House of Cards Season 5 Delivers the Dark Side of Politics

America’s favourite first family (after the Obamas of course) is back. The Underwoods have delighted us on Netflix over its past 4 seasons featuring intrigue, sabotage, and political wheeling and dealing. We’ve watched the couple rise and fall, both on a personal and a professional level, and found ourselves delighting in the cunning and inner darkness they possess. The latest season does not disappoint.

For those of you who don’t know (but really, do such people even exist?) Netflix’s first mega hit series, House of Cards, tells the tale of southern Democrat, Frank Underwood as he makes a play for power in Washington. An adaptation of a BBC mini-series of the same name, the Netflix version stars Kevin Spacey (The Usual Suspects, American Beauty) and Robin Wright (The Princess Bride, Forrest Gump) as Frank and Claire Underwood and boasts an extensive list of talented supporting actors over its 4 season run. With 33 Primetime Emmy Awards under it’s belt it’s easy to see why this show has been so popular.

Starting out as a power-hungry congressman from South Carolina, over the previous seasons we have seen the Underwoods plan, scheme, murder and set events in motion that would guide us to where we are today. Season 1 introduced us to the Underwoods and Frank’s transition from an overlooked congressman to the Vice Presidential nominee. Season 2 saw Claire stepping up to prove she was just as formidable as her husband as she helps Frank to navigate the field of politics where he ends up as the new president of the United States. Claire doesn’t stop there, she begins a political career of her own in Season 3 as the US Ambassador to the United Nations. Frank is busy trying to push through his plans for the country while also preparing to campaign for the upcoming elections. Most recently in Season 4, Frank and Claire hit the campaign trail to launch the biggest fight of their lives.

Everything you loved about the shows first four seasons are back for another round – revenge, manipulation, and backroom deals. Frank and Claire have always been each other’s greatest allies, but the cracks in their relationship are starting to show leading us to wonder, can they survive their biggest challenge yet? Find out May 30th as Netflix releases all 13 episodes of the newest season of the critically acclaimed Emmy-nominated drama, House of Cards. 

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By Kevin Joseph

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