Man-Bunning About Town

Man-Bunning About Town is the third story in my five part series examining men and their relationship with long hair. Blue Quilted Bomber Jacket + Polo with Silk Floral Front by Dolce & Gabbana via Harry Rosen.  Sunglasses by Spitfire. Two Tone Collar by Alynne Lavigne. Photos by Maxime Bocken. Hair by Cody Alain

Whether you call it a bro knot, top knot, man bun or bro bun…fellah’s who have been patiently waiting to grow out their long locks find satisfaction the moment they can grab hold, twirl about and knock out a tuft on their noggin. The most frequently asked question I receive about my hair: how long do you have to wait for your hair to grow until you can rock a mighty man bun?


After struggling through a year of awkward hat hair I was elated to finally tie up my long locks. Gents feel a great sense of achievement at this stage as they are reminded of the last few months of angst and agony while parading themselves around the street showcasing an entirely new look. It took me some time to master the art of wrapping up my bun (and I’m still far from an expert). One also has to come to terms with the fact that showers are a lengthier endeavour (read: chore). For the first time in my life I really began to appreciate the effort and energy women dedicate to their beauty regime. As my hair grew, girls (and random straight men) felt comfortable enough to reach out and touch my hair. “What products do you use to keep that hair so shiny?” It’s all about the argan oil darling!


There’s something to be said about timing. Over two years ago when I first set out to grow long locks I had no idea that Jared Leto’s ombre “would happen”, or that endless stories online would rave about the sexy factor of the bro knot. Today, a legion of eager gents across North America are trying to catch up on lost time. Desperate to have long hair now (as if they were some sort of thirsty Chia Pet) when the real satisfaction is found in the journey.

There isn’t a steadfast rule on how to rock your knot. It really is one of the most versatile looks, which of course is why I adore it. One can chose to present themselves as a bohemian with a loose as a goose situation bobbing in the back or if you are looking to achieve a more bourgeois formal finesse pull your locks to the top, wrap up tight and spritz with your favourite hair spray to avoid the frizz and fray. Today’s look, Man-Bunning About Town offers a street style inspired sensibility for the Fall where the warm morning sun offers a sweet kiss and Dolce & Gabbana floral shirt and blue bomber shine bright.


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