Review: Brunch at Nyood, Toronto

Nyood recently invited me to check out their new brunch menu, twas a glorious fluke of a sunny summer day in mid March. I walked into the place and immediately ran into fellow food blogger friend Stella of Food Junkie Chronicles. We were both invited it seems to check out their chef’s tasting menu of their breakfast treats.

Exactly one year before (give or take a week or two, it was the end of February) I had the opportunity to enjoy dinner at Nyood. They have a new chef and are eager for the cities brunch lovers to embrace their inventive menu. I was joined by my friend Bobby…we started with bubbly and the foam of a cappuccino (as you do).

We enjoyed (* notes my favorites):

Wet Cappuccino *

espresso, milk, air

Two Fabulous Mimosas: Watermelon and Mango & Orange

moet chandon champagne with fresh fruit juice

Fresh Ricotta *

seasonal fruit, muesli, wildflower honey

Bacon Benny

soft poached eggs, peameal, bacon gravy

Chicken and Waffles *

buttermilk fried chicken, maple chili butter

Cobb Salad

hard boiled egg, bacon, lettuce, avocado, roast chicken, tomato, st agur blue cheese

Italian Breakfast Flatbread *

nutella, bananas, hazelnuts, frangelico cream

We enjoyed a nice assortment off the menu. I enjoyed their ricotta as a nice fruit filled fresh start. The Chicken and Waffles jumped out at me. My lord I am such a fan of this unexpected combination. During my first visit to San Francisco I ventured out to the Oakland hood to review Rosco’s Chicken and Waffles which many years ago made this dish so famous. You can see how Rosco’s serves up the classic dish HERE. If you are heading to Nyood for brunch I do suggest sharing the Italian Breakfast Flatbread. It is an excellent sweet finish and perfect for sharing with friends.

Brunch at Nyood really reminded me how much I miss the summer. I can’t wait for patios to spill onto the street. To prance about in the sun, in and out of little fashion and design boutiques, wearing geeky sun glasses and emphasizing my limp wrists (t-rex fierce).

#308 restaurant reviewed in Ontario since moving to Toronto in 2010. 

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