Travel to Rabida and Puerto Egas, Galapagos

Next we made our way to Rabida Island where our boat landed at its infamous red sandy beach (also called Jervis), from which a short trail leads to a salt water lagoon, often home to wading flamingos. Another trail goes past the lagoon to the interior, where the revered palo santo trees grow. When burned, the branches of this tree give off a pleasing citrus aroma and ward off mosquitoes.

I realized I had awkwardly developed a rather irritating sun burn so slathered myself with thick lotion after lunch. In the afternoon we visited Puerto Egas, once a salt mining area, it is located on the northwest side of Isla Santiago. We spend a few hours in the most intense mid day heat visiting the lava rock beaches Puerto Egas is famous for. I tried to stand in my fellow travelers shadows in an attempt not to turn purple from the sun. We had an opportunity to see the Galapagos Fur Seal which was pretty sweet. They have fatter heads than sea lions and don’t seem to stink or bark as much as them (winners)!

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