Fresh Dog Food: Bring Your Dog More Joy with Kabo

Is fresh dog food better for my dog? Should I try a Toronto dog food delivery service?

Any Toronto dog owner may have pondered these questions. If you’re like me, it’s usually while pouring your pup yet another bowl of the same dry kibble they’ve had for breakfast their entire life. The clinking, rocks-on-metal sound of their daily ration boringly sounding the alarm that it’s time to endure the chore of eating. Ok, that’s a bit dramatic, but it’s hard for me to imagine eating the same crunchy bran flakes everyday while watching (and smelling) the variety of delicious and freshly prepared food ‘the humans’ eat in front of my face every day.

Certainly my dog’s body language lends itself to these thoughts. When it comes to her meals her indifference can be read from a mile away. I can almost hear the exasperated sigh as I (often) literally sit down next to her bowl to encourage her to just eat it.

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Don’t get me wrong, my dog likes eating. She eats her kibble (eventually) everyday and is perfectly healthy and energetic. It just really did seem like when it came to mealtime there was a discernible lack of joy. So needless to say, when I was given the chance to try Kabo, a Toronto dog food delivery service, I was happy to sign on.

After providing a brief profile of my dog, Daisy, I received a box containing 1 month’s supply of pre-portioned frozen fresh dog food meals (one package per day). As soon as I opened the box my dog was very, very interested. Nose fully in. I took that as a good first sign.

Daisy, a 4-year old Potcake gives fresh dog food a try.
Daisy, a 4-year old Potcake gives fresh dog food a try.

Best Fresh Dog Food

Daisy is a Potcake, which is a fancy term for Caribbean mixed-breed. One of the qualities of this type of dog (besides being unbearably cute) is a strong stomach. Nevertheless, in the past when we’ve switched her brand of dry food there was always a transition period for her to get used to the change. The evidence of which was in her stool. I figured this was bound to be true for a switch to fresh dog food. Thankfully this Toronto dog food delivery came with clear instructions on making the transition gradually – basically a week-long period where the proportion of new food is increased little by little.

The 25% Kabo to 75% dry food combo I gave her that first suppertime was gone in no time. As I dished it into her bowl, her keen little face was right there, as close as I would let her get. I actually laughed at the sound of her furiously sniffing so close to my ear. The only other time she’s been as excited about what’s in her bowl are the occasional times we’d drop a piece of leftover bacon or cheese into it.

Over the course of the week we increased to 100% Kabo meals and the transition was flawless. Daisy took to this fresh dog food very enthusiastically, and in fact there was no change at all to her stool. The thing that did change was that all of a sudden mealtime became a real and important thing in her world. Rarely before did Daisy sit beside her bowl with an expectant look. Now the moment I am up in the morning she makes a bee-line to it. Mealtimes are now full of joy. In fact, the only down side is that now our sweet darling has started lying (the shock!) asking one dad for dinner after the other’s already given it to her.

Kabo fresh dog food is delivered in frozen, pre-portioned meals.
Kabo fresh dog food is delivered in frozen, pre-portioned meals.

Toronto Dog Food Delivery

All in, I think it’s safe to say that Daisy gives a thumbs up to this fresh dog food delivery service.

My dog’s enjoyment aside, there are a lot of other reasons to consider signing up with Kabo. I had the chance to ask Kabo founder Vino Jeyapalan a few questions that curious dog parents may want to know about the company, their product and their philosophy.

What inspired you to start a Toronto dog food delivery service?

After saying goodbye to their family dog, Vino Jeyapalan started to investigate what dog owners could do to improve the lifespan of their dog. The investigation led them to a study that indicated life expectancy can be increased by 32 months simply providing a non-commercial, freshly cooked diet. 

This simple concept of wanting to increase the time we spend with our beloved pets was the foundation of Kabo. 

Daisy was immediately intrigued by this Toronto dog food delivery.
Daisy was immediately intrigued by this Toronto dog food delivery.

What are the benefits of a diet like Kabo over dry food?

Although studies are limited, there has been research showing increased life expectancy. The benefits of a fresh food diet are truly compelling. 

If you had the opportunity to increase your dog’s lifespan by up to 20%, you would take it, right? By providing a fresh food diet for your dog, you are helping them maintain much healthier body weight and a healthy digestive system. This can lead to large increases in your dog’s lifespan and allow you to enjoy more time with your faithful companion. 

Human diets that consist of highly processed foods leave us feeling overweight, lethargic, and at risk for a variety of different health issues. The same holds true for our dogs. Commercial dog food is full of preservatives and low-quality fillers that certainly have an impact on your dog’s overall health.

For the vast majority of dog owners, they purchase dry dog food from “trusted” brands without giving it a second thought. If you ask those owners what the brown balls of kibble are actually made from, they are likely to be hard-pressed for an answer. That’s because the protein in dry dog food comes from a variety of low-quality sources that the big corporate manufacturers typically don’t advertise on the bag. The ingredients have not been approved for human consumption, which tells you all you need to know.

With fresh food, you will always be able to tell how much meat and produce make up the food. You know your dog is getting the nutrition they need in a natural and unprocessed way. No more hidden ingredients and sketchy additives that dry dog food offers.

Kabo's PhD Pet Nutritionist-approved recipes are also Daisy-approved.
Kabo’s PhD Pet Nutritionist-approved recipes are also Daisy-approved.

Digesting Fresh Dog Food

You would think that dry dog food is designed specifically for a dog’s digestive tracts. However, dry dog food actually contains a bulk amount of artificial ingredients that dogs tend to have a difficult time digesting. Lists of ingredients located on bags of dry dog food don’t usually clarify how much of each ingredient make up the food. That means healthier ingredients in the dry food (if any) might be included in extremely limited amounts.

With fresh dog food, you are feeding your furry friend fresh and healthy food that is much easier for them to digest. Food that is easier for dogs to digest means fewer and smaller stools, and more importantly, a happier and healthier dog. 

Think of your dog’s diet as the fuel that drives their everyday activity. Do you want to feed them fuel that’s cheap and bad for their engine? Wouldn’t you rather feed them high-octane fresh food that helps build a stronger immunity and increases their vitality?

The high-quality ingredients in fresh food fuel their muscle growth and help them avoid illness. Even older dogs can benefit from a better range of motion and more energy after switching to a human-grade food diet. It’s easy to understand why there’s such a big difference between fresh food and dry food. Dry food is cooked at extremely high temperatures. The heat tends to diminish the effects of any natural ingredients in the food that would help your dog be stronger and healthier. 

Fresh dog food diets don’t include additives like food coloring, xanthan gum, or BHT
This fresh dog food diet doesn’t include additives like food coloring, xanthan gum, or BHT

Fresh Dog Food Benefits

Another big benefit of feeding your dogs fresh human-grade food is that you know you are giving them food that is completely free of additives. Whenever dog food is altered, it is typically to extend the shelf-life of the product or to improve the appearance of the food for marketing purposes. Big manufacturers make that happen by adding preservatives and additives that are not healthy for our pets to consume. 

Fresh food diets don’t include additives like food colouring, xanthum gum, or BHT. You know that your dog is dining on fresh food that provides them with the nutrition they need to live their best life.

It’s fairly common for dogs to deal with skin conditions like a dry coat, rashes, and itching. Believe it or not, most of these problems are the result of highly-processed dry food diets. Dry food simply does not contain the ingredients your dog needs for a healthy coat.

Fresh food includes high levels of nutrients like Omega-3 fatty acids that can help to improve your dog’s skin and coat. 

Fresh food diets typically include high levels of Vitamin A, which is essential for the health of our dog’s eyes. Dog owners often report brighter eyes for their dogs after they switch to a fresh food diet. 

Just knowing that your dog will be able to see the world better with a fresh food diet makes it certainly worth considering. 

Daisy's first bowl of fresh dog food was gone in no time.
Daisy’s first bowl of cooked dog food was gone in no time.

Kabo: Canadian Dog Food Delivery

As an owner, you always want to know that you are doing everything you possibly can to keep your loyal companion healthy. The last thing you want to hear is that the dry food you have been feeding your dog has been recalled. This is a frequent occurrence for major dog food manufacturers and can be totally avoided with a fresh human-grade diet. 

By feeding your dog a fresh food diet, you can get peace of mind knowing that all of the ingredients are fresh and preservative-free. No more worrying about dog food recalls or nasty chemicals making their way into your dog’s bowl. 

Not only does Kabo want to help you spend more time with your dog, but they want to bring a new experience with buying pet food by offering customer support for someone to talk to and transparency that other dry dog food doesn’t offer. 

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Kabo is Toronto’s best dog food delivery service.

How does Kabo determine the meal plan for each dog?

A truly innovative approach from Kabo is to customize diets to avoid issues like obesity. Consumers are able to provide information about their dog, such as weight, age and activity level to receive customized portions of freshly cooked dog food that is most suitable for your dog based on their daily calorie intake to stay healthy.

Unlike dry dog food and other alternative options they don’t consider factors that play heavily into dog diets, like how active they are, their current body type or how many treats they get a day. Accounting for these factors helps us formulate the perfect meal plan to keep your dog healthy. Unlike other options in fresh food, Kabo employs an in-house PhD pet nutritionist to help make sure all recipes are 100% balanced and complete.

Just like humans, dogs are all different and require a catered approach. Kabo will also expand to offer breed specific supplements, treats and more to help dogs along their life stages to ensure they continue to live a long and healthy life.   

Thanks to Kabo, mealtime is now a real and important thing in Daisy's world.
Thanks to Kabo, mealtime is now a real and important thing in Daisy’s world.

Where do you prepare Kabo’s fresh dog food?

We have two professional production kitchens, in British Columbia and Ontario to help service our customers across Canada. All the ingredients are sourced locally in Canada and freshly cooked in small batches to ensure quality is maintained. Not to mention we lab test every batch to make sure we meet the utmost safety standards always. 

Where are the ingredients for your fresh dog food sourced? 

All the meat and produce is sourced locally from Ontario and BC farmers. We ensure all food comes from ethical and all-natural sources. 

How does sustainability factor into your operations? 

Our goal is to not only provide happier lives for dogs, but find a way we can minimize our impact on the environment (because this is the only planet with dogs). We are always looking for unique new products to use to reduce our emissions from recycled/recyclable packaging to offering efficient delivery options, we have an ongoing mission to constantly find better ways to reduce our environmental impact. In the new year, we will launch a new recycling program to continue our efforts.

Since launching, how has your product and service offering evolved?

We do our best to make sure quality and safety is #1, so when we launched we only had our Savoury Beef dog food recipe. We eventually launched a second tender chicken recipe and even have evolved to offer limited edition holiday human-grade treats.

At Kabo every employee spends time talking with customers weekly, which has allowed us to provide more recipe options, reduce our packaging waste and offer more delivery options. 

Safe to say, Kabo fresh dog food gets a thumbs up from Daisy.
Safe to say, Kabo fresh dog food gets a thumbs up from Daisy.

How are Kabo’s fresh dog food recipes developed?

We develop recipes through the standards set in the industry for pet food as well as meeting commercial human food standards. We do so by working with an in-house PHD pet nutritionist to verify that each recipe is 100% complete and balanced.

We have a few new recipes in the works for 2020, but you’ll have to check back on our Facebook or Instagram to see what’s coming up!

What sets you apart from other fresh dog food companies?

We believe that our mission goes beyond the food we provide because for us it’s personal when we lost our first dog to stomach cancer. We got anxiety every night not knowing what was wrong with our dog. That fear of putting down the dog bowl hoping they will eat it and that it’s good for them too. That we trust what we’re told from the big pet food brands. 

Unlike other fresh dog food companies they leave the calculations up to you to make and also do not have a pet nutritionist on staff or lab test their batches. Having these extra safety checks is the only way where vets and pet parents can feel safe choosing to make the leap to fresh dog food for their loved ones.

Kabo is also the only fresh dog food company offering free shipping, because we know convenience is everything when it comes to transitioning your dog to a new diet. Not to mention if your dog doesn’t take to the food, we offer a satisfaction guaranteed full refund.


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