Aniar Restaurant in Galway

From the windswept, jaw dropping Cliffs of Moher to the medieval cobblestone streets of Galway… I enjoyed an action packed second day on the Emerald Isle zig zagging along the Ireland’s West Coast. I was thrilled to spend my final evening in the region feasting at the much lauded Aniar Restaurant.

On our way to dinner we enjoyed a stroll along one of the canals that runs through the heart of the city. The sky was spitting down on us and the cobblestone streets were slippery as we passed by a roaring waterfall and ancient lock. We arrived shortly after 7pm to a cozy little dining room covered in baby blue meets mint. We were seated at the back, just beside the entrance to the kitchen. Our table was adorned with a colourful bouquet of fresh flowers and white linen napkins.

Aniar is a terroir based culinary concept and the only Michelin Star restaurant in the West of Ireland. I was obviously thrilled for the opportunity to eat my way through the kitchens interpretation of the surrounding landscape which I had spent the last 48 hours adventuring through. I started off the feast by ordering a bottle of locally brewed Galway Hooker and a Stonewall Cider from County Cork. Amuse Bouche amazed with dibble and dabbles of green showcasing mackerel rillettes with rye fennel cracker and lovage puree with dried cabbage crisp. We then nibbled on a selection of freshly baked breads slathered in sweet Irish butter.

Dishes were perfectly executed by the kitchen. A modern interpretation of the essence of Ireland cast itself across our plates, bowls and spoons. Highlights of the feast included sweet brown crab, melt in your mouth pork neck and an aromatic beetroot and rose parfait. A memorable cast of Irish characters included cabbage, apple, hazelnut, black pudding, chicory, dandelion, turnip, spruce and malt. Aniar is redefining how we experience the essence of Ireland through our five senses and wooing its attentive audience with bold flavours which celebrate a true Taste of Place.

The Feast:

Galway Hooker Irish Pale Ale

Stonewell Cider from Nohoval Brewing, Cork


Amuse Bouche

mackerel rillettes, rye and fennel cracker

lovage puree, dried cabbage crisp

Brown Crab

tarragon, apple, hazelnut


pudding, pork belly, cauliflower

Pork Neck

chicory, dandelion, pear

Lamb Loin

turnip, watercress, onion, ramson

Beetroot and Rose Parfait

hazelnut praline, sorrel

Pear and Sheeps Yogurt

spruce, malt

A Fine Finish

white fudge, marshmallow, butter biscuit

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