This Christmas Craft Festive Cocktails with Quality Chocolate

Christmas is one of my favourite times of year to shake up craft cocktails (with summer Aperol Spritz sips on the cottage dock coming in at a close second). It’s that one time of year I’m most likely to connect with extended family members, and there’s no better way to catch up with loved ones than over a well-balanced libation.

The culinary team who run Piano Piano on Harbord Street recently opened Cafe Cancan a stones throw away, transforming the iconic Harbord Room into a rosy pink splashed space which pays homage to French bistro faves.

The restaurant’s Chef Victor Barry armed with a choir of Green & Black’s Organic Chocolate bars has whipped up three craft cocktails that surprise and delight, showcasing the versatility of quality chocolate when muddled with serious spirits in a thoughtful way.

“Chocolate is very complex, which is why it’s such a versatile cocktail ingredient,” says Brandt Maybury, Taste Specialist at Green & Black’s. “With more than 600 different flavour compounds in cocoa, it pairs well with almost everything. Chocolate isn’t just a sweet treat. It can be bitter, spicy or even salty depending on your recipe.”

Chef Victor Barry has taken Maybury’s advice to heart, creating a trifecta of one-of-a-kind chocolate-inspired cocktail recipes for the holidays which will make a special appearance in Toronto this holiday seasons at Piano Piano and Cafe Cancan until December 21st.

Whether you’re looking to surprise and delight family at home with a chocolate spiked sipper or keen to celebrate the Christmas season with friends by hopping up at the bar at Piano Piano or Cafe Cancan, Barry’s Green & Black’s chocolate trilogy are certain to inspire.

Highland Holiday | green & black’s dark chocolate, whipping cream, scotch, galliano, simple, egg, bitters, nutmeg, orange zest

Spicy Chocolate Cheer | tequila, green & black’s ginger dark chocolate, anaheim chili peppers, fresh ginger, cinnamon stick, mezcal, lemon, orgeat syrup

Blanc Cafe Lolita | green & black’s white chocolate, espresso, sugar, vodka, whipping cream, fernet italian liqueur

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