Ralph Lauren in Pictures at Harry Rosen

The wind was absolutely howling as Malcolm and I staggered up Yonge Street in search of Harry Rosen. I had my hand on top of my head in a desperate attempt to keep my fedora from flailing in the wind. Malcolm power walked like a mad man mumbling about the frost bite shooting across his thighs.

We literally spilled into the lobby, smiling as the doors shut behind us. The howl whipping across Bloor Street faded into the unforgettable. We were greeted by a handsome server who stood waiting for us to snatch up a glass of the evenings signature cocktail. Created by Dave Mitton of the Harbord Room, The Black Label Cocktail featured well shaken Tromba Blanco Tequila, Punt E Mes, Fernet Branca, ginger syrup and orange bitters.

I spent the better part of the evening sipping on vino whilst shooting photos of this and that, him and her. Amuse circled around the space throughout the evening and featured:

Whitefish ceviche tostadas with roasted tomatillo & avocado salsa verde, pickled red onions

Beef tataki with red horseradish & celery root purée, mustard cress, crispy tendon

Scallop, shiitake & sunchoke dumplings with scallion and ginger

Duck confit lettuce wraps with citrus, crispy noodle and hoisin

Baked baby artichokes stuffed with olive, preserved lemon, caramelized fennel

That evening Toronto’s trendiest men and woman mixed and mingled amongst an exclusive petite exhibition of Ralph Lauren’s personal photographs. The collection of images featured the designer over the years at home, with his legendary car collection and other intimate shots of his life. Scratching my chin and contemplating Ralph Lauren’s American Dream.

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