Die Scheune Restaurant in Nennig

Victor’s Residenz-Hotel Schloss Berg lies peacefully tucked away among idyllic vineyards in the tri-border region between Germany (Saarland), Luxembourg and France. The origins of the hotel-cum-castle go back to the 9th and 10th century. First built as a water-castle it served knights as accommodation and was only rebuilt into a Renaissance castle in 1580. 

IMG_6093 Today guests rest and relax in the hotel’s posh suites, tranquil spa and lush gardens, all the while taking in the calm and quiet of of one of Germany’s true diamond’s in the ruff. Take a short stroll from the backyard garden and you’ll find Die Scheune (“the barn”), once the royal stables and now reimagined as country-style restaurant with dishes that showcase the unique food culture at the very point where Luxembourg, Germany and France meet. If the weather is on your side, start the evening by plopping yourself down at Die Scheune’s al fresco beer garden. It’s a relaxing overture and time well spent, sipping a sudsy pint or crisp glass of locally produced riesling just as the sun begins to set. When the belly grumbles stroll into the ancient barn and whistle through a menu that can only be described as heavenly hearty. Bliss found via a parade of plates featuring suckling pig, lemon cream topped shrimp, pork tenderloin swimming in calvados cream, butter fried spatzle, sautéed veal in rich mushroom cream and addictively crispy rosti. Here are my Top 5 Must Try’s at Die Scheune in Nennig:


Markus Mitor Riesling bernkastel-wehlen


Carpaccio of Suckling Pig | olives, salad, summer fruit vinaigrette


Avocado with Shrimps | lemon cream, pickled pepper


Pork Fillet | apples, calvados, spatzle


Zurich Style Veal | mushrooms, cream, rosti

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