Lesbian Love for Tegan and Sara at Massey Hall in Toronto

I still can’t believe that tonight (January 19th 2010) was my first visit to Massey Hall. This summer I heard that Tegan and Sara were going to be playing in Toronto and had to buy tickets.  I’ve been a fan of these two Canadian songstress’ since 2nd year University when I would listen to their So Jealous and If It Was You albums on my way to work in Victoria.

I waited in front of the ticket doors in the freezing cold watching hundreds of lesbian couples rush into the theatre. For those who don’t know: Tegan and Sara are twin musicians from Calgary who both identify as lesbian…hence the Canadian lesbian patriotism.

Tegan and Sara put on a great show, the audience was receptive as ever. A great assortment of old hits and new vocals from their Sainthood album which was just recently released a few months ago. Tegan does a great job at filling funny banter in between the songs and Sara stole my heart with her adorable-ness on stage. If you want a really unique concert experience check out T&S. It may be one of the only opportunities you have to hear a crowd full of woman screaming, “I love you Sara, I want to have your babies!” And they really mean it!

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