where grape vines crawl towards the heavens. Have your waitress pour you a glass of ice cold riesling, the local favourite and indulge in one of the most spectacular views found along Germany’s Mosel. When perusing the menu be sure to order one of the mustard dishes as it’s locally produced at a mill a stones throw from the restaurant. If you’re lucky enough to be in town during Red Vineyard Peach season opt for whatever sweet they are serving up as the juicy fruit is a tradition in Mosel Wine Country.

Here are my Top 5 Must Try’s at Weinstuben Hieronimi in Cochem:


1) Alte Reben Riesling


2) Honeycomb Mustard Pork Steak | honeycomb mustard cream, croquettes


3) Smoked Salmon | rosti, herb cream cheese, salad


4) Fried Prawns | brocoili cream, lemon, bandnudeln noodle


5) Red Vineyard Peach | vanilla ice cream, chocolate, wafer

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