Microbrasserie La Diable in Mont Tremblant

My mother and I stopped in our tracks, bent over for a few great heave hoe’s to catch our breath and smiled up at the entrance to Microbrasserie La Diable. We had just marched from the Mont Tremblant Marina in the mid afternoon heat and were desperate for a thirst quenching. The restaurant has a cool shaded interior covered in beer and ski slope paraphernalia. It was clear as soon as we walked into the dining room that we were standing in the most popular watering hole at the resort. We plopped ourselves down at a table on the patio directly across from Creperie Catherine.

While mum looked through the menu and lay her legs to rest (read: fanned herself with the menu to cool down) I walked about the restaurant to take a few snap shots. Fresh beer is made every few weeks just behind the bar in two shiny stainless steel drums. The owners opened up the place in December 1995, serving up craft beer with much enthusiasm to Quebecois locals and foreign tourists year round.

We started off with a tasting of La Diable brews. Mum really enjoyed their seasonal raspberry beer and ordered herself a glass. I enjoyed their Blizzard wheat ale which did an excellent job at quenching my thirst, garnished with a slice of lime. Just after we ordered our food we were ever so delighted that a four man Blues band set up shop a few feet from our table. It was as if we were being offered our very own private concert! The Mont Tremblant International Blues Festival was full of surprises like this one! A crowd quickly formed, clapping and smiling as the band belted their hearts out. We devoured our lunch in the early afternoon while sipping on iced cold beer as trombone and trumpet pelted their notes through the warm summer breeze. An angelic moment at La Diable.

We enjoyed:

La Diable Beer Tasting

Parmesan Cheese Balls

Cucumber Apple Soup

Smoked Meat Sandwich

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