Long Hair Don’t Care Equestrian Realness

Long Hair Don’t Care Equestrian Realness is the fourth story in my five part series examining men and their relationship with long hair. “Her Name Is Nightmare” Helmut by House of Burger. Bespoke Tribal Necklace via Palermo Soho Market, Buenos Aires. Grey T-Shirt with Roses by Dolce & Gabbana via Harry Rosen. Varsity Pendleton Jacket by Roots Canada. Photos by Maxime Bocken. Hair by Cody Alain

For men the “long hair don’t care” journey is best summed up as a metamorphosis from nervous pony on parade to the confident march of a horse show stallion. It’s after two years of dedicated hair growth that one can truly show off a creative flare by both embellishing a quirky look with the whimsy of long locks. The noble horse in noir showcases a confident showmanship, pristine pedigree and attitude which reads, “I’ve worked hard, now let’s have a little fun.”


One must also dash outside of their comfort zone to enjoy spurts of growth, and truth be told I couldn’t help but chuckle as my straight hair was being placed “just so” by stylist Cody Alain under a lavish prize winning horse helmut by House of Burger. I looked in the mirror and gasped, “my lord I look like Cher circa the 1970s!” The portraits here are often somber and contemplative a mood which perfectly hangs across a colour-wheel sprayed entirely with whispers of white, black and grey.


I’ve included tribal elements via bespoke necklace (which I made myself at a wee shop in Buenos Aires’ bustling Palermo Soho market) and pretty patchwork embellished on a grey rainbow adored Roots jersey outfitted with slick black leather sleeves. My aromatic floral t-shirt by Dolce & Gabbana features a graphic rose which offers a ravishing potpourri. The helmut almost appears as a crown, wrapped in black horse hair and marked by the prance of a giddy stallion. A cool breeze catches a tuft of my blond locks…and I’m off to the races!


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