A Wedding for Erica and Trevor at Toronto’s Berkeley Church

It was exactly 5 years ago when Erica Mawson decided to take a chance on me. We had barely met, introduced through shared friends (who vetted that we both weren’t totally crazy) and sealed the deal as newfound roommates over a delicious Czech inspired lunch at now defunct The Prague on Queen West (which I of course documented on this website as one of my first Toronto restaurant stories). I’m a strong believer that life’s memories are best seared into our brains over good food and will never forget feeling a spark of excitement while nibbling on sour cream slathered perogies with Ms. Mawson. I was excited to be moving to a new city, but mostly, I was thrilled to find a new friend.

We quickly learned it’s not so easy to move to Toronto on the cusp of winter. As a single duo we both spent our first few frigid weeks together freezing in our breezy apartment. We passed the time falling in love with our shared sharp wit, sarcasm and sense of humour in the kitchen where we created so many fond meal memories. We connected best over Julia Child’s recipe for Beef Stroganoff. I prepared the dish for Erica the first week we moved into our apartment. I wanted to woo her with food (it’s really the only way I know how because my crafting and musical skills are shit).

I’ll never forget sitting around the table with her, slurping back slippery noodles and having my first chat with her about her vision of “the perfect wedding.” She was 100% certain her wedding would take place at Toronto’s Berkeley Church and even though she was single and at the time not even dating, had a vision for that happy day. Over the next few weeks Erica and I would hop on PlentyofFish.com looking for love (it was cool back then, believe me). Shortly after she started fishing Erica met Trevor. They enjoyed an epic and hilarious first date and he entered both of our lives with a boom. I feel so privileged to have had the opportunity to play an active role in their first year together as a couple.

Last night, half a decade later, the two lovebirds had their dreams realized via a “quintessentially Erica” inspired wedding (which for those that don’t know her means it was adorable). The duo’s friends and family arrived at Berkeley Church at 4pm and enjoyed a short, sweet and hilarious exchange of vows on the top floor. The crowd marched to the basement for a short cocktail reception after the groom and bride whisked themselves away while the remainder of the evening was spent feasting under the twinkle of overhead lights. I enjoyed several rum and cokes, so my memories of those final hours are a bit foggy but feature a delicious slice of cake and jovial jaunt on the dance floor.

Before heading home I whispered to my best friend and date that night Jonathan, “I think it should be mandatory for single people to attend a wedding at least every six months. It gives one hope, happiness and a reminder that a fairy tale dream wedding really can come true.”

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