Seedlip Throws N o l o Cocktail Popup at Toronto’s PrettyUgly

On July 24th and 25th Seedlip, the distilled non-alcoholic Spirits brand, is throwing N o l o cocktail popups at 16 of the world’s most celebrated bars. The two night global swirl and sip event is an innovative and inclusive new bar concept, which will see an emphasis on a drink’s flavour and ingredients rather than the alcohol content.

Bars including PrettyUgly in Toronto, Dandelyan in London, Operation Dagger in Singapore, and Black Pearl in Sydney will simultaneously serve a choir of No & Low ABV cocktails using Seedlip as their inspiration.

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Seedlip is the world’s first non-alcoholic Spirit, currently offering two products – Spice 94 [Aromatic] and Garden 108 [Herbal]. The master British distillers at Seedlip have developed a coveted, bespoke process for each individual plant they work with to capture its true character.

Seedlip founder Ben Branson explains the process, “We begin by sourcing the best product some of which come directly from my farm in Lincolnshire, such as the Peas we use in Garden 108, through to a cold extraction by macerating the plants individually in specific ratios of neutral grain spirit and water for just the right amount of time before the individual mash is distilled in a copper pot still. The alcohol content is then removed and the distillate of the plant collected, the x6 individual distillates are then cold compound blended, filtered and bottled. We don’t add any sugar or sweetener and our products are also allergen and calorie free.”

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Toronto’s cocktail Queen Sarah Parniak is Seedlip’s Canadian Brand Ambassador and is excited for N o l o to launch on home turf, “The team at PrettyUgly have been championing low ABV and placebo cocktails since the bar opened. They were also early supporters of Seedlip when we launched in Canada late last year, so we’re extremely happy to be partnering with them as our Canadian N o l o venue. The N o l o cocktails at PrettyUgly, which were created by bar manager Evelyn Chick and co-owner Robin Goodfellow, showcase a range of flavours and techniques to emphasize just how uncompromisingly delicious no and low alcohol drinks can be. ” 

Seedlip has emerged as the market leader in the placebo cocktail game, having recognized that in this day and age most bars and restaurants offer slim pickins when it comes to interesting, well crafted sippers for those who aren’t drinking alcohol. Cocktails muddled with Seedlip are perfect for those who are not drinking alcohol for whatever reason, which in this day and age covers a myriad of moments: when you’re pregnant, on medication, acting as designated driver, at a work lunch, when you have an early start the next day or are simply celebrating sobriety.

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Here’s a full list of the bars hosting N o lo around the world this week!

Toronto – PrettyUgly

London – Dandelyan

Athens – The Clumsies

Stockholm – Tjoget

Barcelona – Paradiso

Amsterdam – Flying Dutchmen

Edinburgh – Panda and Sons

Singapore – Operation Dagger

Hong Kong – The Old Man

Guangzhou – Hope & Sesame

Auckland – Parasol & Swing

Sydney – PS40

Melbourne – Black Pearl

New York – Nitecap

San Francisco – Trick Dog

Los Angeles – The Walker Inn & Normandie Club

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