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As of 2010 the United Nations acknowledges that 195 independent countries exist in the world today. If you throw in Taiwan (which I think deserves its own status separate from China) there are 196. Wikipedia states as of 2010 there are a total of 223 countries in the world (with a less political definition of country). It appears the number of countries and territories that exist in the world today are up for debate. People take their own personal interpretation, which is what I have done here. I know this is a hot topic, one which gets people arguing (from the fact that Hong Kong may not be considered independent from China or that you have to factor in the number of days or time spent in a country to make it legitimate).

My personal list reflects my travel philosophy that I have only ever visited a county if I have gotten to know the culture in an intimate way. For the most part this means I’ve been in a destination for over 3 days. Destinations which I have technically “visited” such as Samoa (where I had a 6 hour layover) are not included in this list as I did not have a chance to experience their culture, other than the washroom at their international airport…

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1. Canada

2. United States of America

3. Costa Rica

4. Trinidad and Tobago

5. The Bahamas

6. The US Virgin Islands

7. England

8. France

9. Spain

10. Portugal

11. Norway

12. Sweden

13. Denmark

14. Germany

15. Holland

16. Belgium

17. Luxembourg

18. Austria

19. Slovakia

20. Hungary

21. Italy

22. Switzerland

23. Liechtenstein

24. Scotland

25. South Korea

26. North Korea

27. Japan

28. Philippines

29. Malaysia

30. Singapore

31. Cambodia

32. Vietnam

33. Thailand

34. Laos

35. Hong Kong

36. Maccau

37. Indonesia

38. Australia

39. New Zealand

40. Fiji

41. Chile

42. Argentina

43. Uruguay

44. Bolivia

45. Peru

46. Ecuador

47. Mexico

48. Belize

49. Guatemala

50. Panama

51. The Galapagos Islands

52. Iceland

53. Finland

54. Russia

55. Latvia

56. Estonia

57. South Africa

58. Ireland

59. United Arab Emirates

60. Turkey

61. Czech Republic

62. Namibia

63. Cuba

64. Jamaica

65. Puerto Rico

66. Curacao

67. Nicaragua

68. Greece

69. Israel

70. Tahiti

71. Bermuda

72. India

73. The Maldives

74. Bosnia

75. Croatia

76. Wales

77. Jordan

78. Egypt

79. Brazil

80. The Vatican City

81. Colombia

82. Taiwan

83. Myanmar

84. Morocco

85. Poland

86. Malta

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  1. Two countries on your impressive list stick out like a sore thumb to me.
    1) England – I’m English, so what did you think of my country?
    2) North Korea – Firstly, how the hell did you get in (and out)? Secondly, what’s it like? I want to learn as much about the DPRK because it is just so secretive.

    1. I’m also English my family moved to Canada two generations ago and I’ve been to England many times. North Korea is crazy. You should watch the National Geographic Special “Inside North Korea” with Lisa Ling its so interesting. Before 2008 (when a South Korean woman got shot on her trip to the North) they had over a million tourists travel to North Korea (through the south korean militarized zone). The tours were three days and involved a lot of mountain hikes.

    2. You should watch the Departures episode (you can watch it on Citytv online) where they go to DPRK you will learn lots about it.

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