Travel to Zurich, Switzerland

The train to Zurich is a short 45 minute trip. Arriving at the station I grabbed a map of the city and within the first two hours strolling down the main shopping street, Bahnofstrasen, I had purchased an entirely new look and wardrobe. The shopping in Zurich is mind blowingly exciting. I decided to spend the day walking through the sites and taking pictures of myself in my new cloths. Which means, yes, I changed on the street several times, all for vanity and the art of photography. I bought my first pair of black suspenders and changed into my two new graphic t’s on the river boardwalk looking onto the Grossmunster cathedral and Frummunster kirche. I then walked to the very end of the river where the water pours out into the lake. I stopped at a cafe and purchased a traditional slice of Rhubarb custard pie and ran up to the washroom to get into my last outfit. Dark brown five pocket jeans and a graphic 3D shoe white and yellow hoody.

I walked down the stairs and onto the terrace and found a nice set of tables in front of a huge water fountain. I nibbled on my pie, did a bit of reading and note taking. Along with a bit of bird swatting as they get very friendly and are under the impression that my pie was their free lunch. I walked back up the other side of the river and stopped off at the Lindtt chocolate shop and some other cute cheese shops and bakeries. The night life in Zurich is considered the best in Europe or at least in the top three. There are so many amazing bars and clubs all over the city. In two weeks, Europe’s largest street party takes place in Zurich. Unfortunately I am going to miss it, but I have been told that it is huge, full of techno and all night dancing. I walked back up to the train station and grabbed the next train to Bern. As the train arrived at the station I switched on my new favorite song “Maneater” by Nelly Furtado and did my model cool and calm strut through the hectic and crazy maze of people at the station. As I was walking up the ramp to get onto the main street I saw an adorable little scene. A beautiful model was decked out in everything perfect and shiny (solid black and white) in sharp stilettos, pushing a huge cart of her three Louis Vuitton suitcases up to the main platform. She almost twisted her ankle so I ripped off my ear buds and offered to help her get the stuff to the top. She was incredibly happy for the extra help and before I bid her adieu she kissed me on the cheek, gave me her model agency card (apparently she works with Prada right now) and told me that I was adorable. Talk about self esteem boost. I thought my new cloths were tight but Prada model worthy…never!

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