Top 5 IIDEX Designs You Need In Your Life Now

IIDEX is Canada’s National Design and Architecture Exposition & Conference, proudly co-presented by IDC, Interior Designers of Canada and RAIC, Royal Architectural Institute of Canada. The annual show focuses on all areas of design including workplace, healthcare, hospitality, retail, landscape architecture and beyond… On December 2nd and 3rd IIDEX celebrated its 31st year at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, a design lovers dream!

This year Erica Moore (my good friend, ex-room mate and designer darling) attended IIDEX and created a list of her five favourite things you need in your life right now. Erica has been working within the interior design industry for almost 10 years and her her savvy for interiors has even been featured on the popular blog Apartment Therapy. She currently works at Hudson Kruse Design, a West End Interior Design firm specializing in residential properties.


5 Designs From IIDEX Toronto

The design firm I work for encourages us to take the time to visit IIDEX every year, “get out and talk to people, learn something new, source new product”. Truthfully in past years I always viewed IIDEX as a series of days when the boss was often out of the office with the added incentive to get away from my desk. I would leave work around noon, head to the show and walk through the long, vast corridors of booths, picking up free snacks and gifts from vendors who were excited to share their product knowledge with those willing to listen. There was always good things, innovative things and boring things to look at.

This year I approached the show with a little less indifference. I swallowed a little Vitamin D (design) and decided to pull up my Motivation Socks and get involved. I responded to a call out for volunteers through IDC (Interior Designers of Canada) and was selected as a helper. My role, along with a handful of other volunteers, was to help walk the show’s pre selected judges through the space. The show floor is huge and it is very easy to get lost (especially if you have zero sense of direction. Guilty!).

Before meeting with my group of judges I studied the map and created a plan of action. With a confident sense of direction, I walked my group to each of the nominated booths, impartially listening to each representative as they sold the merits of their most innovative products to the judges, before the show even officially opened to the public. It was quite an interesting opportunity to experience. I essentially had a VIP seat (no seats were provided) to hear the best of 2015’s IIDEX participants.

After the judges had heard everything they needed to I accompanied them to a board room where the group of judges reviewed their findings and tallied their scores. It was interesting to hear the large group of industry professionals discuss openly the various points that contributed to a Gold, Silver or Bronze Nomination. Being a fly on the wall during this process was informative as well as entertaining.IMG_7335c_grande

Fogo Sweetheart Puppy, Designed by Nick Herder

IIDEX has a lot of commercial items so it’s nice to find a product you can picture using in your own home. This table stood out as being unique and fun amongst a very corporate playground.


Lana from Lightform

This sweet little light was interesting because it could attach to any magnetic surface (great for office applications). It was completely interchangeable, from desk light, to floor lamp to wall sconce and used 100% wool shades that held acoustic considerations.


Dreams rugs by W Studio

W studio is a Toronto based carpet design house. With their new series of rugs and carpets W Studio is able to complete digital printing on wool and silk, achieving an endless array of colour and pattern; essentially turning any printable image into a potential plush floor statement.

FRAMERY 20150209 Phone booths, Helsinki

Framery O Phone Booth

Framery, based in Finland, created a portable phone booth that gives people the gift of peace & quiet. A small space (the size of a phone booth, with seating) allows people to step out of a noisy and chaotic environment (office, restaurant, shopping mall) and take a quiet break. The booth is ventilated and provides visitors the opportunity to charge and work from their digital devices; providing a mental and digital recharge.


EchoPanel by Richelieu

Although I don’t consider this product particularly innovative (we’ve all seen crafty acoustic solutions before), I was surprised that this colourful and trendy product came from Richelieu (a company I rarely associate with being on trend). This product was sustainable, moveable and customizable! 

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