Hôtel Quintessence Mont Tremblant Resort Review

On the hunt for a detailed Hôtel Quintessence resort review? Read on to discover everything you need to know about this luxurious property before booking your next Mont Tremblant getaway.

Perched on the edge of picturesque Lake Tremblant, this five-star boutique hotel is nestled into Quebec’s Laurentian mountain range, located an hour and a half north of Montreal. 

The resort feels incredibly Old World, and is a beloved destination no matter the time of year you visit. Whether snowboarder or hiker, this hotel promises to be your home away from home. I spent a single glorious night in a gasp-worthy Deluxe Suite at the resort.

My Hôtel Quintessence resort review breaks down everything you need to know about the swishy spot—from the lowdown on accommodations, to on-site dining options, to off-site adventures.

The charming Hôtel Quintessence lobby might be mistaken for a living room in a castle.
The charming Hôtel Quintessence lobby might be mistaken for a living room in a castle.

Book A Luxurious Holiday at Hôtel Quintessence Mont Tremblant Resort

With a name that alludes to alchemy and the perfect fifth essence—purity!—Hôtel Quintessence aims to be heaven on earth.

Their goal? To provide everyone who comes through their doors with life’s “quintessential” things—be those breathtaking views, personalized service, or a meal you won’t stop ranting about to your friends. (Guess what? You don’t have to choose.)

“What defines the Hôtel Quintessence is the warmth of the people,” notes Delphine Elefante, Assistant to General Manager. “Our staff is the most important part of the hotel. Plus the fact that we’re the only hotel located in front of this beautiful lake, and all the suites face it—we’re like a little castle.”


Given that the resort has nabbed Ski Canada Magazine’s “Best Ski Resort in the East” nod year after year, it’s safe to say their philosophy is working. 

The Quintessence resort is perched on the edge of the adorable ski village, located a quick 40 minute drive from the Mont Tremblant International Airport, making it ideal for weekenders from Ontario, New York City, and the like. Those driving from Montreal can expect to reach the hotel within an hour and a half.

I flew Porter Airlines from Toronto’s Billy Bishop straight to Mont Tremblant—a snappy, hour-long flight that’s basically a hop, skip, and a jump away from home. It truly is just the thing for a quick ski jaunt.

Boasting 30 elegant suites on the property, Hôtel Quintessence is the definition of a boutique hotel, distinguishing itself to its guests with its highly-attentive service alongside a comfort-first environment.

“We’re actually the first five-star boutique hotel in Mont-Tremblant,” Delphine says, “and we’re part of the charm of Mont Tremblant. We feel like we’re a hidden gem.”

Hôtel Quintessence Resort Activities

What can’t one do at the Hôtel Quintessence resort? After checking in at 4 p.m. (and out at noon), guests like myself are invited to mosey about the property. There’s much to see and plenty of nooks to tuck oneself into, should you arrive prior to check-in.

Perhaps you’d like to curl up by the fire in the lobby and snack on some double chocolate chip cookies—or an apple—and sip on some hot chocolate? (Guests are offered this treat every afternoon during the ski season.)

Alternately, head up to the third floor and nestle into a library-like space while catching up on your reading (or emails, which are admittedly less fun). These details are what make the Quintessence stand out to its returning—and new—guests.

Unsurprisingly, the hotel is a popular engagement spot. Delphine notes that the staff is always eager to go above and beyond, ensuring the day is perfect. “We have a lot of people asking for marriage—a lot of romantic things can be organized,” she says. Just ask!

With Mont Tremblant as a year-round playground, the hotel truly is a haven for nature lovers. During winter, take advantage of the miles of trails winding through the countryside, and strap on some cross-country skis or snowshoes. While the Quintessence doesn’t have equipment on-site, the team is happy to connect guests with outfitters.

There’s also tubing, horse-drawn sleigh rides for those keen on romance (or nostalgia), and dog sledding—a huge hit with kids and adults alike. Delphine notes that the hotel has partnered with a mushing company that ensures the huskies are treated with compassion.

Once spring rolls around, there’s the option to visit an authentic sugar shack—or a cabane à sucre—while golfers can enjoy the five award-winning golf courses, each a stone’s throw from the hotel.

Guests visiting in the summer months have endless options—from hiking to stand-up paddleboarding to kayaking to water skiing to horseback riding. Or just enjoy a swim in the lake! The list goes on.

Restaurant La Quintessence, found on the lower level, has been awarded a Four Diamond rating by CAA and AAA. The atmosphere is warm and inviting, while the menu plucks inspiration from both the surrounding region and classic France cuisine.

Those who love some added R&R while away from home can book revitalizing services at the Spa Sans Sabots, also found on the lower level.

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Discover the reading nook up on the third floor of Hôtel Quintessence.
Discover the reading nook up on the third floor of Hôtel Quintessence.

Hôtel Quintessence Review Highlights

Mont Tremblant is eastern Canada’s top skiing and snowboarding destination, beloved by Canadians and visitors for its endless charm and overall convenience. The village is compact and easy to navigate. It also happens to be a popular destination for engagements and weddings.

Before you book your stay, take note of these highlights that make Hôtel Quintessence the region’s top luxury destination.

  • Hôtel Quintessence is the only lakeside hotel in Mont Tremblant and each suite has a private patio suite boasting views across Lake Tremblant. There really is nothing like waking up, flinging open the drapery, and taking in those gorgeous views.
  • The resort is a stone’s throw from the lovely village—a three minute walk—but is just far away enough to feel like it’s squirrelled off the beaten path.
  • The resort is way more than a winter retreat, serving as a launch pad for nature-loving guests all four seasons.
  • The service is incredibly warm and friendly, with staff eager to assist with any and every request. Would you like breakfast in your room? Do you need assistance getting your fireplace roaring? Not an issue!
A custom king bed at Hôtel Quintessence is flanked by a luxe bathtub and fireplace.
A custom king bed at Hôtel Quintessence is flanked by a luxe bathtub and fireplace.

Hôtel Quintessence Mont Tremblant Accommodation

When reading a Hôtel Quintessence resort review, the most important thing to ponder is the accommodation type. There are a few factors to consider when determining which type of holiday accommodation you’d like to book. How much time will you be spending in said room? How go-go-go will this trip be? Is this jaunt all about R&R?

Suites at the Quintessence Hotel are outfitted in regal shades of blue, veering from periwinkle to rich navy, with a focus on sumptuous textures. Bedroom walls are accented in tapestry-like wallpaper; couches elevated with silk velvet pillows. Partnered with rich wood and taupe carpets, the result is perfectly hyggelig, as the Danes say.

If you want a fun game to play, be on the lookout for the letter “Q”—Delphine notes that it’s a design motif they’ve carried throughout the hotel.

Of the 30 suites available, all come suited up with a custom-made king bed and topped with seven plush pillows. The cozy-factor is upped with a wood-burning fireplace that uses eco logs, while a private balcony—or large terrace—offer spectacular views out to Lake Tremblant and the surrounding mountains. (Lest you forgot, this is a five-star resort.) Bathrooms are spacious and boast heated marble floors and sunken spa-style bathtubs; there’s also a rain shower for those who like a bit of both. (Who doesn’t?!)


Travelling with a family of five or group? The Presidential Suites, found on the third floor, are surely the answer. Sprawled across 1200 sq-ft., they’re outfitted with three fireplaces, two bathrooms, and are also home to a private hot tub on the terrace. Wood beams frame the space, underscoring that authentic chalet feel.

I stayed in a Deluxe Suite, also found on the third floor, and it was a cushy home-away-from-home. Classic jazz plays as you step into the space, and soft lighting adds to the snug factor. There’s even a little writing nook overlooking the lake—an appealing spot for those morning communications. One fireplace warms the living room; the other, the bedroom. These suites can hold two comfortably, or can fit up to five with the sofa bed and the addition of a twin cot.

Those in particularly celebratory mood can book Clagett’s Cabin, which sits outside the main hotel property. As charming as can be, it’s a bona fide heritage cabin hailing from 1885. It was moved from it’s original spot to this one back in 1962, where it’s stood proud ever since. Romantic and then some, guests can enjoy features like the four-poster queen bed and a cast-iron claw foot tub. Looking to propose to your amour? This might be the spot.

The Hôtel Quintessence staff can help you soup up your personal fireplace.
The Hôtel Quintessence staff can help you soup up your personal fireplace.

Hôtel Quintessence Mont Tremblant Spa & Wellness

Conveniently located within the hotel, Spa Sans Sabots offers services that run the gamut from massages with an RMT to collagen-boosting facials to yoga sessions.

The spa is compact in size and visitors are limited, ensuring the atmosphere is über relaxing and guests feel truly pampered. “We also offer massages in guests’ rooms,” Delphine notes. “Guests enjoy having a massage by their fireplaces.”

Visitors can sweat it out in the gym, steam room, and sauna before having a swim in the infinity pool and soak in the hot tub, both facing the lake. (Note that the pool is not heated in the cooler months, so if you want to go all Wim Hof on us, this is your chance.)

Non-guests—including children—are also able to visit the spa for a fee. 

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The Hôtel Quintessence spa opens up into the hot tub and infinity pool overlooking the lake.
The Hôtel Quintessence spa opens up into the hot tub and infinity pool overlooking the lake.

Hôtel Quintessence Restaurants

If you’re staying at the Hôtel Quintessence Resort, be sure to book yourself a visit to the on-site restaurant is an absolute must.

The culinary offerings in the luxury boutique hotel in Mont Tremblant are anchored by one award-winning restaurant—Restaurant La Quintessence—which feels as though it’s been plucked straight out of the Alps what with the wrought iron chandeliers, tan leather chairs, and exposed stone columns.


For breakfast, guests select a main, which is served with a daily pastry, fresh fruit, juice, and coffee or tea. The meal can be enjoyed from 7 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.

Of the mains, menu standouts include the breakfast poutine (hey, we’re in Quebec), the crispy French toast drizzled with homemade chocolate sauce, or Eggs Benedict served with home fries. (I scarfed down their veg version, complete with buttery leeks and a heady mélange of cream cheese and local Oka.)

Tuck into some Eggs Benny with leeks and Oka cheese for breakfast at Hôtel Quintessence.
Tuck into some Eggs Benny with leeks and Oka cheese for breakfast at Hôtel Quintessence.

Restaurant La Quintessence

Come evening, what was the breakfast is now the dining room, the soft din of chatter enlivened by a keyboardist who spins out some beloved tunes. (Elton John, anyone?)

The menu pulls inspiration from local cuisine—and takes pride in showcasing local meat—while also looking to dishes hailing from France and the Mediterranean.

Popular apps include the French onion soup and the herb risotto, which flaunts a delicate green hue and comes topped with three seared scallops and a crispy Parmesan chip. Highly recommend.

Mains include the fan-favourite venison, spotlighting meat sourced from the Canadian Appalachians, alongside glazed carrots, red wine-poached pears, beet mash, and some highly addictive Duchess potatoes with truffle. Guests also fawn over the stuffed rolled guinea fowl, which arrives with pan-seared foie gras. Meanwhile, the maple roasted savoy cabbage with split peas and veg compote will appeal to those striving to eat plant-based fare.

For those who wish to go all out and let the chef take control of their culinary journey, the Chef’s Table can be booked. Hosted in an intimate garden room seating no more than six guests, allow chef to sate you based on their inspiration and your whims. 

The scrumptious risotto with seared scallops and a crunchy Parmesan chip is a dinner fave.
The scrumptious risotto with seared scallops and a crunchy Parmesan chip is a dinner fave.

Winebar & Cellar

The wine bar is a stone’s throw from the Restaurant La Quintessence. Here, guests congregate around a roaring fire in the stone-trimmed room, with the extensive wine cellar visible through wrought iron-shod windows. 

Chances are, oenophiles will have a field day. “We have over 4,000 bottles,” Delphine shares; the sommelier has amassed a global selection of vintages.

Getting a number of these wines through the door is no easy feat and, oftentimes, the sommelier has to fight to ensure the few sought-after bottles permitted into Quebec make their way to the Quintessence Hotel. 


Options from close-to-home include Quebecois ice wine and bottles from British Columbia’s famed Okanagan Valley: Mission Hill Winery’s oculus and a pinot noir from Martin’s Lane.

So, which bottles are the bigwigs? Hailing from the Bordeaux region, Pomerol’s Le Pin (1997) and Petrus (2005) will more than impress. (We’ll let you inquire as to the prices.)

For those who prefer cocktails—or mocktails—a curated selection is available. (I loved La potions des Moines, a refreshing sipper with yellow chartreuse, Champagne, and egg white.)

No matter how you cut it, Hôtel Quintessence is the perfect home away from home.

Restaurant La Quintessence serves French and Mediterranean cuisine with a Quebecois touch.
Restaurant La Quintessence serves French and Mediterranean cuisine with a Quebecois touch.

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