Mira Toronto: Peruvian Restaurant in King West Village

Mira Toronto is a Peruvian restaurant and bar located in King West Village in Toronto.

The award-winning restaurant in Toronto features a spacious dining room, intimate bar and hidden patio, tucked behind Wellington Street West.

The Mira Toronto menu offers classic Peruvian dishes with a contemporary twist. With plenty of fresh Latin American-inspired salads, it’s one of the best King West restaurants to enjoy a flavourful vegetarian or vegan meal.

The patio at Mira, a Peruvian restaurant in King West Village in Toronto.
The patio at Mira, a Peruvian restaurant in King West Village in Toronto.

Mira Toronto Peruvian Restaurant

Mira Toronto is brought to you by the celebrated culinary team at ICONINK, who also run Patria, Weslodge, Batch Brewery, Byblos and Figo.

The elegant Peruvian restaurant in Toronto’s trendy King West neighbourhood first opened its doors in February, 2019. The restaurant’s interior used to be home to F-Stop nightclub, and the hidden, alleyway entrance offers a secret speakeasy vibe.

Step inside and you’ll find an intimate space, inspired by the artistic Miraflores neighbourhood in Lima, Peru. Through the front door you’ll be greeted by a small host stand on the upper level. While you’re waiting to be seated, peak into the Peruvian restaurant’s bustling open kitchen.

The 3,200 square foot space seats 75, including a 18 seat semi-private dining room, and room for 24 on the restaurants outdoor patio. The interior design offers an homage to Lima’s creative cool. Circle around the dining room and you’ll find artfully designed furniture, bold and colourful murals, mirrored surfaces, traditional tattoo art, pinup girls, tentacles and a neon llama leading to the bathroom downstairs.

If you’ve got a penchant for adventurous Peruvian holidays, Mira Toronto will have you floating back to Puno, Cuzco and Machu Picchu.

The dining room and bar at Mira Toronto.
The fine dining room and bar at Mira Toronto.

Mira Toronto Bar

Looking for a romantic cocktail bar on King Street West? Mira Toronto’s beverage menu offers a well curated wine-by-the-glass offering, plenty of sake, and premium craft beer.

Cocktail fans should slide up to the bar and watch resident bartender Alex Onwudiwe shake up Peruvian-inspired libations. Since moving to Toronto from London Alex has opened a handful of bars and restaurants, including Mercatto Taverna, Cibo Wine Bar and Liberty Commons.

Before joining the team at Mira, he had never really worked much with pisco or sake. Now they are some of his favourite spirits to incorporate into new ideas. Coupled with the colourful array of flavours and ingredients from South America coming out of the kitchen, he loves having the availability to blend these profiles to create fun, interesting, and delicious beverages for people to dive into.

During the warmer months, large format cocktails including jugs of sangria are popular on the patio.

  • Chilcano: pisco, ginger beer, lime juice, chuncho bitters
  • El Manana: bourbon, amaro, grapefruit, lime juice, honey, mint, angostura bitters
  • Victoria: pisco, aji amarillo, honey, pineapple, lime juice
  • Pillow Talk: tequila, orange liqueur, lemon juice, sauvignon blanc, sugar, lavender bitters
  • Pisco Punch: pisco, rum, pineapple juice, lime juice, sugar, ginger beer
  • Ruido Blanco: gin, bitter bianco aperitif, aromatized wine aperitif
  • Slow Disco: mezcal, tequila, pineapple jalapeno shrub, lime juice, egg white, sparkling wine
  • Garden Cocktail: coconut oil infused pisco, sake, maraschino, orange bitters
  • Paper Llama: pisco, bitter aperitivo, amaro, lemon juice, grapefruit juice
Peruvian inspired crack cocktails at the Mira Toronto bar.
Peruvian inspired crack cocktails at the Mira Toronto bar.

Mira Toronto Menu

Wag your finger through Chef Janet Hoediono’s Peruvian menu and you’ll find a series of Latin American snacks, entrees and desserts.

Chef Janet Hoediono started her culinary career as a sous chef at Ellipsis restaurant in Little Italy. Later she took on the role as chef de cuisine at Spanish tapas restaurant Patria. She’s now working her magic as chef de cuisine in the Mira Toronto kitchen. Chef Hoediono sources local produce from within 100km of the restaurant and prides herself on serving high quality fresh seafood.

First time to Mira Toronto? Chef Hoediono suggests ordering her most popular Peruvian dishes: Tostada Morado, Corzaon Anticucho and Mousse de Lucuma for dessert.

Unfamiliar with Peruvian cuisine? Over the last decade restaurants in Peru have been wowing the world, appearing on many of the most acclaimed best restaurant lists. Award-winning Peruvian restaurants like Central, Astrid & Gastón, Malabar and Rafael, have helped make Peruvian food trendy on a global scale. While backpackers marching to Machu Picchu a decade ago might have been shocked by deep-fried guinea pigs and endless bowls of low-quality ceviche. Today, Peruvian food has been lovingly transformed into one of the world’s best culinary treasures.

For those who have never been to Peru before, you might not be aware of Japan’s influence on the culinary culture. You’ll often find Japanese ingredients like yuzu or sake on Peruvian menus. Tokyo’s influence on Peru’s food scene can be linked to the 1800s, when thousands of Japanese workers arrived on two-year work permits to help farm sugar cane.

Similar to the Japanese immigrants who arrived in Brazil around the same time, after their work permits ended, many families decided to stay. Peruvian kitchens slowly adopted Japanese cooking techniques, utilizing fresh Peruvian ingredients and freshly caught seafood off the coast.

It is no wonder that Mira’s menu features a lengthy sake list and dishes featuring togarashi and tatake!

Ensalada de Remolacha features baby beet and hearts of palm.
Ensalada de Remolacha features baby beet and hearts of palm.


If you’re dining for two we suggest starting your meal at Mira Toronto by ordering at least two appetizers. If you’re eating with a vegetarian or vegan, you’ll find plenty of meatless dishes featuring quinoa, baby beet and hearts of palm.

  • Tostada Morado: purple corn, spicy tuna, cilantro crema, avocado
  • Jalea Mixo: market fish, squid, scallop, pickled aji, criollo, yuzu ponzu
  • Solterito de Quinoa: puffed grains, pomegranate, queso verde
  • Tartare de Carne: raw beef, crispy purple potato, pickled elderberry, aji rocoto, huacatay creme
  • Pulpo: spanish octopus, red and yellow ali, purple potato
  • Ensalada de Remolacha: baby beet, hearts of palm, honey, lime, pepitas, goat cheese, uchucuta, pistachio
Mira Toronto's signature ceviche made of fluke and sweet potato.
Mira Toronto’s signature ceviche made of fluke and sweet potato.

Ceviches & Tiraditos

Seafood lovers will jump for joy at Mira’s colourful ceviche menu. If it’s your first visit, we suggest sharing a bowl of the restaurant’s signature Mira Ceviche. Fresh fluke is muddled with sweet potato and leche de tigre and pairs perfectly with a pisco sour.

  • Mango Ceviche: goose berry tigers milk, radish, pomegranate, crispy mango
  • Altamar Ceviche: red snapper, aji amarillo, kumquat, passionfruit, sweet potato
  • Tiradito Hiramasa: kampachi, jalapeno tigers milk, rocoto jam
  • Mira Ceviche: fluke, sweet potato, leche de tigre, criollo, cancha corn
  • Nikkei Atun Ceviche: tuna, yozu kosho, togarashi, rocoto, rice crisp
  • Nikkei Chuleton: wagyu tataki, truffle ponzu, scallion, crispy shallots
Salmon Teriyaki and "short rib" Costillas grilled on the Mira Toronto barbecue.
Salmon Teriyaki and “short rib” Costillas grilled on the Mira Toronto barbecue.


Fans of smokey barbecue should order a minimum of 2-3 skewers to share. The Salmon Teriyaki melts in your mouth like a marshmallow. We encourage meat lovers to indulge in our new favourite beef addiction via crunchy short rib Costillas.

  • Salmon Teriyaki: ginger, green onion, yuzu kosho, soy beurre blanc
  • Costillas: short rib, rocoto marinade, truffle huancaina, sweet potato
  • Cordero: lamb loin, panca, mint oil, yogurt
  • Corazon: beef heart, aji panca, jalapeno salsa
  • Paleta: wagyu escabeche, chimichurri, tarragon amarillo emulsion
Melt-in-your-mouth suckling pig with quinoa fried rice.
Melt-in-your-mouth suckling pig with quinoa fried rice.

Meat & Seafood

Dining out with a large group or simply want to indulge in a hearty plate all to yourself? The entree’s at Mira restaurant in King West Village offer a modern take on the most celebrated Peruvian dishes. The kitchen’s most marvellous mains include a slice of suckling pig and addictive Con Setas, a vegetarian dish featuring umami-forward wild mushrooms and crunchy fried artichokes.

  • Cerdo: suckling pig, quinoa fried rice, ramen glaze, rocoto jam
  • Seco de Cordero: lamb shoulder, puffed amaranth, inca red drop pepper, panca lamb sauce
  • Subado de Pescado: branzino, chupe sauce, criollo, amarillo causa, plantain
  • Pollo Inchacapi: cornish hen, aji panca marinade, peanut uchucuta, tamarind glaze
  • Chuleton: dry aged rib eye, cassava puree, purple potato
  • Trucha: rainbow trout, amarillo butter, salsa tomatillo, inca red drop pepper
  • Con Setas: wild mushrooms, truffle, huitlacoche, artichokes
Wild mushroom and truffle fried rice with crispy artichokes.
Wild mushroom and truffle fried rice with crispy artichokes.

Side Dishes

While side dishes at most restaurants are worth a pass, the Mira menu offers some of its best dishes as an accompaniment to heartier entrees. One of the most popular dishes on the Mira menu is its “crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside” Yucca Fries. On a first date and have no clue if he/she/they is your soul mate? Commit to sharing these addictive fries to glide over any early-onset awkward conversation.

  • Yucca Fries: lime huancaina, jalapeno huacatay
  • Coliflor: roast cauliflower, ajo blanco, concord grape
  • Brocoli: broccolini, sweet soy, furikake, rocoto jam
  • Maize: grilled corn, aji limo aioli, chimichuri, huitlacoche, truffle
  • Berenjenas: baby eggplant, smoked eggplant puree, soy truffle ponzu
Mira Toronto's crunchy Yucca Fries and Maize with aji limo aioli.
Mira Toronto’s crunchy Yucca Fries and Maize with aji limo aioli.


Sweet fans should be sure to leave room to graze over the Mira dessert menu. The restaurant’s pastry chef puts out some of Mira’s most memorable flavour combinations. Our favourite is a chocolate lovers dream. Amor Con Coco offers Peruvian chocolate three ways, accompanied by a scoop of vanilla ice cream and amaranth crunch.

  • Amor Con Coco: three ways of peruvian chocolate, vanilla ice cream, candy stevia, amaranth crunch
  • Cachangas Peruanas: crispy pastry, coconut ice cream, lulo sorbet, goose berry sorbet, candied papaya, dragon fruit
  • Mousse de Lucuma: lucuma mousse, passion fruit ice cream, caramel, coco nib, mango
  • El Huevo Malo: coffee ice cream, chocolate ranfanote, honey comb, yuzu marmalade, raspberry
Amor Con Coco is Mira Toronto's wildly popular Peruvian chocolate dessert.
Amor Con Coco is Mira Toronto’s wildly popular Peruvian chocolate dessert.

Mira Toronto

Address: 420A Wellington St W Toronto, Ontario M5V 1E3

Phone: 647-951-3331


  • Opening Hours:

Price Range: $$$

Cuisine: Peruvian

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