Weslodge Saloon on King West in Toronto

Sometime’s food writers complain about their lives and the general population (aka any stranger within ear shot) typically rolls their eyes and whispers “woe is you.” My close friends and family on the other hand have been in the trenches with me and know how exhausting the work can be. A toil on the body. I recently found myself peddling down Spadina with one arm resting on my handlebar and another on my bloated tummy. I was heading to my third restaurant of the day, my final menu pursuit.

I was thrilled to finally have the opportunity to sit face to face with Tourism Toronto PR Pro Michelle Revuelta. I have been emailing Michelle back and forth over the past few years whenever I’m looking to showcase a unique Toronto story. We recently met in the flesh for the first time, a feast at Weslodge Saloon in the heart of King West Village.

After a shake of the hands and big smiles I ran around the dining room to shoot the interior. By far one of the most unique spots in the city as far as restaurant design eye candy is concerned, Weslodge offers a taste of the Time of Yore. The space is filled with vintage portraits and and a love for taxidermy. Staff dress in chic saloon fashions featuring leather holster, denim apron and leather boots. The room seems to gravitate towards their iconic bar top where bison bust looms as handsome tenders mix up some of the cities most unique cocktails.

Back at the table Michelle and I hummed and hawed over the King West restaurant menu. I ordered a glass of their gin and tonic (the most herbaceous I’ve ever encountered). We spent the next two hours nibbling ourselves silly while chatting about our mutual love for Toronto, it’s fantastic diversity and ever evolving cultural and culinary offerings. Highlights from the meal included dainty scotch egg, pine nut brittle adorned boston bibb, squash tater tots and seared arctic char. After dinner I was supremely bloated to high heaven and wobbled onto King Street in hopes that a handsome cowboy would ride me home into the heart of a crimson sunset.

The Feast:

Barrel Aged Negroni

bombay sapphire gin, campari, sweet vermouth blend, orange oil, american oak

Gin & Tonic

tanqueray gin, house tonic

Scotch Egg

chorizo, tomato jam, black truffle

Boston Bibb

avocado, pine nut brittle, ricotta, sherry vinaigrette

Chestnut Polenta Agnoletti

wild mushrooms, sage, pecorino

Seared Arctic Char

henry moore grits, pickled citrus butter, dill

Squash Tater Tots


Herb Spaetzle

wild mushroom, lamb bacon

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