Bootleg Smokehouse Toronto: Cocktails and Ribs in King West Village

Bootleg Smokehouse is located at the corner of Spadina Avenue and King Street in Toronto. The restaurant offers classic American barbecue favourites, alongside vegan and gluten free dishes.

Step inside Bootleg Smokehouse Toronto.
Step inside Bootleg Smokehouse.

Bootleg Smokehouse Toronto

Bootleg Smokehouse is located in the heart of Toronto’s trendy King West neighbourhood. The barbecue restaurant is brought to you by the team who opened Roxy on King and Watson’s, along with Fritz Wahl from Folly Brewpub

The two-story building on Spadina Avenue was most recently an after hours bar. The previous space underwent a massive renovation, opening its doors in November 2018.

Bootleg owners explain, “Bootleg resides in a piece of Toronto architectural history at the Bay and Gable House on Spadina Ave. The house remains as one half of the once joined unit that was split after the Second World War to create a laneway. A Bay-and-Gable is a distinct architectural style of house that is ubiquitous in the older parts of Toronto. The style faded as modernism was embraced in the years after World War II.”

Bootleg Smokehouse finds inspiration from the prohibition era, making this unique piece of Toronto’s history the optimal location for a craft cocktail and barbecue concept. 

The second floor dining room at Bootleg Smokehouse Toronto.
The second floor dining room at Bootleg Smokehouse on Spadina.

Step Inside Bootleg Smokehouse in Toronto

The conceptual design of Bootleg Smokehouse was done by In De5ign. The owners also added homey touches, such as a framed collage wall and images hanging from prohibition eras in the US and Canada. You’ll also find photos of rum-runners and crowds celebrating the repeal of the 18th amendment, but also fun vocabulary used at the time like “giggle water” – an alcoholic beverage. 

Bootleg Smokehouse offers a lower level bar and dining area, an extended upstairs dining room as well as a private dining room for large groups to share feasting menus. 

Craft cocktails at the Bootleg Smokehouse bar in Toronto.
Craft cocktails at the Bootleg Smokehouse bar in Toronto.

The Bar at Bootleg Smokehouse

Hop up at the Bootleg bar and you’ll find a focus on craft cocktails. The popular King West restaurant and bar is known for offering a reasonably priced Scotch and Bourbon selection.

  • Tomoka: flor de cana 7 year rum, elderflower, jalepeno, lime, ginger beer
  • Black Bird: montenegro, buffalo trace, angostura bitters
  • Shebeen: leyenda mezcal, ardbeg 10 year angostura bitters, orange black peppercorn
  • Harlem Sunset: romeo’s gin, elderflower, aperol, lavender, lemon
  • Untouchables: bearface 7 year, fernet, lemon, orange bitters

The beverage program at Bootleg Smokehouse also gravitates towards craft beer and fine wine. The restaurant has a rotation off five craft taps and a selection of premium bottles. Wine is a healthy balance of old and new world.

Cornbread and smoked olives at Bootleg Smokehouse Toronto.
Cornbread and smoked olives at Bootleg Smokehouse.

Bootleg Smokehouse Toronto Menu

The menu at Bootleg restaurant is designed to be enjoyed as small plates between friends and family.

Inspired by traditional smoking techniques and modern scratch cooking, Chef Kevin has built a menu that offers a modern flair to the traditional American smokehouse. Wiggling your finger down the Bootleg Smokehouse menu and you’ll find an inclusive menu for all dietary choices. It’s a barbecue restaurant in Toronto you can easily bring your vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free friends. 

Smoked cauliflower at Bootleg Smokehouse Toronto.
Smoked cauliflower at Bootleg restaurant.

Bootleg Smokehouse Toronto: From The Garden

This King West restaurants most popular dishes from the garden include cornbread of the day, warm smoked olives, smoked cauliflower with creamy coconut, and Mac and Cheese served in a cast iron skillet.

  • Cornbread du Jour: daily flavour, smoked butter
  • Smoked Olives: cerignola and kalamata, chili
  • Bootleg Baked Beans: house bbq, white beans
  • Roasted Brussel Sprouts: house smoked bacon, butter, house mayo
  • French Fries: hand cut fries, ketchup
  • Mushroom + Blue Cheese Salad: smoked portobello, creme fraiche, pickled onion, arugula
  • Blistered Shishito Peppers: olive oil, smoked maldon
  • Confit Tempeh: nahsville style tempeh, dill cornbread, house pickles, jalapeno pesto
  • Mac + Cheese: white cheddar, gemelli
  • Smoked Cauliflower: coconut, beets
  • Collard Greens: vegetable broth, collards, smoked maldon
Pork ribs at Bootleg Smokehouse Toronto.
Pork ribs at Bootleg restaurant in Toronto.

Bootleg Smokehouse Toronto: From The Land

Barbecue fans will love the restaurant’s perfectly smoked half rack, brisket, and herbed chicken.

  • Andouille: burnt thyme, folly mustard
  • Pulled Pork Tostadas: house bbq, corn tortilla, guacamole, pickled onion
  • Beef Sliders: jalapeno chimichurri, sticky mushrooms
  • Tenderloin Tartare: smoked tenderloin, egg yolk, house pickles, folly mustard, jalapeno oil
  • Herbed Half Chicken: smoked chicken, burnt rosemary, roasted lemon
  • Three Peppercorn Brisket: jalapeno chimichurri, house bbq, pepper sauce
  • Bootleg Half Rack: pork back ribs, house bbq, slaw, baked beans
Pulled Pork Tostadas at Bootleg Smokehouse Toronto.
Pulled Pork Tostadas at Bootleg restaurant.

Bootleg Smokehouse Toronto: From The Sea

Seafood fans at Bootleg can indulge in chimichurri tuna ceviche, crispy fish fritters and smoked Oysters Rockafeller.

  • Shrimp Cocktails: xl shrimp, house cocktail sauce
  • Tilapia Fritters: dill fennel yogurt
  • Tuna Ceviche: asia pear, chimichurri, smoked corn chips
  • Smoked Oysters Rockafeller: watercress, smoked butter, pepperjack
  • Hot Smoked Salmon: romesco, preserved chili
Tuna Ceviche at Bootleg Smokehouse Toronto.
Tuna Ceviche at Bootleg Smokehouse in King West Village.

Bootleg Smokehouse Toronto: Dessert

Finish your feast at Bootleg Smokehouse by in one of three sweet treats!

  • Chocolate Beignets: bootleg bacon, vanilla chantilly
  • Berry Crumble: smoked berries, toasted oats, pumpkin seed butter
  • Bread Pudding: corn bread, anglaise, cinnamon sugar
Chocolate Beignets at Bootleg Smokehouse Toronto.
Chocolate Beignets at Bootleg Smokehouse.

Bootleg Smokehouse Toronto Hours

Sunday to Wednesday: 5pm to 11pm

Thursday to Saturday: 5pm to 12am

Bootleg Smokehouse Toronto Reservations

64 Spadina Avenue, 416-977-9343

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