Travel to Adelaide, Australia

I had one hell of a time getting to Adelaide. I was dropped off at the airport in Melbourne for an early 5am flight. The intention was to get their early and spend the day with a friend on a little wine road trip along the McLaren Vale. As soon as I walked into the airport the overhead speakers informed passengers that the flight was being canceled. So vexed at Tiger Airways (a budget carrier) the next flight was not for about 10 hours. I had to then spend the entire day at the Melbourne International Airport waiting for the next available flight. This was my first and only experience having a flight canceled. It isn’t until this sort of hellish experience happens to you that you realize there isn’t much to do in an airport.

I finally did arrive in Adelaide that evening and was taken out on the town to a lovely restaurant, Rigoni’s Bistro where I enjoyed an arugula salad, risotto and sweet treat. Adelaide is a great hopping off point for Australia’s most famous wine growing region, The Barossa Valley. It is also a short drive to Kangaroo Island, one of the worlds most acclaimed National Parks. Just before flying out of Adelaide I visited the cities famous Central Market where local foodies gather to celebrate local produce and freshly made cheeses and pastries. South Australia is often joked about by Aussie’s, it is front and center for several of the nations best “small town bogan” jokes. Look past the playful jokes and you’ll find the best that the country has to offer.


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