When Spring Sprung at Harry Rosen

I stared out the window of my apartment, with a hot cup of tea in my hands, my jaw dropped over Lake Ontario. It was the end of January and I was shocked to be standing in the middle of a rain storm, streets covered in slush. I threw myself together and called a cab to drive me to Yorkville where I would be checking out the Spring/Summer media preview at Harry Rosen. While beads of rain snaked their way down my passenger door I couldn’t help but laugh at Toronto’s wild weather. Once I had arrived I pranced across a few puddles and attempted  to dodge the pelting showers before swinging open the front door.

Had Spring arrived early? I was certainly enthused to find inspiration in this years warm weather trends: a little colour infused into a gloomy Tuesday morning. I was greeted by members of the Harry Rosen PR and Marketing team and enjoyed a leisurely chat, sipping on a foamy latte from Dark Horse Espresso and almond croissant from my favourite pastry team at Petite Thuet.

I spent the next hour wandering around the space snapping photos of spiffy manequins. Highlights included a charcoal blazer I quite fancied, table covered in a rainbow of Todd loafers, a couch topped with a collection of Goorin Brothers fedora and a Tom Ford bag complete with chunky zipper which was certainly hard to put down and walk away from. The premiere brands Harry Rosen styles on Toronto’s fashion forward men look to be filled with colour this Spring and Summer. I stared out a window taking in the dullness of grey which surrounded Yorkville that morning and tried to envision the neighbourhood overwhelmed with light, streets filled with mens fashions that champion the potential of the colour wheel.

Just as I was readying to hop in a cab I was motioned towards a table covered in colourful Dion bow ties. I scanned the selections practically pressing my nose up to each plastic case. I snatched up a box filled with white, blue and red a lovely gift and the first bow tie to grace my closet. I unwrapped the parcel when I got home and gently tied it around my neck. I stared at myself in the mirror and didn’t even recognize myself. A scruffy beard, fedora propped on top my brow and a bow in bloom around my neck. I thought to myself, “I quite like this new accessory.” I knew it would have to grow on me slowly, seems as though Spring had sprung.

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