5 Must See Shows at SummerWorks

For over 25 years, SummerWorks has provided Torontonians with outstanding and exciting art, theatre, dance and music. What began in 1991 as a festival to serve Toronto’s underserved theatre community, has grown into one of the largest platforms for new Canadian art. SummerWorks has become known to celebrate creativity, innovation and artistic risk. This year, more than 60 performance projects will be shown over 11 days, featuring over 500 artists!



I was immediately drawn to this fascinating work, which has captivated audiences in Dublin and Berlin and elegantly balances along the line of obscenity and profound. An intentionally provocative and erotic piece, GHOSTS was developed as a response to legislation in Ireland on what was considered “indecent acts”. Created by Asaf Aharonson and Ruairi Donovan, this performance traverses through erotica, nudity, pornography, love, and friendship. A soulful probe of artistic expression and law, this thoughtful piece is expected to widen eyes and open minds in its Toronto debut.



Creators Julia Aplin and Banuta Rubess have been talking with Torontonians and listening to their perspectives on love for the past two years. One condition – the interviewees had a seven in their age. Contributors from age 7 to 97 gave their thoughts on what is arguably the most beautiful and difficult to describe aspect of life. And now, these stories, both true and untrue, are presented back to Toronto in a touching and meaningful way. With an MC to share the microphone to those in the audience willing to add their thoughts, this piece will examine that four letter word in a way never done before. I am already in love with the whole concept.



If you’ve been paying attention to the news the past few years, you know there’s been a lot of talk about sex talk. Parents across Ontario have protested and pulled their kids out of schools over the new sex ed curriculum. Parents have explained in length why young people need to be protected from this knowledge. Now, creator and doctoral candidate Shira Taylor is giving youth a much-needed voice and an opportunity to teach. A mixture of music, dance, and theatre, teenagers showcase their thoughts and experiences on sexuality in a world which includes Snapchat and cyber bullying. Get ready to learn about the birds and the bees all over again, adults. SExT explores the realms of diversity, feminism and sexuality in a whole new light.

Empire of Night

Empire of Night

At 11pm on August 11th, for one night only, you are invited to the most creative and artistic sleepover you’ve ever experienced. After being provided with a pillow and blanket, guests are are free to experience a relaxing journey which will unfold at the Drake Underground. As calming music slows your heartbeat and dancers rhythmically flow around the room, you are free to relax yourself, sleep, or immerse yourself with your surroundings. Come dusk, you will be able to tell all your friends that you experience art even while you sleep.

Glitter Jesus

Glitter Jesus

Glitter Jesus provides audiences with a sermon not seen at your local Church. This two-hour performance of biblical performance will restore your faith in modern rock and roll. Through guitar hooks and phenomenal melodies, Kurt Marble and the Kurt Marble band will share the meaning of life. If you are open to a concert that may refresh your soul, Glitter Jesus is the performance to see. Remember, once you get Glitter Jesus on you, it never comes off.

Written by Andrew Sturrock

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